We would like to think several of our long term sponsors that have been with us through the years. They keep us supplied and looking good.


Prime Sports located in Chula Vista, CA has been our apparel supplier for 13 years. Vince and his great staff have kept our teams supplied with all of our uniforms and apparel. They have moved mountains over the years to have everything ready for us when season arrives. You can't find a better company to work with.


Al'S Sportshop located in Santee, CA has been a provider of sporting goods supplies, accessories for the Force Organizations for the past 13 years. The staff are always helpful, knowledgeable and and get us the equipment we need to be at our best. The store is fully stocked and have a great selection of sporting goods for all sports.
Charlie Rose, Located in San Diego, CA is another excellent baseball store that been supplying baseball supplies to the Force Organization for over 10 years. The staff is knowledgeable on all baseball equipment and they carry a very large inventory of baseball gear and supplies. If they don't have it they will find it for you.


DeRoche Signs With Sioux City Explorers

January 19, 2017

The Sioux City Explorers, a team in the American Association, has announced the signing of Joe DeRoche Duffin, a member of the 2016 San Diego Force.  Joe has been invited to Spring Training as a signed player and will be given every opportunity to earn his spot on the Explorer's roster.  They are planning on using him as a Designated Hitter and First Baseman.

Joe had a very busy year in 2016, being named the Player of the Year in the American Athletic Conference;  being named to the American Baseball Coach's 2nd Team All Region;  and making the First Team All Conference Team.  In his Senior year, Joe had 17 Home Runs, 55 Runs batted In in 62 starts.  With the Force, he hit .351 in 23 games while hitting 6 HR's and 7 2B and 23 RBI's.  He also won the Southern California Collegiate Conference Home Run Derby held in Palm Springs, California during the All Star Break.  Finally, at the NBC World Series held in Wichita, Joe hit .294 with 3 HR's and 9 RBI's in 5 games and came in 2nd in the Home Run Derby.

All members of the San Diego Force organization wish Joe the best of luck as he enters the next step of his playing career.  


The San Diego Force is set to kick off what promises to be an incredibly exciting season. The Force is looking to win its 8th championship in 10 years and the National Title.

We want you to be a part of the Force’s family and help us be successful. We promise to provide an excellent and affordable family entertainment.

Come see us play for YOU!

Purchased tickets at the gate:


General admission $5.00
Groups of 10 or more $3.00
Children under 5 years old – Free

Seating at the stadium is open seating.

Looking for a fun outing for your kids, Little leagues, Babe Ruth, Bronco, Pony, or softball leagues…..Join the Force in experiencing the excitement of baseball!

This is a great way for you teams to be recognized and you can spend time with college players. Boys and girls can have the opportunity to experience the game of baseball in a larger scale.

At each regular season game, an area baseball/softball team will join the Force as they take the field. Simultaneously, each child’s name will be announces with the Force’s starting line-up. The team will also stand with the Force during the National Anthem.

In addition to running out on the field and being announced with the Force player, each player on the team will receive:

1 General Admission ticket to the Force’s game
1 free hot dog
1 free small bag of chips
1 free small soft drink or water
This package is good for 10 players and 2 coaches and only costs $150. Additional tickets purchased in advance are only $5.

If interested in having your team participate and join the Force’s Baseball team, please contact us at 619-973-0200.

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