Individual Player Statistics - Victor Handel

August 12, 2007
Hometown: West Haven, Connecticut
NYCTHA's Inaugural "Original Six" Tournament
Victor participated in the NYCTHA's Inaugural "Original Six" tournament held in September 2006. There he finished in 10th place of 15 players, Of 21 games played, he earned 7 wins, 10 losses and 4 ties.
In October 2006, Victor made the trek up to Canada to play in the Montreal Classic 2 Tournament. There he placed XXXX of YYYYY.
NYCTHA's Inaugural Regular Season
In March 2007, Victor and his son, Dante, participated in the NYCTHA's Inaugural Season's March 24, 2007 play date. He finished the regular season ranked 7th of 13 players. On offense he ranked 8th and on defense 9th of 21 players.