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Alice Hoekstra
Chicago Heights
August 21, 2013
3:01:47 PM

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I want to say THANK YOU to Trent Holly and Mike Perino for coming out to the Special Olympic State Tennis event. All of your hard work was appreciated! Thank you!!!!
Alice Hoekstra
Chicago Heights, IL
August 12, 2013
9:20:35 AM

Entry ID: 2038313
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Thomas and Kyle Wiczek for coming out to the Special Olympic bowling event at Orland Bowl. It was great to have you both as volunteers for the day! Thanks again for all your work on Saturday
Jackie Grenda
Orland Park
January 15, 2013
8:27:23 PM

Entry ID: 2015952
Love the pictures of the boys retiring our precious American flag, the pics of the pancake breakfast, and many others. Keep them covered.
James Magee
Orland Park
July 21, 2012
3:47:55 PM

Entry ID: 1979945
LOVE the new kerchief design. Thanks for posting it on the website.
Orland Park
March 9, 2012
8:10:51 AM

Entry ID: 1958586
I love the new Graphic Logo on Home Page!
Dan Wentz
St Louis MO
May 29, 2010
1:28:14 PM

Entry ID: 1794990
Eagle Scout Class 1980, Site looks Gr8. Will send some pics form the 70's. stories also
Sean Givney
Flagstaff, Arizona
May 25, 2010
8:42:55 AM

Entry ID: 1793677
Eagle Class of '88
Mike Waters
March 31, 2008
6:47:46 PM

Entry ID: 1359688
John has done a great job with the website. Don't forget to use the message board. This is a great way of helping each other out by discussing questions. I would really like to see the past scouts and scouters using the message board. It could be a great resource for the troop.
Richard Lisak Jr
Orland Hills, IL
March 15, 2008
7:25:41 PM

Entry ID: 1348327
Bridgeview, IL. Troop#13 Eagle Scout 1986
Gregg Smith
Phoenix, AZ
February 19, 2008
4:05:03 PM

Entry ID: 1329081
Eagle Class of '85
James Butcher
Shorewood, Illinois
February 18, 2008
9:48:37 PM

Entry ID: 1328572
I attended the Eagle plaque presentation on 02/18/08. I attained the rank of Eagle in 1985. I am proud to have been associated with Troop 318. Keep up the good work. Jim Butcher
Sean Smith
Huntley, Illinois
February 14, 2008
4:58:31 PM

Entry ID: 1326211
I am very proud to call myself a past member of Troop 318. On September 16, 1986 I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the 14th awarded within Troup 318. I will be attending the Eagle Scout Plaque Presentation at the Village Board meeting on 2/18/2008. Thank you for keeping the tradition of Scounting alive!!!
February 14, 2008
11:32:12 AM

Entry ID: 1325963
Congratulations to Matt Fox and David Wilsak on their Eagle Scout accomplishment. Jim
Lauren Lysy
Palos Heights
March 30, 2007
6:35:48 PM

Entry ID: 1086144
The website is wonderful. I have used the site before and it is user friendly. The links to Merit Badge information saves me time. Thank you for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated.
Chip Burnett
February 11, 2007
7:40:42 AM

Entry ID: 1048925
PARENTS: Use this site!! It's great for verifying schedules in our busy lives.
Jim Fox
January 28, 2007
1:20:54 PM

Entry ID: 1039668
Parents please encourage your scouts to visit this site and add their thoughts and comments. How can we improve T318? Thank you in advance.

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