The PASADENA BASEBALL CLUB is a community-based youth baseball organization in Pasadena, Maryland.

 [ 1953-2020:  68 Years in the Dena! ] 


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Our registration system requires everyone to create an account when you sign up, and then your basic information will be saved for future seasons.  

  • We are NOT collecting fees at this time for fall baseball, just registration forms.  Once we confirm that we can play games this fall, we will let all fall registrants know when they need to pay.
  • To get started, select Forms on the Main Menu, then Online forms, then 2020 Spring/Summer Player Registration.
  • HOW OLD IS MY CHILD? - Fall clinic/intramural baseball age is determined by the player's age on September 1, 2020. Travel age date is on May 1, 2020.
  • MORE QUESTIONS? - See below, and FALL BASEBALL page, especially the FAQ section at the bottom of that page.  If you still have questions, email


We are not collecting fees at this time for fall baseball.  The fees below are what you will have to pay after we confirm with County officials that we can pay games this fall.

A minimum of $25 of your registration fees per player are reserved for administrative costs, and may not be refunded in the event that a player does not play with the Club in the season in which they are registered. Additional amounts may also be non-refundable depending on the time and reasons for the refund request.

  • You are not buying a product or service. We are all volunteers.
  • You are paying for a membership in the Club.
  • YOUR experience will be directly affected by the amount of YOUR participation.
  • CLINIC 4, 5, & 6 year olds - $100 per player.
  • REC 7 & 8 year olds - $130 per player.
  • REC 9 & 10 year olds - $135 per player.
  • REC 11 & 12 year olds - $140 per player.
  • REC 13, 14 & 15 year olds - $160 per player.
  • TRAVEL PLAYERS (all ages) - $50 per player. Travel players will pay significant additional fees after team selections are made. Check with a Travel Team manager before registering as a Travel Player
  • FAMILY DISCOUNT - $15 discount for 2nd and additional players from the same household.


After careful consideration, the Board of Directors of Pasadena Baseball Club has canceled the Spring 2020 season. While we had hoped to be able to get the kids on the field for a modified Spring/ Summer schedule, we do not feel that is in the cards for us at this time. As a community based volunteer organization, this decision was not an easy one. For both our baseball families and our league as a whole, we have set up the following refund options for Spring 2020 registration fees:

1. Have your entire Spring 2020 registration fee carried over to either of the next 2 Pasadena Baseball sponsored seasons at the rate that was paid for Spring 2020.

2. Have your registration fee for Spring 2020 refunded by check, minus a $25 administrative credit. This $25 credit will be able to be used towards registration for either of the next 2 Pasadena Baseball sponsored seasons. Registration fees paid in Spring 2020 will not be locked in for this option.

To claim your refund for Spring 2020, please email Jim Knipple at Each refund will have to be processed individually. Please be patient. If you request your refund, it will be sent to you as soon as possible.


Travel Teams are still using the previous age determination date of May 1 (age on April 30, 2020).

AGE CHANGE AND BAT RULE, for Clinic & Intramural Only

Age Determination - Reminder that beginning with the 2018 Fall season and the 2019 Spring season, the age of a player in Clinic or Intramural league will be determined by the player's age on August 31.   For the 2020 fall season, the date is August 31, 2021. This matches national youth baseball organizations such as Little League, PONY, and Babe Ruth, and part of an effort to make all the divisions younger on average, and equivalent to school grade ages.

Bat Rule - We will also be following the same national youth baseball organizations who have adopted USA Baseball's bat program. This is an effort to have metal and composite bats better simulate wood bat performance. Non-wood bats will have to have a USABat certification sticker. Go to for a complete list of approved bats.  For each division, the bat rule will be:

  • 4-5U and 6U - recommended
  • 7-8U, 9-10U, and 11-12U - REQUIRED
  • 13-15U - optional (BBCOR still allowed)
  • 16-18U - not applicable (BBCOR)

FLAGPOLE PROJECT - Seeking Sponsors

The new flagpole has FINALLY been installed!  We plan to have a dedication ceremony on Opening Day, or if necessary, at some point later in the season.  We will also be installing a permanent dedication marker/monument as part of the flagpole.

We are still looking for sponsors to help us offset the cost of the pole, its installation, and surrounding landscaping.  If you wish to help out, please consider one of the following donation levels:

  • $100 - recognition on our website, from the time we receive the contribution, up to one year after dedication of the flagpole.
  • $250 - same as $100, plus their business name engraved on the permanent metal marker to be installed near the flagpole.
  • $500 - same as $250, but the engraving in a larger font size on the same marker.

Donations of any amount can be made electronically on this website under SPONSORS on the left menu. If you have questions, or want to make a contribution in person, please contact 



Richard F.
"Dick" Bowen
Memorial Fund



Guess What? You already have!

Your registration fee was actually a membership fee - and with that membership you get the right to help your Club and community to be the best that it can be.  And if it isn't the best it can be, its probably only because you haven't taken full advantage of your membership rights.

So please - we are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS looking for volunteers.

Club Volunteers

  • Executive Board Members - organize and lead the basic operations of the Club.
  • Associate Board Members - assist the Executive BOD in specific functions, such as division directors, fundraising, etc.
  • Committee Workers - help complete short-term specific tasks, such as Opening Day, Team Pictures, etc.

Team Volunteers

  • Managers - organize and lead each team.
  • Coaches - assist a manager in teaching the skills of baseball.
  • Team Mom/Dad - assist a manager in keeping the team's parents informed of Club activities.

* ALL Board members, managers, and coaches must complete a background investigation by Rec & Parks - see Coaches Info for more details.