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Jerome "Broad Street Bully" Ellison
August 1, 2012
4:29:34 PM

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Miss you table hockey professionals very much, keep on keeping on. Hoping too return to the game I love soon.
Baltimore, Maryland
January 12, 2012
12:43:58 PM

Entry ID: 1946285
It's been years since I last played but now a renewed interest in playing in a league again. I live in Maryland. Anyone here have any information about playing again or a league to join? I'd appreciate any info you would have!!!!! Thanks in advance! Deano in Maryland
Dave Kraehling
Mississauga, On. Canada
May 1, 2011
11:08:38 AM

Entry ID: 1883635
Love the site, BUT The anticipation is killing me... WHO WON?
mike pope
April 2, 2011
6:17:36 PM

Entry ID: 1876991
Great website,good to see the stein still has it!
Glen Cullen
Trenton, NJ
October 24, 2010
4:58:28 PM

Entry ID: 1838949
Thanks for an awesome day of Table Hockey. Hope to see you soon!
Allentown Pa
July 28, 2010
5:38:55 PM

Entry ID: 1810710
Was wondering if you have any links to making the custom game leveler... just purchased a Bobby Hull (RED) TABLE I think around 1970 ... and a Eagle Stanley cup 1963... the 1963 needs some parts and level surface (or new ) bobby hull just needs a little leveling.... if you have and leads or plans to build the table leveler it would be greatly apprciated to this newbie... thanks in advance
John Cooke
March 16, 2010
9:31:10 AM

Entry ID: 1769290
Hey Guys any plans to come to Gatineau this year, that's april 24th check out Love to see some new and familiar faces JOhn
John Paolella
December 15, 2009
10:05:11 PM

Entry ID: 1742375
For thirty years my father has been beating me in table hockey. Not once have I ever won a game I am not sure now that I want to, but I want to give him a present. His parents never saved any of his toys from childhood and now I want to buy him his favorite toy. I live in Chicago and I am looking to see if anyone knows where I can contact someone who deals in Vintage Table hockey sets. I am looking for one of them in the late 50's early 60's. Preferably with the Hawks players. I have combed ebay, websites, craigslist and I have been looking for a few weeks and have had no success. You can contact me directly to and if you have any recommendation at all where to help me refine my search please don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I can use all the help I can get to buy him his favorite childhood game. Thank you so much! John
hedgewood, il.
September 28, 2009
6:13:44 PM

Entry ID: 1705494
great job on the heavy metal games....tony would be proud!
Matt Meinzer
Staten Island
August 19, 2009
6:21:21 PM

Entry ID: 1681049
Id love to hold a tournament in the hockey rink im the manager at in Staten Island... this could be very cool, we could put a rug and bleachers on the ice for games! Just an idea, im currently a member of the ATHA (American Table Hockey Association) in NYC. We could set up something very cool. -Matt
Ted Arbeiter
Minneapolis, MN
June 30, 2009
12:56:34 PM

Entry ID: 1653965
I stumble upon your site compliments. We have a very loose organization here in Minneapolis but just as dedicated to table hockey. We've been playing since 1968 or so and no sign of letting up..unless the wives get down on us. They just don't get it. Forever North Stars Fan
Bob Ingo
April 9, 2009
5:44:27 PM

Entry ID: 1602595
Hi guys. Your classic 5380 league is #1.
erie, pa
February 1, 2009
11:33:13 AM

Entry ID: 1554246
I found your site while searching for eagle / coleco games, parts, etc. I have tables - very used, minimally used - do you or any of your friends know of a good method to reinforce a sagging table surface? I'd like to repair this one first prior to buying a custom table - still playing with the "yellow sticks". Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Bob
Mark Buchalski
West Islip
January 6, 2009
11:52:35 AM

Entry ID: 1537759
I'd like to thank all of the members of the NYCTHA for a great day of Hockey as well as excepting me with open Rods. All of you are great Competitors.I am Looking foward to a great season with you fine bunch of Gentlemen. Thanks Again!!!
Victoria, BC, Canada
January 3, 2009
12:00:15 PM

Entry ID: 1536235
Cool site! I've been using the Gretzky games for about 20 years & need a change. Also, I'm feeling nostalgic for the game my dad & I used to play in the late 50's. It had a metal surface, sides and fairly simply all around with straight sliders. Anyone there know what if might have been? I am learning a lot from your site just from the pctures. Perhaps someone knows of a site that lists a lot of the games over the years with pics? thx Hockeymatrix
Ray Ruiz
Bronx NY
December 2, 2008
7:42:57 AM

Entry ID: 1519155
I just came across this site and it brought bback some good memories I bought a Eagle 5340 set back in 1968 in my youth lol! and to this date still have it. I remember all my friends always being at my parents apartment on school nights and weekends playing this game and my parents kicking us out late at night when it got a bit rowdy but our parents new that we were not getting in trouble. when I got married and we had a son and he got of age we started playing and just this past thanksgiving he said dad do you still have the game and I said yes and we went at it for about 6 hours what a good time we had. thanks so much for rekindling my youth. Ray Ruiz
wareen markowitz
littleneck/douglaston, queens
October 27, 2008
5:37:48 PM

Entry ID: 1491878
my pal had the original. we had 6 guys(coaches) kept a manual score book. on snowy days,we cut class to play. a priceless time started play in 1960
john labianca
las vegas nv
July 28, 2008
2:46:19 PM

Entry ID: 1427637
Hi John Great site and great league! Thanks for keeping table hockey alive in NYC. Way to go,bro !!
Bob Ingo - LTHL
Hanover Park, IL
April 25, 2008
1:15:14 AM

Entry ID: 1375384
Wow! You guys have a great set up in New York and a great web site too. The Classic League looks awesome! I'd love to play on those classic Colecos full time. Good Luck to all of you in "The Quest For The Classic Cup" this weekend. We'll be checking out your results online here in Chicago.
Frank J Rasile
West Haven , CT
December 17, 2007
9:05:22 PM

Entry ID: 1289074
I was turned onto your site and league by Bob Cuozzo aka "the cooz".I am his nephew and have been playing him for years.He and I are hoping to get together and play with some of you guys---------
Ron Marsik
Hickory Hills
November 8, 2007
1:51:26 PM

Entry ID: 1252701
Hello John! Its great to see your league so up & running,especially from someone who has the enthusiasm & passion for the game.
Herman steen
April 20, 2007
6:31:47 AM

Entry ID: 1102986
Hi john! Nice page. I wonder if you can send me some photos from the Boston turnament.. Hope to see you soon
Peter Orum
Tampa, FL
February 10, 2007
5:15:39 PM

Entry ID: 1048661
Hi all Do anyone of you know whether there are players in the Tampa area? Its a bit too far when it comes to NY. I haven't brought my own Danish Stiga Game ... so I'm looking for somebody who's interested in playing :-))) Best regards, Peter Ørum Fremad Eagles Tablehockey, Denmark (Staying in Tampa for some time :-)))))
Anthony Sciacca
Yonkers, NY
December 29, 2006
11:58:23 AM

Entry ID: 1023340
Great web site, wakes up my interest to play again. Plan to come to Rockaway on Jan 20, barring any unforseen events. I have an Eagle # 540 game from the early sixties. I played a great deal then, but have not played lately. Hope I can get some of my skills back. I will bring the game. I modified the game by using stronger springs (tremendous whip !!) and by lengthening the defensemen's slots back toward the goal (found the game was too offensive). Of course, I removed the metal stops to allow passing behind the net. We played 12 goals win (no time limits) and virtually no rules (except for no shaking the table). So, there was some bloodshed (fingers and hands only). Hope to see you guys Jan 20.
Breezy Point, NY
September 5, 2006
9:12:00 PM

Entry ID: 926680
John, Thanks for introducing my boys to table hockey and getting them set up. It's a great recreation and the boys have improved tremendously. Look forward to taking the game back to the winter residence for more enjoyment. Good luck with the tournament, see you soon. Your neighbor, Steve

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