Fall Baseball - General Information

Fall Baseball is about players getting extra playing time beyond their normal spring and summer seasons. Fall is non-competitive at every age level. Games are played, and score may be kept, but there are no standings, no "first places", no trophies, etc.  RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELF!

Players generally play in a division that they will play in the NEXT spring season. Age range for the Fall is 5 to 6 for Clinic Baseball, and 7 and up for Intramural, Travel and High School Eligible. See Age Chart on the Registration page to verify your age and sign up.

Please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page,
or contact the Fall Baseball Director for more information.

2019 Fall Baseball Information

We are still finalizing details of the 2019 Fall baseball season, but we are expecting a similar configuration as last fall season.  See details below on the 2017 Fall season to get an idea of what to expect.

2017 Fall Baseball Information

Fall Baseball practices begin late August.  Please email Fred Engel frengel@ymail.com if you haven't heard from a manager by August 31.  Games will begin the Sunday after Labor Day.
Clinic & Intramural Baseball - 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, and 15U
8U Division will be Coach Pitch in the Fall Season.
Our teams will play games against each other AND other organizations in and around northern Anne Arundel County.  Practices and Home Games are at Havenwood Park and George Fox MS, and possibly Poplar Ridge Park or Northeast HS.  Practices will begin mid/late August once rosters are finalized.  Teams will receive their game schedules as Labor Day approaches - parents, stay in contact with your team manager for this information.  For more information on Fall Baseball - contact Paul Hilton ph21122@yahoo.com,  or Fred Engel frengel@ymail.com.
High School Eligible (HSE) Baseball - 9th thru 12th grades
PBC teams play all games against other organizations in and around Anne Arundel County. Practices and Home Games are at Northeast High School.  Players will tryout in early/mid August for specific HSE teams, but all players registering on time will be placed.  Games will be in September and October.  For more information on HSE Fall Baseball - contact Tom Caines 410-255-7229 cainesjt@yahoo.com.
 Division  Team  Manager  Fall League
 6U  6U1 Gold  Steve Hayes  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 6U   6U2 Black  Ed Nalley  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 6U  6U3 Silver  Chip Weiland  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 8U  8U1 Gold  Andy Brooks  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 8U   8U2 Black  Matt Dinsmore  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 8U  8U3 Silver  Rachael Lavoy  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 8U  T8 Eagles  Phil Merlino  
 10U  10U1 Gold  Ray Bostick  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 10U  10U2 Black  Marc Redavid  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 10U  T10 Eagles  Paul Hilton  
 10U  T9 Eagles  Phil Merlino  
 12U  12U1 Gold  John Granger  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 12U  T12 Eagles  Rick Furrow  
 12U  T11A Eagles  Rodney Sterry  
 12U  T11B Eagles  Adam Bolling  
 15U  15U1 Gold  Jim Knipple  www.aabaseballcoop.org
 HSE  HSE1 Eagles  Dennis Haney  Catonsville
 HSE  HSE2 Eagles  Tom Caines  Catonsville
 HSE  T19 Eagles  John Granger  AAU

Fall Baseball FAQ

What is the difference between the Fall and Spring seasons? Fall baseball is about players getting extra playing time beyond their normal spring/summer seasons. Fall is non-competitive at every age level. Games are played, and score may be kept, but there are no standings, no "first places", etc. RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELF!

Are there Clinic, Intramural, and Travel programs? Yes. Clinic teams (5 and 6 years old) will play an "in-house" schedule with all games at Havenwood Park, and possibly some "cross-over" games with other organizations if available. Intramural and Travel teams will play in an Anne Arundel County league that plays home games in Pasadena, and away games in Glen Burnie, Severna Park, etc.

What date is used to determine my child's playing age?  Fall leagues are designed to prepare for the next spring season, so April 30 of the next year is used to determine playing age.

Can I move my child to another division based on his individual skill and experience? Yes. We recommend everyone play at their "Next Season Age", but we may allow some players to play again at their "Last Season Age" to gain more experience before moving up. Safety for all is paramount in making these decisions.

How are teams formed? Player evals are not held, and all player requests are generally honored if possible, but we do reserve the right to place players so everyone has an enjoyable season. This may be based on our knowledge of the skill level of returning players.

Do we get uniforms? Yes. Shirts and hats are provided, but you will need to supply your own pants and socks. We may have pants and sock available for sale from our inventory. You will receive them just before games begin.

What other equipment do we need to provide? Each player should have his/her own fielding glove. Gloves do not need to be expensive, but should not be plastic, and they should be sized to fit your child's hand. Plastic soccer or baseball cleats are recommended. Again, cleats do not need to be expensive. An age appropriate bat, and batting helmet, are optional. Each team will be provided with a couple bats and batting helmets.

When do PRACTICES start? How often? What days are they on? Most teams will start practicing in late August or the first week of September. You should get a phone call from a team manager in mid-late August letting you know your schedule. Most teams practice once a week on a weeknight and maybe one on a weekend before games begin. Each team will have a different schedule that will repeat each week. There is no way to predict the practice schedule until after teams are sorted.

When do GAMES start? How often? What days are they on? Games start in early September (usually first weekend after Labor Day) and end last week of October. You can expect 1 game a week. Games are usually on Sunday afternoons; clinic games may be able to play all or most games on weeknights.

Where are the games and practices held? Home games will be played at Havenwood Park for 12U and below, and Poplar Ridge Park or Northeast HS for 14U and above. Practices will take place at these same fields.

Will we get to use the batting cage? Yes. Each team will have scheduled times to use the cage as a team. There will also be free time available, but players will have to coordinate with a manager or board member to open it up and supervise its use.

Will there be trophies? Traditionally, we only supply trophies in the Fall season for the clinic teams.

Do I have to work in the concessions stand? For the 2010 Fall season, you will not have to work in the concession stand.  Please remember that during the normal spring season, the concession policy requires one hour of work in the concession stand to recover your $10 fee, or we will give your concession fee to someone else to volunteer in your place.  Please see FUNDRAISING on the left menu for more information on the Official Concessions Policy.

Who takes care of the fields? We do! That means you and us together. Please help your manager and team coaches and ask them what you can do to help them. Don't just bring your kids and drop them off. If its been raining recently, some work will have to be done in order to play.