Event Information:
Cycling - Road Ride - 10 Miles – Turtlehead Lake
Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Start Time:
5:30 PM
End Time:
7:00 PM
Turtlehead Lake
13600 Harlem Ave, Orland Park, IL
Registration Deadline: June 8, 2017 - Please sign up on the troop website.

Directions: Trailhead West of La Grange Road on the south side of 167th
Turtlehead Lake Trailhead

We will ride a loop. (10 miles total)
We will ride in a pace line, and we will average 10 MPH.

Please bring a snack, we will stop for a short break.
• All cyclists must wear a properly sized and fitted helmet approved by Snell Memorial Foundation, CPSC, or ASTM standard.
• Every bike must have a RED rear bicycle light.
• Dress appropriately for the weather.
• Have your bikes ready to ride, including a spare tube in backpack.
• Plenty of water – highly recommend a bladder for your backpack, hydration pack, or a water bottle in a water cage on bike.
• Backpack with snacks, a first aid kit, rain gear and other basic items (compass, lip balm, hat, sunscreen, insect spray, etc.)
• Wear your class B shirt.

Cycling Merit Badge requires 2-10 mile, 2-15 mile, 2-25 mile, and 1-50 mile bike ride.

All adults should have completed Youth Protection Training.

This ride event will count towards the Cycling merit badge. Remember that you need to write a short REPORT after each ride.

Please check email the night before the ride for cancellations due to hazardous weather or conditions. Yes, we ride in the rain.

Questions? Contact Steve Bailye at tv264@aol.com.
Please include your phone number in email.

I will need one more leader to participate in this event. Please make a note in the note box if you are a leader. This is to comply with two deep leadership.