LOL Bylaws Article 08 (Appeals to Board)

Article 8 – APPEALS

A – The LOL Board of Directors shall hear appeals as a last resort to resolving disputes. All decisions made by the LOL Board of Directors shall be final.

B – All issues being appealed to the LOL Board of Directors must either have been ruled on by the division or refused ruling by the division. The appeal shall consist of the following.

1) All appeals must be in writing with issues, evidence and any other considerations listed. Use the general appeal form.

2) The appeal shall be presented to a LOL Director of the division for which the team is a member. The Director shall immediately forward the appeal to the LOL President and LOL Secretary/Treasurer.

3) Appeal Fee - A check in the amount of $75 payable to the Land O’ Lakes Baseball League shall accompany all appeals. This amount shall be refunded if the player or team wins the appeal.

4) Appeals shall be presented to the LOL no less than 48 hours prior to the LOL Board meeting.

5) The LOL Board of Directors will add the appeal to the meeting agenda.

6) Only two representatives of a team making an appeal, two representatives of the defendants, and two League officers shall be permitted to appear before the LOL Board of Directors (total of six persons).

7) The LOL Board of Directors reserves the right to not hear an appeal by accepting a motion and a second followed by a 2/3-majority vote to throw out the appeal. The ruling made by the division is then final.

C – Protests involving divisional playoffs or LOL Grand Championship games must be made in a timely manner. A special meeting of the LOL Board of Directors may be called if deemed necessary.

D – Protests involving player eligibility or releases must be submitted to the division commissioner immediately upon detection. The commissioner will then review the rules and determine the course of action to resolve the issue. The LOL Board of Directors may hear an appeal of the issue. Rulings may result in the reversal of wins or losses and suspensions if that player has played in any games.