PBC World Series

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When the competition heats up, this is the best time to prove you are a good sport no matter what happens during the World Series tournament. Yes, it's ok to get excited and cheer for your team, but WE EXPECT ALL ADULTS TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

If you can't exhibit good sportsmanship, please don't come out to the park!


PBC World SeriesThe PBC World Series is the annual end-of-season tournament for our INTRAMURAL Baseball divisions.

  • All teams are in the tournament, with seeding based on the regular season standings.
  • The higher seed will be the home team throughout the World Series.
  • Reminder that for the World Series, Intramural Rule 15 for tournament play is in effect.
  • SCHEDULING NOTICE: All teams must be prepared to have any game rescheduled on a day's notice, and to have to play on any day of the week, or possibly even to have multiple games on the same day.  Due to the nature of an elimination tournament, one rained-out game early may cause multiple games to be rescheduled.  If there are too many cancelled dates preventing the tournament from completing, the tournament may be cancelled altogether.


If asked by your phone or tablet, open the link below in a Browser, not with Sheets or Drive.

Click here for PBC World Series Brackets