Sciacca, Anthony

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Anthony "Tony" Sciacca

Anthony Sciacca


Joined: January 2007

Regular Season Finish:
14 place of 21 players, 70 of a possible 124 games played.

Regular Season Highlights:
Anthony "Tony" Sciacca, joined the league in January, mid-way through the season.

A highlight of Tony's first season came immediately. In his debut he earned the highest winning percentage that he'd see the rest of the season. In his competitive start, he won a third of his games and accomplished three shutouts. Also, in two games apiece against two of the league's top four players, Tony tied Roger Owens and lost two games to Greg Scoma each by a goal.

Playoff Finish:
10 place

Playoff Highlights:
In the playoffs, Tony competed with five other players to determine who would move up to compete in the Elite Divison Playoffs (1st tier). The remaining three would compete in the 2nd Division Playoffs (tier 3).

Missing the Elite Divison by one point, Tony earned an automatic bid to the 2nd Division's Finals.

In the Championship series,  Tony would face Nick Galatioto. During the regular season, Nick was 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie against Tony. In the initial double round robin, they split their games (1-1-0). Tony faced an uphill fight.

To compound matters, Nick, in the playoff round preceding his with Tony, Nick was down three games to one, but came storming back to win three straight games averaging 5 goals to 1, defeating James Friedl.

This is what Tony faced going into the 2nd Division Championship. In the end, Tony was overwhelmed by a hot Nick Galatioto, and was swept four straight games.

NYCTHA International Classic, September 2007.

Finish: 18 place of 22 players.

Taking the opportunity to meet and play against the best table hockey players in N. America.

He scored a total of three goals against the 3rd and 6th ranked players in Quebec, Burt Brassard and Daniel Bordelea.

Going into the tournamemt, Tony was 1-7-1, including his losses in the NYCTHA 2nd Division Finals against Nick Galatioto. In the tournament, Tony was 1-0-1 versus Nick and finished the day ranked ahead of Nick. Each a personal achievement.

Tony entered the B Group (2nd tier) ranked 6 in B Group, and 18th overall.

In the Quarter Finals, Tony (6/18) met Adam Zawislak (3/16) in a Best of Three series. In the first game, Tony earned a 2-1 victory. In the second game, Tony lost in overtime 3-4. In the final game, Tony again took Adam into overtime. There Tony lost 4-5.