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NEW 2020 21+ East, west, North & South Regular Season & Playoffs

 21 East, North, South & West

Agreed upon Meeting Minutes on 2/5/2020 – Cancelled

Below are the new 2020 Parameters






Universal Rule of the SJMSBL For all Divisions: Last day to add a player to your Roster is 6 Sundays before your season ends. The maximum number of players on a roster is 20. Over 20 players on a roster cost is $100.00 per player.


Universal Rule of the SJMSBL For all Divisions: Player needs to play and or bat in at least 6 regular-season games. If a player only plays in the field as a defensive player or runner, it is the manager's duty to have opposing manager write that players participation in the scorebook for that said game.

Universal Rule of the SJMSBL For all Divisions: Managers voted unanimously that all teams need to have their Stats (particularly) game played - uploaded before there next game. If a team does not have stats updated by the next game, the offending team will get a forfeit for the game stats not uploaded. Also, for the 2020 Spring Season- If a team Forfeits 3 games team is not eligible for playoffs


Universal Rule of the SJMSBL For all Divisions: 1.A. If an umpire feels threatened by a player or fan, or there is a situation with a player the manager is obligated to diffuse the threatening situation. If the manager does not the diffuse threatening situations. The manager as a result of his actions will be looked at and determined if he risks being suspended from upcoming games.


 Additional Rules:


  1. Teams in all 3 divisions voted on allowing 2 pitchers and 1 catcher from the ages of 18-20 to be able to play these positions. These designated players need to be communicated to opposing Manager before game
  2. Teams in all 3 divisions voted on batting a minimum of 10 players
  3. The following teams have requested 10 am starts at their home fields unless otherwise notified.


  1. East Coast Black Sox
  2. Camden Punishers
  3. Oaklyn A’s
  4. Philadelphia Yankees


      Mercy rules in wild-card round and semi-final round of playoffs, 

      no mercy rule in the championship finals




1.  Berlin Blue Jays

2.  Camden D’Backs

3.  Paulsboro Raiders

4.  Runnameade Knights

5.  SJ Astros

6.  SJ Sox

7.  SJ Tribe


1. Camden Punishers

2. Crusaders

3. East Coasy Black Sox

4. Oaklyn A’s

5. SJ Jackets

6. SJ Dynasty

7. Voorhees Chaos


1. Camden Indians

2. Camden Pirates

3. Colt 45’s

4. Franklin Phillies

5. Old Dirty Batters

6. Phillies

7. Westville Expos

8. Woodbury Royals


1. Glassboro Dawgs

2. Marlton A’s

3. OC Pirates

4. Philadelphia A’s

5. Philadelphia Otters

6. Riverton Railsplitters

7. USZ Phillies


Regular Season

13 Weeks 16 Games (3) DH's

21 East cross over with 35 American

21 West and North Cross Over

21 South plays only in their division


 Available Sunday Dates

                                              July- 12, 19, 26,


                                   August- 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


                                        September 13, 20, 27,


                                        October – 4 & 11

All 21 Playoffs

·   Each Division gets their separate playoffs and Champion

·       Better/Stronger SEED is HOME TEAM throughout playoffs and Championship


Saturday, October 17

9:00am #6 Seed @ #3 Seed

9:00am #5 Seed @ #4 Seed




Sunday, October 18

9:00am Weakest Seed Winner of PLAY IN ROUND @ #1 Seed

9:00am Stronger Seed Winner of PLAY IN ROUND @ #2 Seed



Sunday, October 25

9:00am Weakest Seed Winner of SEMI-FINAL @ Stronger Seed Winner of SEMI-FINAL


21+ Champions get a $500 Credit

Credit is not a check

Credit is good for 2021 Spring Season, 2021 Mid-Week or 2021 Fall Season

Credit expires December 31, 2021

Credit cannot be transferred to another team

Umpire Fee Schedule:

 2 umpires at each game


9 inning game $85.00 per umpire


7 inning game $75.00 per umpire

 If Only One Umpire Shows- See Cost below


Cost per umpire per (9) inning Game @ $110


Cost per umpire per (7) inning Game @ $95


 1. Canceling with less than one hour until game time- $50 per umpire (If umpires did not leave for the game yet, no fee will be charged) This fee will be the responsibility of the Home team for both umpires

 2. Umpires arrive at the field and no game due to weather: $50 per umpire

 3. Game 1 of DH Starts, no game two due to weather: No fee charged

 4. Originally scheduled DH turns into one-single 9 inning game: Standard fee for 9 innings + $50 per umpire for the second game

 5. In the event of a forfeit if the umpires show to the field it is the responsibility of the forfeiting team to pay the umpire fees


All Changes need in schedule need to be sent to by Thursday. If umpires are not notified before the day of the game then #4 Rule goes into effect (. Originally scheduled DH turns into one-single 9 inning game: Standard fee for 9 innings + $50 per umpire for the second game)



John Gallante

Umpiring Director + Assignor 

 Tri-State Elite Umpires Association 

 E-mail is preferred unless it is a notification on the day of the game. 


 cell: (856) 994-4400


April 2016....John Gallante is the President and Assignor of the Tri-State Elite Umpires Association. If you think umpire assigning and training is an old man's business, think again. John is only 25 years old, making him the youngest umpire assignor in New Jersey. Under John's watch, the TSEUA has grown from 15 members and 500 games to over 200 umpires and over 18,000 games, making the TSEUA the largest umpires the state of New Jersey. The association has acquired baseball ranging from little-leaguers to semiprofessionals after striking a deal with South Jersey Men's Senior Baseball League in 2014. John also runs the cadet and advanced training program for the TSEUA, which is widely regarded as one of the best umpire training programs in the region. In addition to his duties with the TSEUA, John is also a state certified high school umpire for the Tri-County Umpires Association and serves as the Chairman of their mechanics training committee. John has taken the Tri-State area by storm and has become the "go to guy" for umpires in the area for all levels.




In the event of a rainout or cancellation, it is the responsibility of the home field manager to notify John Gallante 856-994-4400 and also let Lou know as well 856-266-7916 all cancellations need at least 1-hour notice. If a cancellation is made any time after that the fee schedule will apply of $50.00 per umpire if the umpires are there or on their way.





Shall be determined by A POINT SYSTEM
- 3 points for a Win
- 2 points for a Tie
- 1 point for a loss
- 0 Points for a loss by forfeit IMPORTANT (Standings will show a team losing by forfeit getting 1 point. This is incorrect and will be properly calculated at the end of the season)
- 0 Points for a game not played

Please keep in mind…. The spirit of the SJMSBL is to play Baseball. If a Team” jobs Standings” and does not play the scheduled game because
“Played game” would have no bearing in standings; Team Jobbing the League has the possibility of receiving severe Penalties. Please make every effort to play all of your scheduled games.
Tie Breaker
When two teams are tied
1. Head to Head record
2. Fewest Runs allowed in all games
3. Most Runs Scored in all games

When three or more teams are tied

1. Fewest Runs allowed in all games
2. Most Runs Scored in all games

Forfeit scoring
· 9 inning game = 9-0

· 7 inning Game = 7-0


Please do not include Lou or Neil on any group text or emails with your team and other teams. Make the determinations then let us know of any decisions know of any decision

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