Harley Davidson Museum Engineering Merit Badge Workshop

We will meet at the museum on Saturday, April 14th at 10:00 am for a 30 minute guided tour. After the tour, the scouts can explore the museum while working on the Engineering Merit Badge - Harley Davidson Style! They have the MB worksheet (see attached) requirements outlined in Harley Davidson terms. After completing, the scouts will meet with the H-D Merit Badge Counselor to have their blue card signed off. They say it takes about 3 hours to complete

If you aren't interested in the merit badge, you are still welcome to join us to visit the museum! There is a restaurant in the museum for lunch or you can have your hand stamped for reentry if you want to eat lunch off site and return.

The cost is $11 for scouts/siblings and $20 for adults. Registration ends on Saturday, March 31st. Payment of cash/checks should be given to Mrs. Murray. If using Scout Bucks, please indicate on registration. Don't forget to bring a blue card and a printed copy of the H-D merit badge workbook.

The museum is about a 2 hour drive and is located at 400 W Canal St, Milwaukee.
HD Museum.

Any questions, please contact Mrs. Murray by email tc.murray@sbcglobal.net

Please download the information sheets, and the Harley Davidson Worksheet to bring with you.
Click here to download the Harley Davidson Worksheet
Click here to download the Harley Davidson Merit Badge Info
Click here to download the Harley Davidson Visit FAQ

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