Clinic Baseball is intended for our youngest and least experienced children. Generally offered to children of ages 4 to 7 years old, Clinic Baseball provides non-competitive games (no scorekeeping and no standings) with equal playing time for everyone in the field and at bat. The age groups are deliberately set to overlap each other so that children just beginning to play organized baseball can be placed where most appropriate. The Club reserves the right to ultimately decide the division for each child based on the safety of all concerned.

Although there is no team scorekeeping nor standings, we are still teaching baseball, and our rules are intended to gradually introduce skills and fundamentals that will be needed by the time they are ready to play competitive baseball at 8U.

Please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page, or contact the VP-Clinic for more information.


2017 Rules - the rules are located at

2018 Clinic Divisions - please note that divisional arrangements (age, rules, etc.) may change after we have our final registration numbers, and the VP-Clinic may allow players to play up or down after considering player experience and everyone's safety:

  • 4-5U Tee Ball - 4 & 5 year olds; starts as straight tee ball, finishes coach pitch with tee rescue
  • 6U Coach Pitch - 6 year olds; coach pitch with tee rescue all season long

We do not hold player evaluations in the clinic program.  The Clinic director will create the team rosters and provide them to the clinic managers at the clinic manager meeting.  Parents can expect a phone call over the next couple days after the clinic manager meeting to let them know their practice schedule.


Team Manager Title
2005 Jr Coach Pitch Tournament Team Tim Ratliff Linthicum-Ferndale - 6U Tournament Champions


What is the difference between the Clinic divisions? The clinic divisions are designed to gradually introduce baseball to our youngest and least experience players.<\p>

  • 4U Tee Ball - Mostly 4 year olds. Straight tee ball all season long.
  • 5U Tee Ball - Mostly 5 year olds. Starts out as straight tee ball but finishes as coach pitch with tee rescue.
  • 6U Coach Pitch - Mostly 6 year olds. Starts out with tee rescue but finishes as straight coach pitch.

What is the difference between Clinic coach pitch and Intramural coach pitch? Clinic coach pitch is non-competitive (we don't keep score or standings), mostly for 6 year olds, and uses tee rescue in the first half of the season. Intramural coach pitch is competitive (we keep score & standings), mostly for 7-8 year olds.  Otherwise the rules are essentially the same.

What is "tee rescue"? If a batter cannot hit a pitched ball after 6 pitches, the tee is brought out for the batter to hit from instead of having the batter return to the bench.

Can I move my child to another division based on his individual skill and experience? Yes. We will generally allow parents to choose the clinic division to play in, but we reserve the right to make a change at any time based on the safety of all concerned.

How are clinic teams formed? Players are not evaluated - we randomly sort the teams based on age and experience. Because clinic games are non-competitive, we allow parents to request players or coaches to play with. We can't guarantee all requests, but do our best to honor them at the clinic level.

Do we get uniforms? Yes. Full uniforms (shirt, pants, socks, hat) are included with your registration fees. You will receive them just before games begin.

What other equipment do we need to provide? Each player should have his/her own fielding glove. Gloves do not need to be expensive, but should not be plastic, and sized to fit your child's hand. Plastic soccer or baseball cleats are recommended, but otherwise tennis shoes are acceptable. Again, cleats do not need to be expensive. An age appropriate bat, and batting helmet, are optional. Each team will be provided with a couple bats and batting helmets.

When do PRACTICES start? How often? What days are they on? Clinic teams usually start practicing in mid March. You should get a phone call from a team manager in early March letting you know your schedule. Most teams practice twice a week (once on weeknight and once on weekend. Each team will have a different schedule that will repeat each week. There is no way to predict the practice schedule until after teams are sorted.

When do GAMES start? How often? What days are they on? Games start in mid April (usually first weekend after Easter) and end in mid June. You can expect 1 to 2 games a week. Games are held each night of the week, so your game days will vary during the season.

Where are the games and practices held? Most games will be played at Havenwood Park, but some will also be played at the Riviera Beach fields and possibly the Meadow Road fields. Practices will take place at these same fields.

Will we get to use the batting cage? Junior Coach Pitch teams will have scheduled times to use the cage as a team. There will also be free time available, but players will have to coordinate with a manager or board member to open it up and supervise its use.

What other events take place? Opening Day, Team Pictures, Home Run Derby, Oriole Day Parade at Camden Yards, All-Star games, Closing Ceremonies. See the calendar and talk to your team manager or parent to stay informed.

Will there be a closing ceremony? Yes - as long as we have volunteers to help organize it. The ceremonies are mostly for the clinic division parents and kids, and we MUST have your help to make this happen. Please contact the VP-Clinic to find out how.

Why do we have fundraisers when we already have to pay registration fees? Baseball is expensive. Your fees cover the bare minimum necessary to operate the league. Fundraisers like the raffle tickets and Home Run Derby are REQUIRED for basic field maintenance and team equipment. Additional fundraisers like the Bull Roast are used to improve our facilities, such as the Batting Cage at Havenwood Park.

What is the Home Run Derby? This is a chance for your child to try and hit the ball as far as he can while also raising money to improve our fields and facilities. You get pledges and collect contributions from friends and neighbors, your child comes out and hits the ball. You can earn incentive prizes based on the amount of money you and your team collect. See Fundraisers on the left menu, or your team parent, for more information.

Do I have to volunteer in the concessions stand? Yes, and No.  When you registered, you gave the Club $10 to hold and give back to you when you volunteer one hour in the concession stand.  If you don't volunteer, you agree to allow the Club to give your $10 to someone else who will volunteer in your place.  Please see FUNDRAISING on the left menu for more information on the Official Concessions Policy.

Who takes care of the fields? We do! That means you and us together. Please help your manager and team coaches and ask them what you can do to help them. Don't just bring your kids and drop them off. If its been raining recently, so me work will have to be done in order to play.