Individual Player Statistics - Len Mecca

Len Mecca

Hometown: ?, New Jersey (just outside Philadelphia)


Regular Season Finish:

Regular Season Hightlights:


Playoff / Final Ranking:


NYCTHA International Classic, September 2007

Tournament Finish:
13 of 22 players
B Group Champion

Tournament Highlights:
Going into the B Group playoffs, Len was ranked 4th in the B Group and 16th overall (4/16).

In the B Group Quarter Finals, Len was matched against Bill Galatioto (5/17) in a Best of Three series.

Len and Bill met in the NYCTHA Classic League Playoffs earlier that year, in the 1st Divison Semi-Finals. That Best of Seven series went six games with Len winning four games to two. However, Bill won the first two games of that series 7-5 and 5-4, before Len won four games straight.

In the tournament, Len again lost the first game 3-5, but again won straight games to win a playoff series against Bill Galatioto, (5-2, and convincingly 7-0).

In the Semi-Finals, Len was matched against Bob Cuozzo (2 B Group/14 overall) in a Best of Three series.

These two had only met before twice, both games during the NYCTHA Regular season where they split their series, Len winning 3-2, and losing 2-0.