Red Division Chatter

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August 15, 2018

Gabe’s took on the River Rats in the first match up. River Rats down key player Bobby Johnson (not on the DL but his team bus broken down on way to the game). Come on Manager Frank talk to team ownership we need better team transportation! Once again facing another team loaded with bomb launchers. River Rats entered the butcher shop, but this time the River Rats climbed all over the shop and took an early lead and kept pace with Capt Dean and his butchers. The Main River Rat Frank unleashed his secret weapon call his bottom batting order! Combined with Mike Crawford’s bomb launcher the River rats never looked back. And the river rats stole the cheese from Gabe’s for a first Game victory with score of 23-15. In the second Game it was much of the same the River Rats defense was top notch and the batting order just kept turning out the hits leaving no cheese left in the butcher shop. For a second game victory with score of 24-13 and completing the sweep.


In the second Match up, we Had Walt’s taking on Erie Depot.  Erie AKA “pump” as the score card reads. climb the train tracks of victory engineered by Joe Iarussi and the Munoz brothers. Once again calling upon their bombers Erie unleashed the missile car. However, the door stuck limiting Joe Mason, and Ken Corple’s towering missile shots to one in the first game. But no matter the train was already on the victory tracks steaming along to a first game victory with score of 23 -10. In the second game the repair crews were unable to repair the doors of the missile car, which kept jJe and ken form launching any missiles. Once again Joe Larussi engineered the train to steady defense backed up by steady dose of hits.

This kept them on the victory tracks with a second game win with score of 15-12 completing a sweep. And keeping Erie within a game of those nasty River Rats who just keep steeling the wins. Frank and his River Rat Gang have managed to secure First Place for Now. But no lead is secure in this league!

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