John Power

John Power
Breezy Point, Long Island, New York

NYCTHA Creator, Founding Member

John has worked tirelessly promoting table hockey, developing the NYCTHA and building bridges to other players, would-be players, tournament organizers, and has participated in numerous leagues and tournaments.

In September 2006, he held the "Original Six" tournament at his home, where thirteen players participated, to include the creme of today's and yesterday's nationally and internationally ranked players such as Kenny Dubois, Lou Marinoff, Roger Owens and Len Mecca.

From that springboard, he began the NYCTHA with the intention of creating multiple leagues based on different table hockey boards, e.g. Benej, Coleco and Stiga. The one league, or division, that gained momentum and popularity was and is the custom Coleco Division (aka Classic Division).

The custom Coleco league used both Labelle and LeClerc-Bossio hand-crafted game boards, which are tournament quality boards.

The league used a round robin format on each play date, and players earned points for how well that did all total at each day's end, plus additional points for attendance. These two variables were used at season's end to determine playoff seeding.

The reason why this format was used was based on the reality that not all of the players could meet each month (play date). This gave players the flexibilty and incentive and enabled the league operations to not be derailed waiting for players to make up games if there was a set schedule, i.e. set number of games that had to be played during the season.


NYCTHA Regular Season, 2006-07

During the regular season, John never had a play date where he finished below .500%. He is the only player besides Lou Marinoff that can claim this achievement.

NYCTHA Playoffs, 2006-07

NYCTHA "Original Six" September 2006

Las Vegas

* John had one tie and the most number of one goal losses without a victory against Lou Marinoff. The day this was brought to his attention was at the US Open in Chicago, July XX, 2007. Later, John was placed in a round robin grouping with Lou Marinoff and for the first time in an official competition, whether league or tournament, defeated Lou by a score of XX - XX.