The Intramural Baseball program provides a typical "in-house" schedule of competitive games - score-keeping and standings. The goal of the Intramural program is to teach the fundamentals and skills of baseball, and good sportsmanship while winning or losing. No try-outs are required, but player evaluations will be held as we attempt to establish competitive teams.  The season ends with a "PBC World Series" championship tournament in all divisions.  A tournament team may be formed for each division to play against other organizations.

Please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page, or contact the VP-Intramural for more information.



  • REC 7-8U, 9-10U, 11-12U - Saturday March 7, 12pm, at Havenwood Park.
  • REC 13-15U - Sunday March 8, 1pm, at George Fox MS field 2.
    • Parents will be contacted about 1 week later with Team assigbment and practice schedule. 
  • CLINIC 4-5U, 6U - No Evaluations.  Clinic Director wil assign players to teams.  Parents will be contacted in mid March for practice schedule.


2017 Rules - the rules are located at

2018 Rec Divisions - please note that divisional arrangements (age, rules, etc.) may change after we have our final registration numbers, and the VP-Intramural may allow players to play up or down after considering player experience and everyone's safety:

  • 8U Coach Pitch - 7-8 year olds; coach pitch
  • 10U Kid Pitch - 9-10 year olds; player pitch only
  • 12U Baseball - 11-12 year olds
  • 15U Baseball - 13-15 year olds


We have joined forces with neighboring organizations like Lake Shore and Severna Park, among others, to form the Anne Arundel Baseball Cooperative.  The purpose of the co-op is to give everyone's rec programs the opportunity to play games against similar rec teams from other organizations.  It is not a travel or select league.

  • The schedule of co-op games will vary by division as to whether they are fully integrated schedules, or just crossovers to add a few games.
  • Co-op rules and schedules can be found at


The PBC World Series is our season-ending tournament in each Intramural division to determine first place.  Team Standings during the regular season are kept only for the purpose of seeding all teams for the PBC World Series.  Standings are based on points (2 pts for Win, 1 pt for a Tie).  Tie in standings are broke by (1st) head-to-head, (2nd) most wins, (3rd) fewest losses, (4th) coin toss.
Go to Pages on the top menu, then PBC WORLD SERIES for tournament brackets and results.


The intramural 8U, 10U, and 12U divisions, and also the Clinic 6U division, each form an all-star tournament team to compete at an area tournament of similarly formed teams from other organizations.  Managers and players are usually selected in May and the teams compete in June and/or July after the end of the regular season.



Each season the Pasadena Baseball Club hosts an 8U Scrimmage Tournament, inviting intramural coach pitch teams from other organizations to play three 3-inning scrimmage games to "warm-up" for their respective seasons, usually the weekend before Opening Day.  Because this is a SCRIMMAGE tournament, there is no reporting scores and no tournament winner - PLAY FAIR and HAVE FUN!
 This year's tournament has been canceled due to Easter falling one week in front of our Opening Day.  Sorry, will try again next year. 

2012 Scrimmage Teams

Team #

Team Name - Manager



2012 Game Schedule
(Umpire will flip coin at plate to decide home team)







Directions to Havenwood Park (HP) and George Fox (GF) - From MD 100 heading east towards Gibson Island, take the Catherine Avenue exit and turn LEFT at the end of the ramp onto Catherine Avenue.  Turn LEFT at the first light onto Mountain Road.  Turn RIGHT at the first light onto Outing Avenue.  Park is about 1/4 mile on the right, school is on the left.  HP field 1 is back to the left (facing park).  HP field 2 is back to the right.  HP field 4 is closest to the parking lot.  GF field 5 is across the street to the left (facing school).


Rec PBC World Series division winners in the spring seasons (* or the highest finishing PBC team) - complete brackets under PBC World Series on left menu.
 8U Champion - Mgr
 10U Champion - Mgr
 12U Champion - Mgr
 15U Champion - Mgr
 2018  Dodgers - Rick Friend  Cardinals - Chad Jones  Pirates - Kyle Davis  Eagles Black - Will Claytor
 2017  Dodgers - Rick Friend  Orioles - Ray Bostic    Eagles Black - Ken Roy
 2016  Dodgers - Phil Personett  Pirates - Ethan Waters  Pirates - Ethan Waters  Eagles Gold - Jan Finch
 2015  Nationals - Kirk Hunter   Red Sox - Dan Johnson   * Athletics - Ethan Waters  Eagles Black - Jan Finch
 2014  Orioles - Gordon Griffith  Nationals - Neil Fluhr  Orioles - Jan Finch  
 2013  Orioles - Sam Helmick  Nationals - Carter Rigsbee  Red Sox - Jan Finch  Eagles - John Haller 
 2012  Orioles - Jim Knipple   Orioles - Jan Finch  * Red Sox - Rich DeVincent  
 2011  Red Sox - Carter Rigsbee  Nationals - Jan Finch  Red Sox - Jim Christy  
 2010  Nationals - Bill Howell  Red Sox - Joe Filetto  Orioles - John Granger  
 Year  8U Champion - Mgr  10U Champion - Mgr  12U Champion - Mgr 14U Champion - Mgr
 2009  Orioles - Don Sacha  Red Sox - Steve Williams  Rangers - Rich Leathers  
 2008  Athletics - Eric Bland  Red Sox - Steve Williams  * Rangers - Rob Martinez  
 Red Sox - Paul Bachman
 Nationals - Gene Wolanin
 Nationals - Mike McCormick
 Orioles - Tim Ratliff
 Nationals - Gene Wolanin
 Pirates - Steve Hall
 Pirates - Jim Parsons
 Orioles - Tory Lane
 Orioles - Mike McCormick
 Athletics - Matt Troisi
 Athletics - Lou Hopson
 Mets - Archie Carr
 Mets - Ernie Donaldson
 Pirates - Don Branham
 Cardinals - Bill Bartos
 Cardinals - Ben Thompson
 Cubs - Matt Troisi
 Cubs - Dennis Haney

Rec "in-house" or "all-star" teams that have won an outside league or tournament.
 2018 15U Eagles Black
 Will Claytor
 Anne Arundel Baseball Cooperative - 15U Tournament Champions
 2016 15U Eagles Gold
 Jan Finch
 Anne Arundel Baseball Cooperative - 15U Regular Season Champions
 2015 8U Eagles
 Kirk Hunter
 Glen Burnie Baseball Tournament - 8U Champions
 2015 14U Eagles
 Jan Finch
 Linthicum-Ferndale Tournament - 14U Champions
 Glen Burnie Baseball Tournament - 14U Champions
 2014 8U Eagles
 Gordon Griffith
 North County Tournament - 8U Champions
 2014 12U Eagles
 Jan Finch
 Linthicum-Ferndale Tournament - 12U Champions
 2013 10U Eagles
 Dave Rebstock
 Linthicum-Ferndale Tournament - 10U Champions
 2013 15U Eagles
 John Haller
 Anne Arundel Baseball Cooperative - 15U Regular Season and Tournament Champions
 2003 8U Cardinals
 Bill Bartos
 Love To Play Tournament - 8U Regional Champions
 2003 12U Cubs
 Dennis Haney
 Love To Play Tournament - 12U Regional Champions


What is the difference between the Intramural divisions? The intramural divisions are based on age groups.

  • 8U Coach Pitch - 7-8 year olds. Coach Pitch all season long - no player pitch.  50' base paths, 38' mound. No leading off, no stealing, no sliding, no bunting.
  • 10U Player Pitch - 9-10 year olds. Player pitch all season long - no coach pitch. 60' base paths, 44' mound. No leading off, no balks, no infield fly rule.
  • 12U Baseball - 11-12 year olds. Regular baseball rules apply. 70' base paths, 50' mound.
  • 15U Baseball and up - 13-15 year olds. Regular baseball rules apply.  90' base paths, 60'6" mound.

My 8 year old is ready to pitch - what are my options? We agree a few 8 year olds may be ready for player-pitched baseball, but most are not. If you want your 8 year old pitching all season long, we will allow some 8 year olds to play up in the 10U Kid Pitch division, or they can try out for the 8 year old Travel Team. Contact to VP-Intramural or VP-Travel to discuss your situation.

Can I move my child to another division based on his individual skill and experience? We occasionally allow players to "play up" at parents request and after our evaluation. In very rare cases, we will allow players to "play down" based on skill or experience level. Safety for everyone is paramount in these decisions.

How are intramural teams formed? We do our best to keep all the teams competitive with each other so everyone has an enjoyable season with a chance to win some games. Players in intramural are evaluated by all the coaches at a Player Evaluation.  Later, the managers will select players one at a time based on the evaluation.  Please who don't get evaluated will be placed randomly - the managers will not be able to purposely select them.  After draft is completed, some player swapping may be permitted to try and honor player requests, provided we feel competitive balance can be maintained, and always subject to the Intramural Director's approval.

Do we get uniforms? Yes. Full uniforms (shirt, pants, socks, hat) are included with your registration fees. You will receive them just before games begin.

What other equipment do we need to provide? Each player should have his/her own fielding glove. Gloves do not need to be expensive, but should not be plastic, and they should be sized to fit your child's hand. Plastic soccer or baseball cleats are recommended. Again, cleats do not need to be expensive. An age appropriate bat, and batting helmet, are optional. Each team will be provided with a couple bats and batting helmets.

When do PRACTICES start? How often? What days are they on? Intramural teams usually start practicing in mid March, older teams may not start until after high school tryouts are completed. You should get a phone call from a team manager in early March after evaluations (check calendar) letting you know your schedule. Most teams practice twice a week (once on weeknight and once on weekend. Each team will have a different schedule that will repeat each week. There is no way to predict the practice schedule until after teams are sorted.

When do GAMES start? How often? What days are they on? Games start in mid April (usually first weekend after Easter) and end in mid June. You can expect 2 games a week, and a double-elimination tournament to wrap it up.  Games are held each night of the week, and some on the weekends, so your game days will vary during the season.

Where are the games and practices held? Most games for 8U, 10U, and 12U will be played at Havenwood Park, but some will also be played at George Fox MS or Poplar Ridge Park. Games for 14U and 16U will be played at George Fox MS and possibly Poplar Ridge Park.  Practices will take place at these same fields.

Are all games played at PBC fields, against PBC teams? Generally yes, the intramural program is intended to be "in-house".  But please be aware that some games may be played against other organizations if we (or they) don't have enough teams on our own to play games and/or our tournament on our own.

Will we get to use the batting cage? Yes. Each team will have scheduled times to use the cage as a team. There will also be free time available, but players will have to coordinate with a manager or board member to open it up and supervise its use.

What other events take place? Opening Day, Team Pictures, Home Run Derby, Oriole Day Parade at Camden Yards, All-Star games, Closing Ceremonies. See the calendar and talk to your team manager or parent to stay informed.

Will there be a closing ceremony? Yes - as long as we have volunteers to help organize it. The ceremonies are mostly for the younger division parents and kids, and we MUST have your help to make this happen. Please contact the VP-Intramural to find out how.

Why do we have fundraisers when we already have to pay registration fees? Baseball is expensive. Your fees cover the bare minimum necessary to operate the league. Fundraisers like the raffle tickets and Home Run Derby are REQUIRED for basic field maintenance and team equipment. Additional fundraisers like the Bull Roast are used to improve our facilities, such as the Batting Cage at Havenwood Park.

What is the Home Run Derby? This is a chance for your child to try and hit the ball as far as he can while also raising money to improve our fields and facilities. You get pledges and collect contributions from friends and neighbors, your child comes out and hits the ball. You can earn incentive prizes based on the amount of money you and your team collect. See Fundraisers on the left menu, or your team parent, for more information.

Do I have to work in the concessions stand? Yes, and No.  When you registered, you gave the Club $10 to hold and give back to you when you volunteer one hour in the concession stand.  If you don't volunteer, you agree to allow the Club to give your $10 to someone else who will volunteer in your place.  YOU FORFEIT YOUR RIGHT TO VOLUNTEER IF YOU DON'T CONTACT US BEFORE THE START OF THE SEASON.  Please see FUNDRAISING on the left menu for more information on the Official Concessions Policy.

Who takes care of the fields? We do! That means you and us together. Please help your manager and team coaches and ask them what you can do to help them. Don't just bring your kids and drop them off. If its been raining recently, some work will have to be done in order to play.