11 players had a blast playing for the Classic Cup at Peggy O'neill's in Coney Island Saturday April 18, 2015.

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playoff intensity!
LD takin' on James in round robin action!
Anthony Sciacca (left) Best Sportsmanship 2105
Vinnie Catania (Right) Most Improved Player 2015
Vinner v Lou Marinoff in the Classic Cup Finals 2015
Lou the Champ in the middle; Vinner 2nd place on the right.
This guy (on the far right) not only brought us these great games, but was the most fun opponent when behind the rods!  John F (far right).
The handshake after the final match of the season between Vinner and Lou.
a pair of Classic League Originals
Lou defeated the three top rated players to win the NYCTHA 2015 Classic Cup.  Congratulations Lou!
2nd place overall in his first season: Great Job!
Bob D v Anthony in a defensive dogfight!
Game on!
Rookie of the Year Vinner takes on The Legend Lou Marinoff in round robin action.  The two later met in the finals and The Legend won the Classic Cup.
The 11 players who showed up and made the Classic Cup Playoffs 2015 a thing of beauty.
From Left: Anthony, Moussa, Lou, Matt, Vinner, Len, James, John F, LD.  Kneeling on right: Bob D.
two contrasting styles make a most interesting table hockey match!
Caution: Table Hockey In Progress!