Individual Player Statistics - Bob Cuozzo

August 12, 2007

Bob Cuozzo, West Haven, Connecticut
2006-07 Season

Bob participated in the NYCTHA's Inaugural "Original Six" tournament held in September 2006. There he finished in 5th place of 15 players.

"Original Six" Tournament, September 2006
Bob Cuozzo is a more than capable player. After the Preliminary Round, he was in fourth position behind (1) Ken Dubois, (2) Lou Marinoff, and (3) Roger Owens respectively. The top six positions earned an automatic berth in the Quarter-Finals. There he faced the fifth place qualifier, Greg Scoma. In the Preliminary Round, they tied, 3-3. Their Quarter-Final Best of Five games matchup was equally close. Greg scored the first two victories decisively (3-1 and 4-1). Bob, facing elimination, used a little psychology on his opponent and won game three (5-4). Cuozzo fought hard to win game four in overtime, tying the series and forcing the fifth and final game. , Cuozzo attempted a rarely accomplished feat, that of winning three straight games after being down two games in a Best of Five series. He almost accomplished that feat. At the end of regulation, game five was tied 3-3. With either playing needing only one goal to win the game and the series. Bob did not score that goal.

NYCTHA 2006-07 Regular Season
Bob came out for our March date. In the first round, of twelve games played, Bob won three and tied two. His win percentage for that round was .333 with a -7 goal differential, which put him in ninth place among thirteen players.

In the second round, Bob Cuozzo's play improved dramatically. Of twelve games played, he won ten. His win percentage shot up to with a +23 goal differential, earning him third place!

On the day, he earned three shutouts and was not himself shutout. He finished the day in sixth place, earning enough points to place ninth in the NYCTHA's Season's Final Standings. Unfortunately, this talented player could not attend the NYCTHA playoffs in April.

Bob finished the regular season ranked 6th on offense and 8th on defense of 21 players.