LOL Bylaws Article 04 (Team Territories)


A – 10 Mile Radius Rule – A territory of a team will not exceed a 10-mile radius (5,280 feet = one mile) from their designated primary ballpark at which they play their home games. School districts not exceeding the area of a 10-mile radius circle are also acceptable.

B – Team Territory – Each team will have a territory not exceeding the 10-mile radius rule as described above. The team owning a territory will have exclusive rights to players with residence within that territory. Only that team will be able to sign players from their territory without a release.

C – Individual divisions shall try to create definitive boundaries for team territories, such as school districts, streets, highways, etc. Such territories are subject to the 10-mile radius rule (Article 4-A).

D - Divisions are required to create release procedures for teams that have overlapping or shared territories. Release procedures are to be in writing and are subject to Board of Directors approval (Article 4-F). Release procedures shall be created in such a way as to promote fairness and competitiveness within the division. The division itself will enforce these procedures.

E – Players from outside a team’s designated territory will be subject to the Pick System Rules found in Article 6.

F – Board of Director Approval: All divisions shall submit their boundary and territory listing to the LOL Secretary/Treasurer postmarked no later than January 31 of the current season. Any rejections will be sent back to the division with recommendations from the LOL Board of Directors. The rules must be changed and resubmitted for approval by the start of the season.