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NYCTHA Int'l Classic 2007 Tournament Stats

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NYCTHA International Classic 2007 - Final Ranking - Official)

Some technical issues delayed our goal of posting all or most of the results within 24 hours of the tournament. As of 10/30, more results were posted. Official results (individual scores, playoffs) and photos will be published. There may be follow-on stories and statistical analysis to follow.
If there is something in particular you would like to see, let us know.


Championship Series

Group Photo

September 8, 2007
(Back Row, L-R) Lou Marinoff, Denis Begin, Patrick Cote, Michele Decarie, Kenny Dubois, Martin Labelle, Daniel Bordeleau, John Power, James Friedl, Adam Zawislak, Anthony Sciacca; (Front Row, L-R) Burt Brassard, Dave Kraehling, Greg Scoma, Len Mecca. (Missing six players).


A. Elite Division / "A" Group Playoffs
A.1  Play-In (1-4 bye, 5-12 playoff)
A.2  Quarter Finals (1-8)
A.3  Semi Finals (1-4)
A.4  Third and Fourth Place Series (3 & 4)
A.5  Championship (1 & 2)
A.6  Continuation of Playoffs to Determine Final Tournament Ranking positions (5 - 12)
B. 1st Division / "B" Group Playoffs
B.1  Play-In (1-6 bye, 7-10 playoff)
B.2  Quarter Finals (1-8)
B.3  Semi Finals (1-4)
B.4  Championship (1 & 2)
C. Secondary Round Robin
- Based on Preliminary Round Performance, Players are Seeded into A, B and C Groups
C.1.    A Group Standings
C.1.a. A Group Scores
C.2     B Group Standings
C.2.a.  B Group Scores
C.3     C Group Standings
C.3.a.  C Group Scores
4. Preliminary Round Robin - Two Groups, Blue and Red.
D.1.     Red Group Standings
D.1.a.  Red Group Scores
D.2      Blue Group Standings
D.2.a.  Blue Group Scores

A.1. Elite Division - Round 1 - Play-In

A.2. Elite Division - Round 2 - Quarter-Finals

A.3. Elite Division - Round 3 - Semi Finals

A.4. Elite Division - Round 4 - Bronze / 3rd Place Series

A.5. Elite Division - Round 5 - Championship

A.6. Elite Division - Series' to Determine Ranking, Positions 5 through 12

A.6.a. Round A


A.6.b. Round B

A.6.c. Round C


B.1. B Group Playoffs - Play-In Round 1


B.2. B Group Playoffs - Round 2 - Quarter Finals

B.3. B Group Playoffs - Round 3 - Semi Finals

B.4. B Group Playoffs - Round 4 - Championship


C. Secondary Round Robin

C.1. Secondary Round Robin - Group A - Standings

C.1.a. Secondary Round Robin - Group A - Scores

C.2. Secondary Round Robin - Group B - Standings

C.2.a. Secondary Round Robin - Group B - Scores

C.3. Secondary Round Robin - Group C - Standings

C.3.a. Secondary Round Robin - Groups C - Scores

D. Preliminary Round Robin

Players were divided into two groups, i.e. Red and Blue. Within each group a single round robin of games were played and standings for each group tabulated.

D.1. Preliminary Round Robin - Red Group

D.1.a. Preliminary Round Robin - Red Group - Standings

D.1.b.1. Preliminary Round Robin - Red Group - Scores 1 of 2

D.1.b.2. Preliminary Round Robin - Red Group - Scores 2 of 2

D.2. Preliminary Round Robin - Blue Group

Corrected Standings (above) posted 10/30/07, gbs

D.2.b.1. Preliminary Round Robin - Blue Group - Scores 1 of 2

D.2.b.2. Preliminary Round Robin - Blue Group - Scores 2 of 2