Individual Player Statistics - James Friedl

August 29, 2007
Hometown: Long Island, NY
"Original Six" Tournament, September 2006, NYC
James participated in the "Original Six" tournament, NYC, in September 2006.
There he placed 13th, played 21 games, Won 5, Lost 13, tied 3, earning 13 points, a .309 winning percentage, with 26 goals for, 64 goals against, a -38 goal differential, and goal for average of 1.23 and goals against of 3.04.

NYCTHA 2006-07 Regular Season
Final Regular Season Standing 2006-07 (based on tournament points per round and attendance)
James Friedl, finished 11th of 21 players.
James Friedl, earned the NYCTHA Inaugural 2006-07 Season's Sportsmanship Award.

A review of James' Progression Chart, a graph based on Winning Percentage, shows that his progression remained consistent, between .200 and .300. Similarly, did his goals for and goals against differential (gap) graph. While his statistical performance was not high, his quality of play remained consistent all season.
James completed the Regular Season playing 124 games, 19 wins, and 9 shutouts. A high point came in the first round of play in November, when he completed that round with a .500 % winning percentage. In that round's eight games played, he earned 2 wins, 2 losses, and 4 ties. On that play date, he would earn 9 ties in 24 games, or one third of games played on that date earning him the nickname, "Tie-King."
In the first round of that November play date, he scored his highest Goals For average for any of his rounds in the entire
season. He scored 18 goals in eight games played for a Goals For Average of 2.25. In the last round of the March play date, he would score 23 goals in 12 games for a Goals For Average of 1.92.
In the November play date's first round James earned four ties against: Roger Owens 5-5, Ed Power, 1-1, John Power 2-2, Fitzpatrick 2-2; and earned victories against Jerome Ellison 2-0 and Sean Gallagher 3-2. And, he played a strong game in a loss to eventual Regular Season winner and playoff Champion Lou Marinoff, losing by a single goal at 3-2.
The remainder of the "Tie-King's" ties on that day were, three in Round Two: Ed Power (second) 1-1, Fitzpatrick (second) 1-1, Sean Gallagher 0-0; and two in Round Three: John Power (second) 3-3, and Jerome Ellison 1-1. And, a second strong performance against Lou Marinoff in a 2-1 loss. In fact, on the season James Friedl had the second most one-goal losses to Lou Marinoff with two.

James Friedl placed in the 2nd Division for the playoffs after a double round robin.
In the 2nd Divison's Semi-Finals, his opponent was Nick Galatioto. Nick completed the Regular Season ranked 13th.
During the Regular Season, James was 1 win, 4 losses and 0 ties against Nick Galatioto. In the double round robin leading up to the 2nd Divison playoffs, they tied their first game, 3-3 and in the second, James shut out Nick, 3-0. Things were looking good for James going into their Semi-Final best of seven games series match-up.
In the first game, James was shutout 4-0, but came storming back to win three straight games allowing one goal and earning two shutouts. Those scores, 3-1, 1-0 o/t and 2-0. James had Nick Galatioto on the ropes. James needed only one game to win the series. But, something happened. Did James change his defense? Did his opponent change his defense? With his back against the wall, Nick Galatioto swept the next three games in convincing fashion, winning Game Five, 5-2, Game Six 5-1 and Game Seven 6-1 to win the series.
James Friedl, remained as always in good spirits and we wish him well going into the new season!