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The Force is recruiting for the 2020 season. We are looking for players that are starters for their respect colleges for the 2020 season. We are recruiting both position players and pitchers. If you have the talent and looking to play for one of the top teams please contact the Force. If you are a graduating Senior and do have a place to play contact us. We are know for getting players signed to play PROBALL.

Go to our website and complete the players Questionnaire, Scouting will contact you immediately.

We look forward having you play for the Force Organization.

2020 Bat Sponsor Spark Bats!

July 31st, 2019
San Diego, CA

The San Diego Force Organization is proud to announce its continued partnership with Spark Bats for the upcoming 2020 collegiate summer baseball season. Spark Bats has been manufacturing MLB quality bats for over 70 years. The Force Organization is proud to be partners with a first class company such as Spark Bats.

Originally founded as a lumber company in Japan over 200 years ago, in 2018 Hakusoh Bat Inc opened an office in Southern California and has teamed up with the Force to provide bats to all of our players.
Spark/Hakusoh have been devoted to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) system and has been producing bats that combine traditional high quality techniques of craftsmanship utilizing progressive new materials and technologies for each baseball brand.

They use high quality maple from North America, Blue Ash and Magnolia from Japan which is used for game bats and fungo bats.
Spark is proud to produce 5,000 bats a year for professional baseball players in Japan and in the Major League, and over 100,000 bats for the general market in Japan. 
The Force Organization is excited about the partnership between us and look forward to many successful years.



Pursuing the Dream, the Kansas Way

Cassidy Thornburg | July 30, 2019


Related image


As a team, the San Diego Force did not go to the 85th NBC World Series this year. They have gone the past 12 years with a significant third place finish back in 2016. While the team did not make the cross country trip from San Diego, the Force did send six players to the tournament taking place on the campus of Wichita State University at Eck Stadium. The first two players representing the Force in Kansas went out five days prior to the tournament to help the Dodge City A’s win the Kansas Collegiate League Championship title, and get the bid into the 2019 NBC World Series. Ryan Williams (Cal Baptist) and Sam Neufeld (Vanguard) helped the A’s out on offense, putting up some big numbers in their debut with the team. Williams had a triple and two bounce off the fence, though as Dodge City A’s manager Tony Gonzalez recounted, they couldn’t have been closer to getting out. 


DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands), Mikey Hooper (Campbellsville University), Tyler Van Stone (Hawai’i Pacific), and Alex Blaszyk (Saddleback) joined Neufeld and Williams for the start of the tournament Saturday, though since flying out to Wichita, their patience has been tested. The A’s didn’t have a game scheduled Saturday, and were set to play their first game Sunday at 9:30 p.m. (CDT) against the Jasper Reds. After starting the game, almost an hour later because the previous game went long, an early rain delay pushed the game back even further. They finished their first game of the tournament the next day, Monday, at 9 a.m. (CDT). After playing the waiting game, the A’s lost to the Derby Twins (10-4), but then came back later in the day Monday and beat the Jasper Reds (10-0). Though in green, the Force players have represented San Diego well so far, contributing to both the Dodge City A’s offense and defense.


In the A’s full game Monday against the Jasper Reds, not wasting any time in the bottom of the first, the heart of the lineup, Williams, blasted one to score Neufeld and Lewis, putting up the first three runs of the game. Blaszyk hit a double to contribute to the A’s total offense. The final score was 10-0 after the game was called early due to the run rule. 


Van Stone and Hooper’s time is coming. Van Stone is expected to get his first start on the mound today against the Hutchinson Monarchs. Today's game is vital for the Dodge City A’s. They are among eight teams competing for two spots in Championship Week. It's do or die. The winner will live to fight another day, while the loser will be knocked out of the tournament. 


Live broadcasts of the Dodge City A's game today at 1 p.m. (CDT) against the Hutchinson Monarchs can be found on the NBC World Series Youtube Channel. Follow along as six Force players join with the Dodge City A’s to make a run at the 2019 NBC World Series Championship title. 


FORCEful Five Named to All-SCCBL Selections and Tyler Van Stone named Pitcher of the Year 

Cassidy Thornburg | July 26, 2019


Tyler Van Stone Pitching


As released earlier today by the SCCBL, five Force players have been named to the 2019 All-SCCBL teams and Tyler Van Stone (Hawai'i Pacific/ Force) has been named Pitcher of the Year. In total, 15 players made the list, three were given honorable mentions, and two players from out of state were named Player and Pitcher of the Year. The Power have the strongest representation, with eight players in the mix, including Brett Young (Delta State/ Power), the SCCBL Player of the Year. The Force are well represented with their five. Evan Banks (Azusa Pacific/ SoCal Stros), the Home Run Derby Champion, is on the list to represent the SoCal Stros, and starting pitcher Fabian Muniz (Angelo State/ Cal Jays) is on the list for the Cal Jays. 

After being fourth on the batting average leader list in the SCCBL through regular season and after, DJ "Sweetness" Lewis (U of Cumberlands) is one of the first names on the list to represent the Force. Lewis scored 28 runs, had nine doubles, three triples, a home run, and batted in 29 to put him at a .350 batting average. 

Leading the league with a .373 batting average is the next name on the list for the Force, Sam "Sneuf" Neufeld (Vanguard). In conference, Neufeld had 50 total hits, the most in league, with seven doubles, one triple, and three home-runs, two of them on back-to-back days. 

Neufeld, Ryan "Sunshine" Williams (Cal Baptist), another SCCBL selection from the Force, and Lewis hold the top three spots on the league's RBI leader board with 39, 32, and 29, respectively. After his second summer season with the Force, Williams scored 25 runs, hit 10 doubles, 3 triples, and also hammered one out on the road. 

Andrai Wright (Savannah State) finished out the season well, being named SCCBL Player of the Week in the final week of competition going into the post season. In that week alone, he hit over 500 after scoring three runs, hitting two doubles, and knocking in three. 

After coming overseas and traveling 2,521 miles to make San Diego his home for the summer and the Force his team, Tyler Van Stone (Hawai'i Pacific), the fifth and final name on the list, was named SCCBL Pitcher of the Year. Van Stone earns the honor after having the most starts of any pitcher in league, remaining the strikeout leader throughout regular season and after, and even putting on an impressive show at the plate when he hammered out a home run in his solo at-bat for the Force. In SCCBL, Van Stone put up a 2.92 ERA through 52.1 innings pitched and eight starts. He struck out 66 and only gave up 17 earned runs. His favorite pitch is his slider, but he has a mean fastball that he also throws in the mix. 

Manager Essex "Gas" Burton was extremely pleased when he heard the news that Van Stone had been named Pitcher of the Year, and made sure that he was the first to rely the information to him. Van Stone has been a work horse for the Force throughout the season. Burton's enthusiasm for his accolade demonstrates just how much Van Stone has meant to not only the team, but individual players and coaches as well. Burton, a former MLB player in his own right, particularly stated that Van Stone "is an extremely capable player with all the skills, he just needs the opportunity." 


 2019 All- SCCBL Team

32 Evan Banks  INF SoCal Stros/ Azusa Pacific University
41 Travis Booth  RHP Power/ Cal Baptist 
32 Matt Green  UTL Power/ St Mary's
45 Jack Jett RHP Power/ Hofstra
44 Jayden Kiernan  C Power/ Utah
2 DJ Lewis  OF Force/ U of Cumberlands 
29 Darin May  RHP Power/ Cal Poly Pomona 
4 Fabian Muniz  RHP Cal Jays/ Angelo State
40 Sam Neufeld  INF Force/ Vanguard 
13 Hobbs Nyberg  INF Power/ BYU
47 Michael Sebby  LHP Power/ Illinois State 
13 Tyler Van Stone  RHP Force/ Hawai'i Pacific *Pitcher of the Year
33 Ryan Williams  OF Force/ Cal Baptist 
26 Andrai Wright  INF Force/ Savannah State
4 Brett Young  OF  Power/ Delta State *Player of the Year 



Honorable Mentions:

#15- Jeremy Gaines- UTL- Power/ Illinois State

#5- Riley Kaspar- UTL- Pirates/ UCI

#2- Diego Santiago- RHP- Bucs/ Cal Poly Pomona 


Force Take Second to Finish Out Their Summer

Cassidy Thornburg | July 20, 2019

Related image 


Palm Springs, Ca- The San Diego Force lost the second game to the Palm Springs Power to lose the Championship Series, 2-0, but hey, it's been a good summer!


The game started out quickly with both teams having three up, three down. From there, the Force lost momentum while the Power only gained it with time. Against starting pitcher, Cameron Dean (Rockhurst), the Power scored four, three earned while, the Power’s starting pitcher Jake Dahle (Utah) pitched scoreless through five. Already with the lead, the Power took advantage of three walks in a row, which put them up seven runs (7-0) going into the top of the sixth. 


In the top, the Force pieced something together when a Will Stroud (Azusa Pacific) single scored Ryan Williams (Cal Baptist) to get the first run on the board for the Force. Unfortunately, it was not only the first run, but also the last. With no more runs to follow, the Force dropped the game 8-1 to the Power, allowing the ninth SCCBL title to slip through their fingers. 


After the Force took second in the Championship Series, and a long summer of traveling, eating subway sandwiches, hanging out in the dugout, practicing at Madison, and oh yeah, playing ball, the San Diego Force would like to thank their fans, all those who came out to support the team, and those who have followed the team from afar this season. Thank you for your support!


Game One is Done

Cassidy Thornburg | July 19, 2019


Related image


San Diego, Ca- The San Diego Force dropped the first game of the Championship Series to the Palm Springs Power in a quick game at home. From the first pitch at 4 p.m. to the last at 6:30 p.m., the Force and Power’s defenses switched off making speedy outs, to get their offenses back at the plate. The Power capitalized in their time at bat from the get-go to get an early 3-0 lead in the first half of the game. It wasn’t until the eighth inning that the Force’s bats came alive. Though the Force were able to put up three in the eighth and two in the ninth, they still came up short by three in the end. The final score was 8-5 Power.


Though collectively the Force’s offense struggled, there were several performances sprinkled throughout the game worth mentioning. Ryan Williams (Cal Baptist) hit a double early in the game. Later in the game, Williams helped put a run on the board when he scored Baker Springstun (SDCC) off a SAC-fly. Cade Bochtler (Undecided) jumped into the starting lineup  and helped the Force make several double plays at second. Bochtler also had two hits on the day, an RBI-single and a double. 


The Championship Series has only just begun and the Force play the Power again tomorrow at Palm Springs Stadium at 7:05.  

Who Will Get Their Ninth? - SCCBL Championship Series Preview 

Cassidy Thornburg | July 18, 2019

Image result for sccbl title




The Force and Power have a history, having exchanged league titles over the years, making this year’s Championship Series another exciting duel between the two SCCBL Powerhouses. The Force flexed their muscles last year when they won the title after a never-ending final championship game against the Inland Valley Buccaneers. In the 2018 SCCBL Playoffs, the Palm Springs Power were out of the playoffs before they could even say “championship series.” The Power lost two early to the Inland Valley Buccaneers to not even make an appearance in the championship series. This year is obviously a different story, and both the Force and Power are looking to gain their ninth SCCBL title. Who will win the championship? Only time will tell.


While the Palm Springs Power are coming into the series with a 5-0 record over the Force after the regular season, the Championship Series is not unknown to the impossible being made possible. Take last year for example when the Championship Series featured the two underdog teams that scraped by to initially make it into the playoffs.


Don’t count the Force out, and come out to game one of the Championship Series at Madison High School in San Diego, Ca on Friday, June 19. The first pitch is set for 4 p.m.

San Diego Force beat the Inland Valley Pirates 9-5 to punch their spot into the championship. Thanks to an 8th inning rally. Notable players were Colton Bochler, Connor Wytko, and Sam Neufeld. Colton Bochtler saved the day in relief pitching 2.1 innings striking out 3 batters and giving up no runs. Connor Wytko came up with a big as well. He had 2 hits, 2 walks, and scored twice. Another masterful display of offense was Sam Neufeld who had 2 hits, a walk, and scored twice.

Come support the San Diego Force against the Palm Springs Power. The game will be at Madison High School on July 19th at 4:00 p.m.

San Diego Force took on the Inland Valley Pirates yesterday in a win or go home situation. The Force lived another day forcing a game 3. Thanks to the 12 run that they scored — the most notable players in the offensive display by the Force, Ryan William and Sam Neufeld. Ryan Williams went 2-4, walked, had three RBI’s, scored three times, and had a pair of stolen bases. Sam Neufeld went 3-5 with two singles, a Home Run, and four RBI’s. 


The Force lived another day and play at Morley Field downtown on July 18th at 4:00 p.m. Winner goes to the Championship. Will it be the Force or Pirates?

The Force suffered a 12-11 loss in Game 1 of their best of 3 playoff series against the Inland Valley Pirates at Amerige Park. The Force bats came out of the gate hot, scoring 4 runs and batting around in the top of the first. The momentum carried to the third inning where they sent 10 batters to the plate and tacked on 5 more runs. Ryan Williams delivered the biggest blow that inning with a 3 run double, giving him his 4th RBI and 2nd XBH in his first 3 AB’s. The early 9-1 lead, however, quickly evaporated as Force starting pitcher Hooper Mills ran into trouble in the 3rd and 4th innings. In just 3.2 innings, Mills was charged with 8 runs on 10 hits recording 1 walk and 6 strikeouts. The Force managed to regain an 11-10 lead, but the Pirates scored 7th and 8th innings on costly defensive mistakes. Force drop game 1 of the series 12-11, despite an exceptional offensive display led by Ryan Williams (2-5, 2B, 3B, 4RBI, 1R, 1BB, 1SB) and Byron Smith (3-5, 2B, 3RBI, 2R). 


Come see if the Force can bounce back in Game 2 on Wednesday (7/17) at Madison High School.

Force took on the Jays today in a doubleheader. The Force won both games. The first game 9-4 and the second game 10-2. Van Stone started the first game pitching a gem. 6 innings, 3 hits, 1 walk, and 7 strikeouts all on 84 pitches. The offense also had high notes as well. Alex Blayszk hit a home run, a walk, and a single. DJ Lewis had 2 doubles and 3 RBI’s. The second game Andrei Wright had an amazing day getting himself 3 hits, a stolen base, and 2 RBI’s. Hall also had a great game having 2 hits, 2 RBI’s, and took one for the team right on numbers. The Force had a great game and look forward to carrying this success to the Playoffs. 


The Force playoff game will be Tuesday, 4:30 p.m, at Amerige Park against the Inland Valley Pirates. The Force looks forward to seeing you there. 


Its been along and hard season for the Force not playing up to the expectations of the organization and past years teams, but the team continued  to work hard and grind to make the playoffs as the 2nd seed team. The Force started playing as a team and all players from the field to the bench were helping making it all work.


The staff always believed  the players had the talent and had the ability to be a very good team. The staff  kept saying give them time, they never quit believing in them.


The Force open the Playoffs against The inland Valley Pirates. Tuesday at Amerige Park Fullerton, game time is set for 4:30 PM.


2019 SCCBL All-Star Game

Cassidy Thornburg | July 13, 2019 


    Image result for gold star


Palm Springs, Ca- The SCCBL All-Star game was held on Saturday, July 13 in Palm Springs, said by some to be the hottest day the city has experienced all summer with 111 degree temperatures. The Force had twelve players represented. They joined with the SoCal Stros and Cal Jays to form the West team. The Palm Springs Power, Inland Valley Bucs, and Inland Valley Pirates formed the East team. The game was played East vs. West with the East as the home team and the West as the away.


The 2019 All-Star Home Run Derby took place before the game, featuring a power hitting contestant from each team in the SCCBL. Alex Blaszyk (Force/ Saddleback College) represented the Force, but was done after the first round. Evan Banks (Stros/ Azusa Pacific) from the West team went on to win it all. In the first round, he outhit Ryan Sepede (Power/BYU), putting up seven to his six. Then, in the tie-breaker round, Sepede smashed eleven making the win in close sight for the East team. Banks prevented the East team and super house Palm Springs Power from walking away with yet another win when he tied up the final round of the Home Run Derby 11-11. Banks then took home the trophy after knocking out a final run on just two strikes. 

The All-Star game started off slowly with no runs by either team in the first. Brett Young (Power/ Delta State) from the East team put up a run in the second. The West didn’t get on the board until the third when Kyle Oyama (Stros/ Cal Baptist) scored. In the bottom of the third, the East had a field day, putting up five to lead the West 6-1 early. The middle innings didn’t see a lot of action, but then in the seventh both teams put up three with Haydon Winters (Pirates/ Cypress) from the East team, hitting a bomb. In the eighth, the West scored another two, while the East had one to bring the All-Star game to its final score of 10-6 East.

Though the West team fell to the East, the Force still represented San Diego well. DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands) started the game off strong for the West, getting on base by an error and then stealing for second and third, though he was left on base in the first. Alex Blaszyk (Saddleback) went 2-2 on the night, hitting a double RBI- double and a single. Sam Neufeld (Vanguard) hit a single-RBI. Just as well, Andrai Wright (Savannah State) and Will Stroud (Azusa Pacific) both hit singles in their limited at-bats. The Force had sparks of success, broken bats, and camaraderie with the Stros and Jays, though the game didn’t play out like they had hoped. 


After sharing a dugout with the Jays for the night, the Force turn around and face them tomorrow, July 14 in a double header at Madison High School at 1 and 4 p.m. 

 Walking-off with the W

Cassidy Thornburg | July 10, 2019

Image result for W 

San Diego, Ca- “We had it in the bag the whole time,” said Byron Smith (Masters U) after the San Diego Force scored two in the nick of time to win in walk-off fashion. They scored one in the bottom of the eighth, the other in the bottom of the ninth to beat the Inland Valley Pirates 2-1. 


Pirates’ Cole Urman (Cal State Fullerton) knocked one out in the top of the fourth to get the scoreboard turned on at Madison High School, but the game didn’t really start until the bottom of the eighth when DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands) got on base with a single and later scored off an overthrow at first. Bryan Saucedo (Free Agent) closed out a final clutch inning on the mound for the Force, having no runs or hits against to quickly put the Force at bat. 


While the moms, dogs, and spectators in the stands were on the edge of their seats, the Force who according to Smith already knew how this one would play out, calmly and collectively finished it out. DJ Lewis got the final hit of the game, an RBI-single to score Baker Springstun (SDCC) and walk-off with the W. 


With another win in the books, the Force are on the road again tomorrow, July 11 to take on the Inland Valley Buccaneers in another SCCBL matchup. 


Congratulations to the Force 2019 All-Stars that will represent the Force in the Southern California Collegiate Baseball League All-Star game July 13th at Palm Springs Stadium . 

                                                    DJ Lewis

                                                    Alex Blaszyk

                                                    Sam Neufeld

                                                    Tyler Van Stone

                                                    Byron Smith

                                                    Hooper Mills

                                                    Will Stroud

                                                    Ryan Williams

                                                    Andrai Wright

                                                    Colin Freeman

                                                    Justin Webb   

                                                    Cole  Mueller                        

Alex Blaszyk will represent the Force in the Home Run Derby

West Coast, Best Coast- All-Star Game Selections

Cassidy Thornburg | July 9, 2019


Image result for west coast


“West Coast is the Best Coast.” The 2019 All-Star Game selections are in and the San Diego Force (12-12), the current second place team in the SCCBL, are giving the league 12 reasons why the West team is going to beat the East team this summer. 

First, DJ Lewis (University of Cumberlands), the leadoff hitter who has a solid .364 batting average in conference. Lewis has scored eight runs, knocked in 17, and has a total of 20 hits, including five doubles, two triples, and a home run so far in conference.

Second, outfielder Alex Blaszyk (Saddleback College), who has also proved he can hit on more than one occasion with a grand slam, another home run, and two triples. Blaszyk will fill another spot for the Force in the All-Star game as well as represent the Force in the Home Run Derby.

Third, Sam Neufeld (Vanguard University), the SCCBL’s most recent player of the week and for good reason. Neufeld has 32 hits, four doubles, three home-runs, and 17 RBI, to contribute to his .410 batting average which ranks in the top 10 batting averages across the SCCBL.

Fourth, Tyler Van Stone (Hawai'i Pacific University), the SCCBL’s current strikeout leader, after striking out 46 in 33 innings. Van Stone is sure to put up some good defense this weekend. Plus, if you give him a bat, he may just hammer another one out, like he did in his solo at bat a few weeks back.

Fifth, Byron Smith (Masters U), a multifaceted player who has made some impressive stops and plays at the plate as well as brought some heat on the mound, being gunned at 93.

Sixth, Hooper Mills (East Tennessee State University), another highly ranked pitcher in the SCCBL. Mills pitched a shutout through a complete nine innings, having 106 pitches and 7 strikeouts to get the W against the Pirates on June 30. 

Seventh, Will Stroud (Azusa Pacific University), the tried and true shortstop for the San Diego Force who has not only being a key component in the field, but a driving force at the plate, having four doubles, a home run, and 16 RBI so far in conference. 

Eighth, Ryan Williams (Cal Baptist University), who has put up good numbers so far scoring 11 runs, batting in 13, and having 21 hits including seven doubles, and a triple.

Ninth, Andrai Wright (Savannah State University), another consistent hitter for the San Diego Force. The first-baseman hits doubles on doubles. He has seven so far on the season alongside eight RBI. 

Tenth,  Colin Freeman (Cuesta College), who is currently sitting at a .324 batting average in conference after scoring 16 runs, batting in nine, and getting on base with 16 hits. 

Eleventh, Justin Webb (Lasell College), who will complete the rotation for the San Diego Force. Webb has a low 1.23 ERA and 13 strikeouts to his name. 

Twelfth, Cole Mueller (UCSB), who with a .333 batting average on the season, six runs, fifteen hits, three doubles, a triple, a home run, and eight RBI will fill the final spot for the Force in the All-Star game. 

The Force's representation in the All-Star game alone should make the East weary of the West, but they will also be joining with the Jays and Stros to field the West team while the Power, Pirates, and Bucs will form the East team. Come out to support your San Diego Force All-Stars this weekend in Palm Springs at Power Stadium. The Home Run Derby Starts at 6:05 and the All-Star Game will follow at 7:05 p.m. 

Force Take Series with Stros, 2-1

Cassidy Thornburg | July 8, 2019 

Related image

San Diego, Ca- To complete the series, the Force had another high scoring game against the So Cal Stros. Not wasting any time, the San Diego Force found themselves ahead 13-1 in the fourth. The Stros fought back in the final four innings to bring them to 11 runs which wasn’t enough in the end against the Force’s 15. 


Sam Neufeld (Vanguard), SCCBL’s player of the week, had his second home run in two days, proving that it had nothing to do with location and everything to do with capability. DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands) hit a double, a triple, and a SAC-fly to bat in six. Will Stroud (Azusa Pacific) had two singles and two RBI to contribute to the team’s total. 


The Force have another league matchup on Wednesday, July 10 at 4 p.m. at Madison High School vs. the Inland Valley Pirates. 


Force Split Double Header with SoCal Stros

Cassidy Thornburg | July 7, 2019


Image result for subway sandwich

Corona, Ca- The San Diego Force got the lead early to start out strong in game 1 of their double header against the SoCal Stros. The score was quickly 4-1 in the top of the second when Alex Blaszyk (Saddleback) hit a home run to score Byron Smith (Masters U) and Andrai Wright (Savannah State). Before the Stros could close out the inning, Sam Neufeld (Vanguard) came up to bat and followed suit. He hammered one out to score DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands) and Ryan Williams (Cal Baptist), lengthening the Force’s lead and making the score 7-1. With Tyler Van Stone (Hawai'i Pacific) on the mound for the Force, they lengthened their lead and contained the Stros to two runs, bringing them to the final score of game 1, 12-2. 


After some Subway sandwiches, the Force stepped back out on the field for game 2. Rather than take the lead early, the Force fell a little behind in the top of the fifth, trailing by one (3-2). The Force rallied back to get the lead again going into the bottom of the sixth (5-4). After several pitching changes, the Force again found themselves behind 7-5 in the bottom of the seventh. They had two more against, but then scored a much needed and miraculous four runs to tie up the game 9-9 in the top of the ninth. They didn’t put up the defense they needed in the bottom of the ninth, and the Stros walked off with the 10-9 win to take game 2 and even the series. 


The Force look to take the series tomorrow at Madison High School at 4 p.m. when they finish their three-game series with the Stros. 

One Run Away

Cassidy Thornburg | July 1, 2019


Image result for so close yet so far


Palm Springs, Ca- The San Diego Force came really close to beating the Palm Springs Power, but came up short and still remain 11 games behind the undefeated powerhouse. 


It all started with a single off the 0-2 count by leadoff hitter, DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands). Sam Neufeld (Vanguard) hit a single to follow that moved Lewis to second. Lewis stole for third and was brought home by a Ryan Williams (Cal Baptist) SAC-fly. This gave the Force the first run of the game with only an out. 


Though off to a good start, an error in the bottom of the first allowed the Power to put one up and match the Force 1-1. This trend continued through the second with each team putting up a run to keep the game tied up. Tables turned in the bottom of the third when starting pitcher Tyler Van Stone (Hawai'i Pacific) had three runs against, two of them earned. With no runs in the top, the bottom of the fourth just brought more damage. The Power put up another four, leaving the Force trailing 9-2 going into the top of the fifth. 


Not letting a seven-run difference deter them, the Force rallied a comeback. An RBI-single by Williams to score Colin Freeman (Cuesta College) followed by a double-RBI Double by Cole Mueller (UCSB) to score both Neufeld and Williams put a consecutive three on the board. Mueller got the chance to walk across the plate and get some high-fives of his own when Anthony Hall (Undecided) hit an RBI-single. The score was now 9-6. 


Van Stone finished out his time on the mound strong in the bottom of the fifth by holding off any more runs. Hooper Mills (East Tennessee State) closed the game with a three-inning shutout, allowing the Force’s offense a chance to win it. 


Like Baker Springstun flying around the bases, the Force ran at it with everything they had, putting two up in the eighth, to come as close to beating the Power as any team has this season, one run away. 


The Force will return to play after the holiday, Happy Fourth of July!


A Shutout and the Go-ahead

Cassidy Thornburg | June 30, 2019


Image result for baseball


San Diego, Ca- To complete a weekend of double-headers, the Force took both games against the Pirates (4-0, 3-2) on Sunday. Starting Pitcher Hooper Mills (East Tennessee State) pitched a shutout through a complete nine innings. He had 106 pitches and 7 strikeouts to get the W. 


At the plate, things got started early with a Chris O’Neill (Southwestern) single which scored Sam Neufeld (Vanguard) to put the Force up 1-0 at the bottom of the first. Alex Blaszyk (Saddleback) kept things going for the San Diego Force when he knocked one out in the bottom of the second, for his second homer of the season. By the top of the fifth inning, the Force led the Pirates 3-0. Cole Mueller (UCSB) had a crucial play at the plate that kept a run off the board for the Pirates and quickly put the Force back at bat. In the bottom of the sixth, Anthony Hall (Undecided) scored the fourth run to get the Force to their final score of 4-0. 


In Game 2, the Pirates got things started with an early run. The Force trailed the majority of the game until the bottom of the eighth when they managed to tie things up 2-2. It all came down to the bottom of the ninth, when Baker Springstun (SDCC) stepped up to the plate and sent a grounder up the first base line. It was fumbled in the infield, allowing Springstun to dive for first on his hands and knees. He was called safe on the bag and represented the go-ahead run that won the game for the Force 3-2. 


The Force will join several SCCBL teams playing tomorrow in Palm Springs where they will take on the SoCal Stros. 


"Celebrate Good Times"

Cassidy Thornburg | June 29, 2019


Related image 


San Diego, Ca- “Celebrate good times, come on,” rang out over the loud speakers at Madison High School after the Force’s comeback against the Inland Valley Buccaneers in game one of their double-header.  


Like any good comeback story, the Force got behind early, trailing the Inland Valley Buccaneers 3-0 by the bottom of the third. The light appeared at the end of the tunnel in the bottom of the fifth inning when Byron Smith (Masters U) hit a two-out double. An RBI-triple to follow by Alex Blaszyk (Saddleback) scored Smith to get the first run on the board for the Force. 


The Force put up another run in the bottom of the eighth when Ryan Williams (Cal Baptist) hit a SAC-Fly to right field to score Sam Neufeld (Vanguard). The Force’s offense was starting to make some noise, although going into the top of the ninth, the Force still trailed the Inland Valley Buccaneers 5-2. The Buccaneers put up another run in the top of the ninth, lengthening their lead to four runs over the Force. 


The bottom of the ninth inning kept the San Diego Force in the game. They scored four runs to tie the game, 6-6, sending them to extra innings. The Force contained the Buccaneers in the top of the tenth, with Bryce Roesch (U of Arkansas- Pine Bluff) on the mound, and no runs against. In the bottom, the Force quickly got bases loaded with only one out against. Cade Bochtler (Undecided) stepped up to the plate and hit an RBI-single that scored Eligha Lewis (Lamar CC) on his 22nd birthday and the go-ahead run that won the game for the Force. All said and done, the Force came back from behind to win the game 7-6. 


Game two between the Force and Bucs has been suspended until July 11 due to darkness at the umpire’s discretion. The Force have a quick turnaround and will play again June 30 in another double-header against the Inland Valley Pirates at Madison High School. The first game will start at 1 p.m. and will be shortly followed by the second at 4 p.m. 

A Game of Missed Opportunities  

Cassidy Thornburg | June 26, 2019



Palm Springs, CA- It was a long drive back to San Diego from Palm Springs after a tough 5-2 loss to the Power who remain undefeated in the SCCBL. 


The Forced missed out on opportunities to score from the get-go, allowing the Power to take the lead early. They scored the first run of the game in the bottom of the second against Schuyler Hill (Vanguard) who started on the mound for the Force.


Top of the third, DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands) hit a single, but was the first of many for the Force to be left on base. The Power’s defense quickly moved things along to the bottom of the inning where they hit two and scored two. 


Top of the fourth looked promising for the Force, with no outs and Sam Neufeld (Vanguard) and Cole Mueller (UCSB) in scoring position on second and third. Three outs to follow left the Force still with no runs on the board and the recognition that something needed to change, if they wanted to close the 3-0 lead the Power had on them. 


Trying to find the solution, the Force put Mikey Hooper (Campbellsville) on the mound who struggled in his first inning, having two hits against and two runs score. Top of the fifth, Henry Gonzalez (University of St. Katherine) hit a single, but again there were no runs to follow and he was left on base. Hooper contained the Power’s offense in the bottom of the fifth, with three up three down, giving the Force the opportunity to get on the board in the sixth. 


Anthony Hall (Undecided) found himself in the same position as he did in the fourth with Neufeld on third, Mueller on second, and two outs. This time he capitalized. Hall made the clutch hit with a two-RBI single to make the score 5-2. Hooper finished out time on the mound for the Force through the sixth, seventh, and eighth innings having two hits against, but no runs. Neufeld and Wright both hit a single in the top of the eighth, though Neufield was caught stealing and Wright was left on base. 


With no more hits or runs on either side in the bottom of the eighth and top of the ninth, the final score remained 5-2, sending the Force back home with LOBs scattered across the stat sheet, representing several missed opportunities to score. 


The Force have the day off Thursday, practice Friday, and then a weekend of double-headers where they will have plenty of opportunities to score with a lot less travel time. All games are home at Madison High School and will start at 1 and 4 p.m. both days. The Force play the Inland Valley Buccaneers on Saturday and the Inland Valley Pirates on Sunday. 

A Day for Doubles 

Cassidy Thornburg | June 25, 2019 


Image result for double double cheeseburger


San Diego, Ca- The Force’s 13-9 win over the San Diego Invaders at Serra High School showed a whole new level of versatility to the Force who played without several starters and a new face on the mound. 


DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands), typically the lead-off hitter for the San Diego Force, pitched four strikeouts in four innings. Lewis effectively held off runs in the first three innings, while the Force put up nine to get an early 9-0 lead. This lead was threatened in the next two innings when the Invaders put up five to make the score 9-5 going into the top of the sixth. Will Stroud's (Azusa Pacific) base hit got a run back to make the score 10-5 coming out of the sixth. Top of the seventh, the Force added another to give them a six-run lead.  


In the bottom of the seventh, the Force's defense was sound with Colton Bochtler (Undecided) on the mound. Bochtler pitched two innings, only walked one, and had two strikeouts to get the W. In the outfield, Baker Springstun (SDCC) covered some major ground and had several incredible diving catches that shut down any offense from the Invaders. Meanwhile, the Force's offense kept on coming in the eighth and ninth, putting up another two runs. Dominique Key (U of St. Katherine) closed out the day for the Force on the hill with only one run against and a quick three outs, to get them to their final score of 13-9. It was a day for doubles. Colin Freeman (Cuesta College), Sam Neufeld (Vanguard), Andrai Wright (Savannah State), and Springstun all had doubles on the day, helping the Force put another win in the books. 


After another overcast day in San Diego, the Force are heading inland to play where the sun is always shining in Palm Springs. On the road, the Force look to continue their win streak in a league matchup against the Palm Springs Power on Wednesday, June 26 at 7 p.m. 

Force Lose Weekend Series to Cal Jays, 1-2

Cassidy Thornburg | June 22, 2019


Image result for darth vader head         VS.      Related image


San Diego, CA- The San Diego Force kicked off their three game series with the Cal Jays on Friday night at 5 p.m. at Serra High School. The game was close throughout, ending with a final score of 6-5. With one victory for the California Jays on Friday, the Force looked to sweep the double header on Saturday at Madison High School to recover the series. They were off to a good start, winning the first game 11-1. But then, the second game didn’t quite go as planned. The Force dropped the game 14-3 to lose the weekend series 1-2. 


Though the weekend wasn’t what the Force were hoping for going into it, they still had some notable performances and several players who really stepped up. Filling in as a centerfielder and lead-off hitter, Ryan Williams (Cal Baptist) had several incredible catches in the outfield, showing off speed and skill. At the plate, he had eight total hits, three singles, five doubles, two RBI, and four runs. Cole Mueller (UCSB) also had a weekend, with a total of four hits, two singles, a double, and a home run on Friday night. Will Stroud (Azusa Pacific) followed suit on Saturday when he hammered one out in the first game. 


On the mound, Tyler Van Stone (Hawai'i Pacific) started for the Force in the first game Saturday. Stone pitched a no-no through seven innings, striking out ten to get the W. To complete the battery, Byron Smith (Masters U) worked hard as usual behind the plate, and had a standout play at the plate in the first game Saturday that kept a run off the board for the Cal Jays. 


The Force look to regain some confidence and momentum going into another week when they take on the Hustle in another double header at Madison HS on Sunday at 1 and 4 p.m. 

Hey Mickey, Look Out!

Cassidy Thornburg | June 20, 2019


Image result for fireworks


Anaheim, Ca- Two Home Runs on the night had Mickey Mouse ducking and both Alex Blaszyk (Saddleback College) and Tyler Van Stone (Hawai'i Pacific) scoring for the Force. Last night, the San Diego Force played at Brookhurst Park in Anaheim, just around the corner from Disneyland. It was their second win over the Orange County Legends this season. The Final score was 15-13, making it a high scoring game on both sides. 


Dominique Key (U of St. Katherine) started on the mound for the Force allowing no hits or runs through the first inning. After getting a quick three outs, the Force got on the board first with a run in the second by Cameron Dean (Rockhurst). The lead quickly shifted in the bottom of the second when the Legends scored two runs, one off a double-RBI and the other off a single-RBI. Graham Cumming (Cal State- San Marcos) stepped in to pitch in the bottom of the third for the Force, allowing no runs or hits through the inning. In the fourth, with Cumming still on the mound, the Force and Legends each put a run on the board, making the score 4-3. 


From there the runs kept coming. The Force, again, struck first. The Force put up two runs in the fifth, watched Brennan Piceno (Cal State- San Marcos) pitch a solo-no-no fifth inning, and then put another eight runs on the board in the sixth, including the bases clearing home run by Blaszyk off the bench. In the bottom of the sixth, the Force called catcher, Byron Smith (Masters U) to the hill, who before stepping out of the dugout said that after he pitched a 93, he would retire from baseball. Fortunately for the Force, who would lose their starting catcher for the summer, Smith wasn’t quite there, though he also wasn’t far off. He was gunned above 90. Obviously bringing the heat, Smith pitched a solid two innings. He had no runs against and five strikeouts on the day. Top of the eighth, the Force put another run on the board. In the bottom, to continue stretching the pitch count, the Force replaced Smith with Justin Webb (Lasell College). Webb quickly brought the Force to the top of the ninth where they added two more runs, making the score 15-3 to give the Force a nice 12-run cushion. The bottom of the ninth included the solo–home run by starting pitcher Tyler Van Stone (Hawai'i Pacific) who showed Coach Essex he only needed one at bat. Van Stone’s homer got the dugout buzzing about post-game turkey legs at Disneyland and a trip to the Fireworks show that could be heard in the distance. 


The mood quickly shifted in the bottom of the ninth. Post-game turkey legs or churros (the debate was in the air) were no longer on the table, and the fireworks could no longer be heard in the distance. The Force watched the Legends put up run after run and each player, coach, and Michael King grew more anxious by the minute. The Force cycled through a total of four pitchers before Alex Blaszyk (Saddleback College) took the mound and finally put an end to the Legend’s parade. Blaszyk got the first batter to bite with a fly out to center-field. He then turned around, caught the runner on first stealing, and ended the game. Blaszyk’s two outs capped the Legend’s total runs in the bottom of the ninth off at ten. 


At the end of the day, the Force got out of the Anaheim traffic jam and added another non-conference win to the books. From here, it’s another quick turnaround for the Force. Baseball does not sleep in the summer, especially in San Diego. The Force will play again tomorrow at 5 p.m. at Serra High School. Their Friday night game will kick off their three-game weekend series with the Cal Jays, the SCCBL’s newest addition. 


Two Broken Bats and a Tough Loss on the Road

Cassidy Thornburg | June 18, 2019

Image result for broken bat   Image result for broken bat


Palm Springs, CA- Two broken bats in the first two innings represent the way things got started at Palm Springs Stadium for the Force in their standalone night game with the Power. Due to early struggles on the mound and some dry spots at the plate, the Palm Springs Power got the lead early over the Force and ran away with it all the way to a 10-4 finish. 


The Palm Springs Power scored three runs right off the bat in the first and then two more soon to follow in the third. They added another in the sixth to make the score 6-0 while the Force were only able to come up with two hits. It wasn’t until the top of the seventh that Cole Mueller (UCSB) got the ball rolling for the Force’s offense. Mueller got on base after being hit by a pitch and was soon brought home by a double-RBI by Andrai Wright (Savannah State). Wright wasn’t on base long. Following his at bat, Will Stroud (Azusa Pacific) hit a solid single to move Wright along the bases and into scoring position. Wright was then swiftly brought home by the bat of Byron Smith (Masters U) who hit an RBI-single.


In the top of the eighth, it was the Force’s lead-off hitter DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands) who hit a double to get on base. Sam Neufeld (Vanguard) knocked him in with a double of his own to take the Force’s total runs up to four. Unfortunately, the Force's offense wasn't enough to close in on the Palm Springs Power's runs on them, and in the final innings, the Power lengthened their lead by adding another four.


It was a tough road loss for the Force who made the trek all the way out to Palm Springs from a much cooler San Diego. Fortunately, it is not the end of the road for the Force. Their game Thursday may just be their opportunity to turn things around when they take on the Long Beach Legends in a non-league matchup at 7 p.m. at Brookhurst Park in Anaheim. 

Jacob Berkson

June, 16 Madison HS


San Diego Force played against the Palm Springs Power on a gloomy day at Madison High School. Schuyler Hill, a new addition to the Force family, pitched a gem of a game 5.2 innings, 1 run, 2 hits, 3 walks, and 5 strikeouts. Hill was on the hook for the 1-0 defeat at the hands of the Power. The Force left 5 men in a scoring position not able to get the timely hit they very much needed. The Second game of the day the Force fell 7-4 to the Power. Andrai Wright, another new addition to the Force family, had 2 hits, scored a run, and an RBI, being involved in half of the offense for the Force. DJ Lewis stole another base making it his 11th in 7 games. Even though the Force fell to the Power, they will meet again to hand the Power the first loss of their 2019 SCCBL campaign. The game will be on the 18th of June 7:00 p.m in Palm Springs.

The San Diego Force played the So Cal Bulldogs winning 9-4 Thursday, June 14th. The Starter Hooper Mills threw a gem 5 innings, 10 strikeouts, 2 walks, and 2 earned runs. Mills did not get the win because the Force bats did not come alive until the 7th inning when Zach Owens and D.J Lewis hit back to back home runs. A couple of batters later Sam Neufeld hit a 2 run home run giving the Force a 6-2 lead going into the bottom of the seventh inning. The Bulldogs would get 2 back thanks to a 2 run home run, but they were no match for the Force batters. The Force would score 3 more runs in the 8th inning to deflate the bulldog''s chances of mustering a prayer of a comeback. The lights out relief by Bockler giving up no runs in the 8th and the 9th gave the San Diego Force their 5th win of the new 2019 summer campaign.


Come to the next game Sunday, June 16th as your San Diego Force take on the first place Palm Springs power in a Goliath vs. Goliath doubleheader showdown. First pitch will be at 1:00 p.m. Don’t forget to stay after for the second game of the doubleheader at 4:00 p.m

Force Split Double Header at Cal Poly Pomona

Cassidy Thornburg | June 11, 2019


Image result for night game baseball


Pomona, Ca- The Force baseball team split their double header on the road Tuesday, June 11 at Cal Poly Pomona with the Inland Valley Buccaneers. In game one, the Force and Bucs rallied through a full nine innings 1-1 before the Force secured the 5-1 win with four runs in the 11th. The tables turned in the nightcap when the IV Bucs scored an early run in the second, had five more to follow in the fourth, and recorded their seventh run at the bottom of the seventh to win the night game 7-0. 


Some standout performances in game one include an incredible pitching performance by Tyler Van Stone (Hawai'i Pacific) who pitched a total of 111 pitches, completed eight innings, and recorded thirteen strikeouts. Sam Neufeld (Vanguard) also had a day. He hit two RBI singles to, in both instances, bring home DJ Lewis (U of Cumberlands) who did a good job of putting himself in position to score. Lewis hit a single and had two stolen bases at the top of the sixth and then was hit by a pitch and had another stolen base in the eleventh. Alongside Neufeld, Will Stroud (Azusa Pacific), Byron Smith (Masters U), and Colin Freeman (Cuesta College) also had RBI for the Force. 


In Game two, the Force struggled to get on base and repeat the success they had in game one leading to a devastating 7-0 loss. The Force will have the day off Wednesday and be back in action Thursday, June 13 at 4:30 p.m. when they again take on the West Coast Bulldogs at Citrus High School in a non-conference matchup. 


After going one-for-one with the IV Bucs, the Force are now 4-3 in the SCCBL. Their next league matchup is a double header against the Palm Springs Power at Madison High School on Sunday, June 16. The first game is at 1 p.m. with the second shortly to follow at 4 p.m.  

Force 7

Legends 4

June. 5 2019


The San Diego Force struck early and often, knocking off the visiting OC Legends at Madison Field on Wednesday evening. The game was called due to darkness in the 8th, but the Force were clearly in command from the beginning, and secured the 7-4 win. 

Starting Pitcher Bryce Roesh labored through 4+ innings, surrendering 2 earned, but was picked up by his offense in a game that saw the Force score in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th innings. RBI hits from Chris O'neil, Connor Wytko, Eligha Lewis, and Will Stroud proved to be plenty of offense, as reliever Justin Webb slammed the door shut with 3 scoreless with 3 strikeouts.

Baker Springstun was back in the lineup hitting 3rd, a standout from last year's Force squad that won a SCCBL title. He went 1 for 3 with a walk and a stolen base. If he can get rolling, look out. The Force head to Amerige Park on Thursday for double header with the Inland Valley Bucs, an important league matchup early in the season. First game starts at 3 pm. 

Remember the Name

Cassidy Thornburg | June 5, 2019 

Related image

“100 percent reason to remember the name,” a line from Fort Minor’s popular pump up song rang out over the sound system set up behind home plate at the Santee Sports Complex. It’s the last day of Spring training and the San Diego Force are finishing up their final practice. As they step off the field and line up to pick up their jerseys, a couple of things immediately stand out about the San Diego Force that give a snapshot into their coming 2019 summer season.

First, the giant M emboldened on the first player’s jersey, shorts, and even shoes. The “M” is of course for the University of Michigan. The player is Keaton Carattini (U of Michigan), a pitcher who in his three seasons with the Wolverines owns a 2.11 ERA with 92 strikeouts in 83 innings. Used to the fast pace of D1 baseball, you can expect him to pack some heat this summer for the Force.

Second, the booming voice of Essex “Gas” Burton, the returning hitting coach for the Force who was drafted in 1991 by the Chicago White Sox. As a player in his own right, he hit .266/.358/.323 and is known as “Gas,” because as the media used to say, he would “burn up the base paths.” His desire to develop young players will certainly show when the Force step up to the plate this summer.

Third, the long curls of Byron Smith (Masters U) usually only seen coming out the back of his catcher’s mask. Smith plays at the Masters U and is more than effective behind the plate. Look out for some athletic stops and acrobatic catches from him this summer.

Fourth, the variety of license plates in the team parking lot. Over a third of players on the roster come from out of state. Players come from Alaska, Louisiana, Hawaii, etc. to make San Diego their home and the Force their family for the summer.

So, the Force look forward to another productive season, hoping to repeat their dominance of the SCCBL which they have won eight times in ten seasons. But after winning their league, their season took a turn for the worse in what members of the organization called a devastating disappointment. It was at the 2018 NBC World Series that the Force dropped three consecutive games and were knocked out far too early. There was no rodeo or line dance that could cure the devastation.

So, now 10 months later, with a chip on their shoulders and a point to prove, the Force open the 2019 season. The SCCBL know their name, but the question still lingers, after the 2019 World Series will the nation remember it? 

Hey Houston Astros, We Had Him in a Catcher’s Mask First!

Cassidy Thornburg | June 4, 2019

Image result for catcher's mask

The San Diego Force’s most recent claim to fame is the Houston Astros’ tenth round pick, the catcher, CJ Stubbs. Stubbs’ selection to the Houston Astros will continue his trend of being four years behind his older brother, Garrett Stubbs. Garrett is already a catcher for the Houston Astros and probably the most excited about his brother becoming one.

With Garrett already playing in the navy blue and orange it was really only a matter of time, four years, after Garrett became an Astro, before CJ too put on the jersey and moved to Texas.

In 2008, Garrett Stubbs attended Torrey Pines HS where he played baseball and was an All-Palomar League Selection. In 2012, CJ Stubbs attended Torrey Pines HS where he played baseball and was an All-Palomar League Selection.

In 2012, Garrett Stubbs graduated HS and attended USC where he played catcher for the Trojans. In 2016, CJ Stubbs graduated HS and attended USC where he played pitcher and catcher for the Trojans.

In 2013, Garrett (Thank God!) played summer ball for the Plymouth Pilgrims in the New England Collegiate League. In 2018, CJ played summer ball for the San Diego Force in the Southern California Collegiate Baseball League (Thanks for the help with the SCCBL Title!).

In 2016, the Houston Astros selected Garrett in the the MLB Draft as a catcher. Now, in 2019, the Houston Astros have selected CJ in the MLB Draft as a catcher.

It was only a matter of time before CJ became an Astro and from here there is no telling what he will do. At USC, he was one of the most multi-faceted players. He would pitch Tuesdays, catch Fridays/Saturdays, and then because that wasn’t enough time in the dirt, hit Sundays. In his two pitching seasons, CJ had three specialty pitches: a low to mid 90s two-seam fastball, a slider, and a changeup, though he was partial to his slider. He finished with a 4.57 ERA in 106 ⅓ innings. CJ’s time at the plate is also worth mentioning. He finished the season with a .844 OPS in 53 starts, only struck out 44 times, and coaxed 20 walks during his junior year. With those statistics and the proven flexibility to take on multiple positions, it is probable that he will again be a two-way player, but this time for the Houston Astros. 

The Force wish CJ Stubbs the best of luck in his coming season and will be rooting for him and his brother Garrett from Sunny San Diego!  

Force get revenge on Invaders

What goes around comes around. The Force took on the Invaders for the second time this season today and evened the series 1 and 1. The game took place at Junipero Serra High School in San Diego today at 5pm. In the previous matchup, the invaders came out very hot, jumping on the force early and running away with the game ending with a score of 12-4. This time things went a little differently. 


            After a scoreless first inning, the Force made it clear that they wanted their revenge with a base clearing bases loaded triple hit by DJ Lewis. This put the Force up 3-0, a strong hitting start which they had failed to accomplish in their previous game against the Invaders. This lead held till the fifth inning when the invaders answered with a run from errors making the score 3-1. None the less, starting pitcher for the Force, Colton Bochtler, pitched a great game only allowing 4 hits 1 unearned run and tallying up 4 strikeouts leaving the force this 3-1 lead. 


Ryan Williams added to this lead with a sac fly in the top of the seventh now making the score a commanding 4-1 lead. By the end of the 7thinning the score was now 4-2, with the Force in control. 


In the top of the 8thBrandon Peterson hit a big double off the wall that scored 2 adding on to the lead. That was followed up by the big bat of DJ Lewis coming in with a two out single that scored two more making the lead now 8-2. After a strong closing pitching performance by Keaton Carattini, the game was called by the umpire for darkness in the bottom of the 8th.


The Force take on the Long Beach Legends tomorrow 5pm at Madison High School looking to keep this winning drive alive! 

Force 5 Stros 2

Force 3 Stros 6


Madison HS, June 2


The Force split a double header on Sunday with the So Cal Stros, winning the first matchup 5-2 and losing the second 6-3. Led by a stellar outing from SP Tyler Van Stone, who pitched 7 innings of 2 run ball, the Force never trailed in game 1. A miscue from CF DJ Lewis led to a brief 2-2 tie in the top of the 6th, but in the bottom half Lewis would get his revenge with a bases clearing double to put the Force up for good. 


Game 2 didn't go the same way. The Stros struck early in the first inning for 3 runs, and again in the second for 2 more runs and never looked back. The Force just couldn't string together big hits and rallies continuously fell short. RBI's from Chris O'neil, Brandon Peterson, and Zach Owens weren't enough and the Force resulting in the 6-3 loss.


The Force get back at it June 5 when they'll host the Long Beach Legends at Madison HS at 5 pm. 

Invaders 12 Force 4

Madison HS, June 1


The Force opened the 2019 season with a game against their affiliate the San Diego Invaders and were greeted with great pitching, hard base running, and a tough 12-4 loss. The Invaders starting pitcher Daishin Tanaka had Force hitters confused all evening, pitching 5 innings and surrendering 1 run on 1 hit. 

The Force were limited to just 5 hits during the contest, led by 1B Chris O'neil who chipped in 2 RBI. But the team's 11 strikeouts proved to be fatal, and poor defense along with poor pitching led to the massive defeat. Luckily this non-league game can serve as a wake up call as the team opens SCCBL play June 2 with a double header against the So Cal Stros who are already 1-1 in league play. 


Spring training ended today for the Force and Invaders. 2019 Spring training had the teams practicing at Force training complex and Santee Sports Complex. Two great locations that provided a large group of players form all over  the country including international players  to prepare for the season.

The Force Organization are one of the very few teams that have spring training for the players. It provides the players an opportunity to prepare for the summer season, bond with teammates,  work on hitting, fielding and to receive alot of one on one training from the coaching staff.


The Force and Invaders look forward to the 2019 season


Opening day June 1st. First pitch 5 PM at Madison Park.








The Force kick off the 2019 season tomorrow at 5 PM when they'll host our affiliated team the San Diego Invaders! Come out to Madison HS to watch some Summer League action!


Thank you to Tony's Giant Pizzeria

Builders Express

Home Depot

Spark Bats



 2019 season tryouts and spring training schedule.

Open tryouts for all players:

Regeraistion starts 10AM, Tryouts start 11 AM


LOCATION:  City College baseball complex  ( Morley Field)

Directions: Behind the main entrance to Morley field and pool. Parking right in front of Baseball field.

Sunday May 26th

Spring training starts Monday May 20th thru May 30st.

Season opens  Saturday June 1st 


We would like to think several of our long term sponsors that have been with us through the years. They keep us supplied and looking good.


Prime Sports located in Chula Vista, CA has been our apparel supplier for 13 years. Vince and his great staff have kept our teams supplied with all of our uniforms and apparel. They have moved mountains over the years to have everything ready for us when season arrives. You can't find a better company to work with.


Al'S Sportshop located in Santee, CA has been a provider of sporting goods supplies, accessories for the Force Organizations for the past 13 years. The staff are always helpful, knowledgeable and and get us the equipment we need to be at our best. The store is fully stocked and have a great selection of sporting goods for all sports.
Charlie Rose, Located in San Diego, CA is another excellent baseball store that been supplying baseball supplies to the Force Organization for over 10 years. The staff is knowledgeable on all baseball equipment and they carry a very large inventory of baseball gear and supplies. If they don't have it they will find it for you.



ITH HOSTELS of San Diego is partnering with the Force Organization to provide housing options at 3 different locations in San Diego for players. Little Italy, Hillcrest, and Pacific Beach. The first 2 are downtown, with Pacific Beach location , right on the beach. www.ithhostels.com


The Force Orgainzation is proud to announce the signing of Essex Burton as the hitting coach for the Force. Essex played 11 years of professional baseball, primarily as an infielder. Drafted in 1991 by the Chicago White Sox. Played his college baseball at San Francisco State.

Essex played in 1005 games in his professional career.

Essex brings to the Force players much more than just the ability  to teach and communicate hitting to college and professional players, but someone who has experienced what it takes to play at a higher level in college and at the professional level that will further help the players improve their baseball knowledge.


The Force Wins the 2018 SCCBL League Championship. This is the 8th league Championship the Force has won in 11 years and placed 2nd 3 times.

In 2016 the Force Place 3rd in the NBC World Series and has also won numerous  tournaments over the 11 years.   


Ryan Hart

San Diego, CA


The final game of the season had the Force at Mt. Miguel HS with a rematch against Dove Tail whom the Force defeated earlier this season 3-2. Yesterday's game however had quite a different feel to it. In the final tune up before the team heads to Wichita for the World Series, Outfielder Baker Springston was called upon give the pitching staff a rest. He pitched 2 solid innings, without much help from his defense, and the Force fell down early 4-2 after 2 innings. 

The Force bats didn't stay quiet long, and a 5th inning rally capped by a Don Roethler RBI double tied things up at 5. The Force would never look back, scoring another 11 unanswered runs to pound Dove Tail 16-5. Catcher CJ Stubbs hit a 3 run home run, and Phillip Steering added a 2 run shot in the 9th. The Force head into Wichita on a 3 game win streak, including a SCCBL Championship. The bats are hot, the arms are hotter, and everyone is healthy, all good signs leading up to the World Series.


For the first time in the Force history over 85% of the Force position players that play have hit HOME RUNS.


Ryan Hart

Lake Elsinore, CA


The Force were at Elsinore HS for a game against WBA Collegiate, a game intended to keep them fresh for the upcoming World Series in Wichita, Kansas. Frank Lopez was as sharp as sharp can be, and the hitters got plenty of at bats in a 16-2 route. Lopez threw 7 innings, no hits, no runs, and 10 strikeouts, looking dominant throughout the contest. 

The Force batted around in the first inning, putting up 7 runs thanks to a bomb by newly acquired Kory Brown. Brown finished the day with a team high 5 RBI and 2 HR, but 8 Force players also had at least 1 RBI, showcasing talent up and down the order. 

Nolan Darr joined the fun with a home run in the 6th, and Tanner Cable worked around a HBP in the 9th to strike out the side. The Force were in complete control from the first pitch, and if this is any indication of how they'll play at the World Series, we might be looking at another Championship run. 


By Milad Ghaemi

San Diego, Calif.

The San Diego Force topped the Ventura Bucs 11-10 in a Home Non-Conference Game in which both teams had big offensive explosions leading to a back-and-forth ballgame with rallies from both teams. 

New Acquisitions 1B Kory Brown and 3B Jake Polcheon each got on-base for the Force and provided quality defense. Brown went 1-3 with a 3B, 2 BB, 2 R, and 2 RBI. Polcheon also had 2 BB and an RBI. 

The San Diego Force would give up 8 runs in the first 5 innings, but SP/LR Brent McDonald came in relief throwing 2 2/3 innings only giving up 1 ER and RHP Avery Wood along with CL Tanner Cable would combine for 2 innings and 1 ER. 

UTIL Josh Sidley has been swinging a hot bat and continued his streak today with a Lead-off HR crushed over the LF wall in the Bottom of the 5th continuing his 2-4 and moving his BA to over .400. C CJ Stubbs (USC) showed great defense behind the plate and went 4-4 with a 3B and 4 RBI's. RF Phil Steering and 2B David Hudleson were other Force contributors who helped seal the 11-10 win at Roeder Park in Madison High School.

The Force are getting ready for Wichita with an Away Non-Conference game on Saturday at Lake Elsinore High School and will start their Travel to Wichita August 1/


Milad Ghaemi

The Force came off of their SCCBL Championsip Victory to play the San Diego Invaders a team that finished 2nd in the SDCCL. SP Brent McDonald went 5 innings giving up 0 Hits, 2 Walks and 7 Strikeouts. Jacob Thigpen and Tanner Cable would follow with 2 scoreless innings before the Mercy Rule was called. 

Offensively, everyone on the San Diego Force would get involved with all 9 hitters getting on base. OF Baker Springstun went 4-5 scoring 5 runs in the 16-0 win. Josh Sidley also went 4-5 playing both LF and 3B. Other Notable Position Players were: DH Phil Steering, 2B David Huddleson, SS/3B Trey Martin, and C CJ Stubbs.

The 2018 SCCBL Champions are looking to continue the hot streak going into Wichita for the NBC World Series. 

The Force will travel to Ventura for a non-conference game tomorrow at 5:00 PM.


 Milad Ghaemi

The Force needed to get a crucial win in Game 3 of the SCCBL Championship to take the series and gave SP Ryan Losman the start considering his sub 1.00 ERA. Losman would go 8 1/3 innings getting 12 K's and only gave up 2 hits and 1 ER. The Force would then rely on LR Max Holtzclaw to go 5 shut out innings only needing 48 pitches, and the Winning Pitcher Justin Coleman who threw 2/3 of an inning getting the Force out of a jam in the Top of the 14th. 

Offensively, the story would be small ball as the Force drew 8 walks to 7 K's and had runners in scoring position or on-base the entire game. OF Junior Coleman would go 1-4 but draw 3 of the 8 Force walks. DH Drake Pierson had 1 of his 3 hits be a lead-off double in the Bottom half of the 14th, where UTIL Don Roethler would get hit by a pitch following this, both runners advancing on a sacrifice bunt from Ryan Williams, and after a Junior Coleman walk, Josh Sidley would get hit in the back leading to a walk-off win for the Force. 

The San Diego Force are now 2018 SCCBL Champions coming into the playoff bracket as a 3-seed but upsetting the Inland Valley Pirates and the Inland Valley Bucs. 

The Force will play the Invaders in a game at Madison High School, and you can keep track of all Force games on the schedule tab here on the San Diego Force Website. 


Mike Ryan

               The Force picked up where they left off against the Pirates and handled the Inland Valley Bucs in a 9-3 road victory. Getting his first start with the Force, Dalton Schalburg did not disappoint giving the Force a quality start of 6 innings with 3 earned runs with 8 strikeouts. His lone mistake was to potential player of the year Kory Brown who hit a laser out to right in the sixth. The bullpen was able to take over from there and with the help of some great positional defense by Johnny Carr, the Bucs were never able to threaten the lead.

               On the offensive side, Phil Steering showed everyone why he was highly sought after by the Force midseason. He was a man amongst boys tonight going 3 for 4 with a walk, a double, and a deep fly. He ended the night with 5 RBIs, three of which came on that homer. The Force scored in bunches tonight scoring a combined 7 runs in the third and fourth innings. They were given opportunities by the Bucs who committed 3 errors all in that 4 run third inning. Another standout was the catcher Aaron Barkley who went 1 for 2 but also drew 2 walks (one of which with bases loaded) and was hit by a pitch. David Huddleson will be going home with a couple bruises considering he was hit twice tonight.

               The Force will be playing the Bucs at Morley Field on Saturday July 21 at 4:00 with the chance to win the league championship. Expected to be on the bump for the Force is Kyle Bledsole.

Michael Ryan


The Force were able to complete the two game sweep and eliminate the Pirates with a 6-1 victory at Ameridge park. Starting pitcher Frank Lopez was able to gut out 7 innings of 1 run ball with 11 strikeouts despite not having his best stuff early. He was greatly helped by the Force throwing out two runners at the plate in consecutive innings. That was all the help Lopez needed as he was clearly locked in after that and looked like the pitcher we’ve all grown accustomed to.

            Not to be outdone, the Force’s offense came to play. They were able to generate 6 runs on 11 hits, five of which were extra base hits which was a nice surprise considering the Force’s struggles in getting extra base hits throughout the season. Phil Steering and Ryan Williams went yard with a couple of moonshots over the left field wall. Phil Steering’s shot was the beginning of the end for the Pirates considering it came right after the Force had just thrown out a runner at the plate for the second consecutive inning. The Pirates could never recover nor did they ever really threaten again.

            On the other side of the bracket, The Inland Valley Bucs pulled off an amazing upset of the Power and finished their own 2 game sweep. The championship will now be a 3 game series between the 3 seed (Force) and the 4 seed (Bucs). The first game will be a road game at Ameridge Park again followed by two games at home for the league championship.


Ryan Hart

San Diego, CA


The San Diego Force started off the playoffs in style, with a dominating 9-0 defeat of the Inland Valley Pirates at Morley Field. Game 1 of the best of 3 playoff series was all Force all the time, led by the masterful performance by starting pitcher Ryan Losman. Having missed the most recent double header against the Pirates, Losman didn't bother giving the Pirates a chance in this one, allowing just a single hit across 6 innings while striking out 10. Losman couldn't have time the performance any better, since not only is this game one of the playoffs, but league voting for pitcher of the year ends Thursday 7/19. I'm sure the voters took notice. The bullpen didn't make things any easier for Inland Valley, allowing only one more base runner who reached on a walk in the 9th inning. 

As for the offense, it was good to see the Force show some power. Home runs by Phillip Steering and Drake Pierson got the fans to their feet, and the team's 10 walks kept the lineup moving all afternoon. Pierson was the clear standout, going 2-3 with the home run, a walk, and 3 runs batted in. 

The Force travel to Fullerton tomorrow for game 2 of the series at Amerige Park, but taking game 1 at home has to be a feather in their cap. 


Ryan Hart

Palm Springs, CA

The SCCBL All Star game was held on Saturday, July 14 in Palm Springs with 13 Force players represented. The game was played East vs West, with the SoCal Bombers, Riverside Bulldogs, and Palm Springs Power making up the East roster, and the Inland Valley Bucs, Inland Valley Pirates, and San Diego Force comprising of the West.

The 2018 All Star Home Run Derby took place before the game, featuring a power hitting contestant from each team in the SCCBL. Don Roethler represented the Force but failed to advance out of the first round. Kory Brown of the Bucs would go on to win the title, hitting 6 home runs in the first round, and finishing off the Bombers Joseph Kim in the finals.


The All Star game itself was a thrilling back and forth match, ending with a late 8th inning rally aided by wild pitches and errors, to give the East the victory 7-6.

Things got started in the 2nd inning for the East, when Power Brady Shockey hit an RBI triple, followed quickly by an RBI single by Power DH Shuto Kamoshida. Both runs were charged to Force pitcher Masa Tamaguchi who pitched the 2nd inning.

The West were able to answer in the top of the 3rd with an RBI single, and then again in the 4th thanks to a fielding error by the East first baseman which allowed 2 runs to score.

The West 3-2 lead would only last until the 5th, when a triple by Power John Mauldin scored 1, and a wild pitch brought him home. A bases loaded double play turned by Force shortstop Trey Martin and 2B Drake Pierson got the West out of the jam.

One of the biggest highlights of the night was a 7th inning RBI double by Force OF James Shimashita to tie the game 4-4, and then a fielder’s choice RBI to score him.

The score would be 6-5 West All Stars until the 8th. Force pitcher Tanner Cable came in to shut things down, but struggled with command, and didn’t get any help from his defense who committed 2 errors in the inning, leading to East victory 7-6.



East All Stars – 7 runs – 9 hits – 3 errors

West All Stars – 6 runs – 10 hits – 4 errors


Force Starters

Ryan Losman – 1 IP – 2 K

Aaron Barkley – 2 BB, R

Trey Martin – SAC Fly – K – reached on error – line out

Drake Pierson – Fiedlers Choice – CS – Fly out – Pop Out – K

Don Roethler – Single – BB – CS – K – Ground out


Force Reserves

Phillip Steering – Single – Single

James Shimashita – Double – K

AJ Wood – IP – H – 0 R

Masa Tamaguchi – 1 IP – HBP – 2 BB – 2 R

Frank Lopez – 1 IP – 0 R – 1 K

Tanner Cable – 1 IP – 2 WP – Passed Ball – 2 R – 3 K

Justin Coleman – DNP

Max Holtzclaw – DNP


July 12, 2018

Ryan Hart


The Force traveled to Lake Elsinore for a game against WBA Collegiate, and didn’t waste any time scoring runs. A 5 run first inning was capped off by a Ryan Williams 2 run homer, and the Force would stay in control from that point on. Max Holtzclaw threw a solid 5 innings, surrendering just 2 runs, while striking out 2. Amidst all the great Force starting pitching this year, Holtzclaw has held is own while boasting an excellent 2.84 ERA.

Phillip Steering got in on the action with his first home run as a member of the Force, hitting a two run no-doubter in the 5th inning. The Force tacked on 5 additional runs in the 9th inning to put away an already high scoring game, 14-5. San Diego is certainly happy to have Don Roethler back in the lineup, as he went 4-5 with a walk and a stolen base. The Force await the California Jays on Friday at Madison High School.


Congratulations to the Force 2018 ALLSTARS. The game to be played Saturday July 14th at Palm Springs Stadium.

Don Roethler

Phillip Steering

Trey Martin

Arron Barkley

Drake Pierson

James Shimashita

Ryan Losman

Frank Lopez

Justin Coleman

AJ Wood

Masa Tamaguchi

Max Holtzclaw


Trevor Johnson



Andrew Bernstien signs with the Tampa bay Rays. The Force RHP played at California Baptist University where he posted an 8-2 record as a Junior with a 3.33 era, 96 strikeouts and only 21 walks. His Senior year he was 3-0, with 45 strikeouts and 1.77 era.


It is always great to see one of the Force players make it to the Big Show. Force RHP Corbin Burnes has been moved up to the Brewers and is on the active roster. His 2 years in minor leagues he pitched 260 inning, 262 strikeouts and an ERA of 2.77.


Ryan Hart


The San Diego Force hosted a double header today at Madison, welcoming the Orange County Surf, an independent college travel team. Game 1 was tight and the Force fell down early when starting pitcher Eric Telarroja served up a 3-run home run to 2B Austin Schell of the Surf in the top of the 3rd inning. The Force answered back quickly in the bottom half of the frame on a Drake Pierson sac fly to center to make the score 4-2. The Force continued to chip away in the 4th when a hit and run put runners at 2nd and 3rd. A fielders choice double play scored a run to pull the Force to within striking distance, and that strike came in the 7th when Ryan Williams knocked in Trey Martin to tie the game. Later that same inning a Drake Pierson RBI single made it 5-4. The Force pitching was good enough to hold, thanks to the lights out performance by James Shimashita who left the bases loaded in the 8th inning and struck out all 3 Surf batters he faced.

Game 2 was all Force, lead by Brent McDonald who completely shut down the OC Surf. McDonald went 5 innings, while surrendering just 1 hit, and striking out 4. All the offense he needed would be scored in the 3rd inning by 1B Phillip Steering, an Aaron Barkley sac fly, and a bases loaded RBI walk by James Shimashita. The Force got some great help on defense in the 6th when CF Baker Springston laid out for a diving grab while also colliding with his teammate. The Force were in control from the 1st inning onward, and held on for a final score of 4-1.


By Milad Ghaemi

San Diego, Calif.

The San Diego Force swept the SoCal Bombers in a Doubleheader on Saturday with timely hitting along with strong pitching from the Force. The Force would trail in Game 1 until the bottom of the 8th where the Force would rally to win 6-4. In Game 2 the Force would blank the Bombers racking up a total of 15 runs to the Bombers 6 runs.

New Acquisition, 1B Phillip Steering, would be the catalyst for the Force offense getting 4 hits in 8 at-bats with 2 walks. Steering graduated from Hawaii Hilo and is looking for an opportunity at the next level, with his numbers his chances are good. 

SP Ryan Losman worked around a tough first inning to go 5 innings for the Force and SP of Game 2 Max Holtzclaw threw 7 strong innings to lower his ERA to 3.04, continuing his strong season with the San Diego Force so far. RHP Avery Wood threw 3 scoreless innings with 6 K's leading the team in K's and picking up the win in Game 1.

The return of 1B/DH Don Roethler helped the Force greatly along with C Trevor Johnson hitting a 3-run HR. The Force had 25 hits and 11 walks over both games displaying their improved adjustments. More key contributors for the Force which had everyone get involved were OF Junior Coleman, SS Trey Martin, 3B Josh Sidley, OF/P James Shimashita, CF Ryan Williams, and C/IF Justin Beck. 


By Milad Ghaemi

San Diego, Calif.

The San Diego Force both of their playoff games 4th of July SDCCL Tournament first against the California Jays and the championship game against the SDCCL Jackrabbits. 

SP Kyle Bledsole was on the mound for the Force in Game 1 and threw 7 innings only giving up 2 runs. The Force have been able to rely on their Starting Pitchers to throw deep into ballgames allowing for the arms to get rest. The Force would have 8 hits and 6 making up the 6 runs the Force would score. Of the 10 Force players recording at-bats in the game everyone reached base safely at least once.

RHP Wyatt Shackleford shut the door on the Jays ending the game and preserving the lead for the Force. Offensively, 3B Josh Sidley, EH Drake Pierson, DH Aaron Barkley, and SS Trey Martin all provided RBI's for the team and helped provide the hits needed to score Force runners. 

In Game 2 the Force would play the championship game against the SDCCL Jackrabbits with Wyatt Shackleford returning to start game 2. Shackleford was a bit overwhelmed early on giving up 3 straight walks and 2 runs in the first, but would settle down only giving up one more run through 4 innings, a big step in stretching out the RHP to become a permanent starter. Ace of the Rotation Frank Lopez would come in relief throwing 3 2/3 scoreless innings to give the Force the chance to get the lead back. Max Holtzclaw, Tanner Cable, and Masa Tamaguchi combined for 3 1/3 scoreless innings to help the Force comeback and win the game in extra innings.  

On the Offensive side DH Drake Pierson, OF Junior Coleman, EH Justin Beck, CF Ryan Williams, and 3B Josh Sidley helped support the pitching staff with key hits and crucial situational plays that helped the Force clinch the championship.

With this in mind, the star of Game 2 was SS Trey Martin who went 2-4 with an RBI, a Walk, and the walk-off single to win the game for the Force. Martin now bats .296 on the season and while providing some of the best defense in the infield, has improve his bat and clutch gene with his second walk-off of the season.

Facebook Live is the home for San Diego Force Broadcasts which will have the Game on Friday, July 6 against the OC Surf at Madison High School.


By Milad Ghaemi

San Diego, Calif.

The San Diego Force won their fourth straight game of the 4th of July SDCCBL Tournament against Highlander BBC by a score of 10-0.  Brent McDonald was on the mound for the Force and threw 6 shutout innings. The Force have now had 4 straight games with pitchers going at least 5 innings and Starting Pitchers have only given up 1 Earned Run during that span. The Force would have 15 hits and 2 walks to end the game after 7 innings due to a Mercy Rule. Of the 14 Force players recording at-bats in the game only 3 failed to get a hit and 2 of them only had 1 at-bat.

DH Drake Pierson went 2-4 again improving his average to .301, C Aaron Barkley improved to .309 with his 2-2 day at the plate. In a game with everyone getting involved, SS/3B Trey Martin hit a two-run Home Run scoring C Aaron Barkley in the bottom of the First proving to be a blow the Highlander's would not withstand. 

SP Brent McDonald lowered his ERA to 2.75 with the start continuing his strong season with the San Diego Force so far. McDonald has proved to be another arm that the Force can rely on in a league and format which requires durability and depth in the pitching staff. 

Offensively, Extra Hitter Andy Van Antwerp, CF Ryan Williams, 1B Chris O'Neil, and substitute 1B Nolan Darr all provided the Force with crucial walks, base hits, and RBI's.

The Force will play their playoff game(s) of the Tournament against the Thunder BBC on Sunday at 1:15 at Madison High School. You can find the full tournament schedule on our website and on the schedule tab.


Ryan Hart


San Diego, CA


The San Diego Force continued to roll through victories with a win over the Thunder BBC on Sunday afternoon, giving the Force a perfect 3-0 record in tournament play.

The scoring for the Force got started in the 6th after a leadoff walk by the Thunder came back to bite them in the form of an RBI single by SS Trey Martin. Joshua Sidley would go on to add another RBI single to give the Force a 2-0.

Starting pitcher Justin Coleman flirted with perfection for the first 5 innings of play, until a misplayed grounder at second base, and an infield dribbler down the third base line put on the first runners of the game.  Both runs would score on a triple by Jose Merrill giving the Thunder a brief 3-2 lead.

The Force wasted no time coming back in the bottom of the 7th due to a 2 RBI double by 2B David Hudleson. Huddy did his best Ted Williams impersonation with a 3-3 day, including 2 walks, and 4 RBI. The Force went on to add 6 more runs in the 8th before the game was called due to time constraints.

The Force continue their hot streak on Monday when they play the Highlanders at Montgomery Field. They catch the early bird special with a 10:30 am start time.


By Milad Ghaemi

San Diego, Calif.

The San Diego Force won their second game of the 4th of July SDCCBL Tournament against the California Jays by a score of 7-2.  Ryan Losman (Southeast Missouri) was on the mound for the Force building off of his previous performance of 7 shutout innings against the Palm Springs Power. His performance against the Jays was a good follow up to Telarroja's on Friday. Losman would be the only pitcher for the Force going the full 9 innings and picking up his first win of the season and lowering his ERA to 0.43. The Force would have 7 hits and 8 walks again displaying their increased patience at the plate leading to another wonderful offensive game to back Losman. 

DH Drake Pierson went 2-4 with 4 RBI's and a run scored coming off of his Grand Slam breaking the game wide open for the Force. 

SP Ryan Losman has shown his strengths as a pitcher who gets most of his outs by way of the K using his 93-95 MPH Fastball to stifle hitters along with his crippling off-speed pitches. Losman, in know his second start, is proving his value as a Starter in the SCCBL with his two dominant starts and the lowest ERA in the league.

Offensively, Extra Hitter James Shimashita, 3B Josh Sidley, 2B David Huddleson, 1B Chris O'Neil, and LF Junior Coleman all provided the Force with crucial walks, base hits, and RBI's.

The Force will play their third game of the Tournament against the Thunder BBC on Sunday at 1:15 at Madison High School. You can find the full tournament schedule on our website and on the schedule tab.


By Milad Ghaemi

San Diego, Calif.

The San Diego Force won their opening game of the 4th of July SDCCBL Tournament against the SDCCL Sharks by a score of 4-0.  Eric Telarroja (Bellevue) was on the mound for the Force building off of his previous performance of 6 innings with no runs given up against the Inland Valley Bucs. His performance against the Sharks was one of the best the Force have had from a superb pitching staff all season long. Telarroja would be the only pitcher for the Force going the full 9 innings and picking up his first win of the season and lowering his ERA to 1.52. The Force would have 6 hits and 5 walks displaying their increased patience at the plate leading to a solid offensive game to back Telarroja. 

3B Joshua Sidley went 2-3 with an RBI and a run scored being a catalyst offensively for the San Diego Force getting on base as a lead off hitter in the 3rd and scoring the first run of the game. Sidley has played both 3B and the OF for the Force playing great defense and providing timely hitting. 

SP Eric Telarroja has shown his strengths as a pitcher who gets most of his outs with either ground-balls or fly-outs and is able to do so with the dominant defense from the Force who made no errors the entire game. Telarroja has been a pitcher who has shown great composure as he did not seem fazed at all in his last two outings. 

Offensively, SS Johnny Carr, DH Aaron Barkley, LF Andy Van Antwerp, and C Trevor Johnson all provided the Force with crucial walks, base hits, and RBI's with runners in scoring position and two outs, a task The Force have been inconsistent with all season.

The Force will play their second game of the Tournament against the California Jays on Sunday at 4:15 at Madison High School. You can find the full tournament schedule on our website and on the schedule tab. 

4th of July Tournment Schedule

Friday, June 29



Home team determined by coin flip

10:00 am

Montgomery HS

San Diego Force


SDCCL Sharks

1:00 pm

Grossmont CC

Jays Blue



1:15 pm

Montgomery HS

SDCCL Rattlers


Highlanders BBC

4:15 pm

Grossmont CC

SDCCL Jackrabbits


Jays Black

4:30 pm

Montgomery HS

Nevada Jays


San Diego Invaders

Saturday, June 30

10:00 am

Montgomery HS

Nevada Jays


SDCCL Jackrabbits

10:30 am

Grossmont CC



East LA Dodgers

1:15 pm

Montgomery HS

Jays Black


SDCCL Rattlers

1:15 pm

Madison HS

San Diego Invaders


Highlanders BBC

1:45 pm

Grossmont CC

Thunder BBC


East LA Dodgers

4:30 pm

Madison HS

Jays Blue


San Diego Force

5:00 pm

Grossmont CC

Thunder BBC


SDCCL Sharks

Sunday, July 1

10:00 am

Montgomery HS

Nevada Jays



10:30 am

Grossmont CC

Jays Black


SDCCL Sharks

1:15 pm

Madison HS

San Diego Force


Thunder BBC

1:15 pm

Montgomery HS

SDCCL Jackrabbits


Highlanders BBC

1:45 pm

Grossmont CC

Jays Blue


SDCCL Rattlers

4:30 pm

Madison HS

San Diego Invaders


East LA Dodgers

Monday, July 2

10:00 am

Grossmont CC

Nevada Jays


SDCCL Rattlers

10:30 am

Montgomery HS

San Diego Force


Highlanders BBC

1:15 pm

Grossmont CC

SDCCL Jackrabbits


East LA Dodgers

1:45 pm

Montgomery HS

San Diego Invaders


Thunder BBC

4:45 pm

Grossmont CC

Jays Black



5:00 pm

Montgomery HS

Jays Blue


SDCCL Sharks

4th of July Classic Elimination Bracket

Tuesday, July 3



























































# 5 Seed




















































9:00 at Montgomery HS




















































#4 Seed

12:15 at Montgomery HS




















































#1 Seed



























































4:15 at Grossmont CC













































#3 Seed




















































12:45 at Grossmont CC




















































#2 Seed






























By Milad Ghaemi

San Diego, Calif.

The San Diego Force split a conference double header on Saturday, losing the first game to the SCCBL Inland Valley Bucs 2-3 and bouncing back to win the second game 1-0. Justin Coleman (Cleveland State) was on the hill in game 1 for the Force throwing a quality 5 2/3 giving up 3 runs, Jacob Thigpen (Rockhurst) and Wyatt Shackleford (Point Loma Nazarene) combined for 3 1/3 innings of scoreless relief. The Force would have 6 different players each get a hit, but the failure to drive in runners in scoring position was the achilles heel for the Force in Game 1. 

The Pitching was the highlight of both games and in Game 1 the Force would combine for 11 K's and only 2 walks. DH Aaron Barkley (Mississippi Valley) lead the Force with 2 Walks. C Trevor Johnson would hit a single that got by the LF scoring SS Drake Pierson (Angelina). 2B Greg Bennett (Iowa Western) would then drive in 3B Josh Sidley to keep his high standing in the SCCBL for RBI's. 

In Game 2 Pitching dominated the narrative with only 1 run scoring between both teams. The Force would win a tight game lead by SP Eric Telarroja (Bellevue University) who hurled six scoreless innings giving up four hits but getting 4 K's. Telarroja showed great composure working out of many jams to keep the Bucs scoreless in Game 2. Telarroja had his best start of the season against the Bucs and lowered his ERA to 2.45. Mark Lemus (Robert Morris) would throw 2 no-hit innings in relief to hold the lead as Wyatt Shackleford returned to throw a perfect 9th inning closing the game for the Force. 

The Force's lone run would be scored by Jordan Wilkerson (Fort Hays) on a Wild Pitch to James Shimashita (San Jose State Commit). Shimashita came in later in the game to play in the Outfield but was stingy at the plate going 0-1 with 2 walks in his 3 plate apperances. Shimashita has a stellar On Base Percentage of .647 early on in his season. 

The 2nd place Force play a crucial Double Header for 1st place in the SCCBL against the 1st place Palm Springs Power. SP and Ace Frank Lopez and RHP Ryan Losman will be the two starters for the Force in the Double Header on Sunday. 


By Milad Ghaemi

San Diego, Calif.

The San Diego Force dropped a controversial away-conference game on Thursday night, dropping a 13 inning game to the SCCBL-leading Inland Valley Pirates 6-7. Max Holtzclaw (Shasta) toed the rubber for the Force and overcame a first-inning hiccup to 4 2/3 4 ER. The pitching staff for the Force has been a bright spot and the relief proved to be crucial for the Force. 8 1/3 innings of relief was provided by Avery Wood (Central Washington commit) for 1 1/3 with 3 K's and 0 ER, James Shimashita (Madison High School Graduate/San Jose State commit) for 4 innings with 6 K's and 0 ER, Ryan Losman (Southeast Missouri) for 2 innings with 0 ER, and the duo of Tanner Cable (Bellhaven) and Justin Coleman (Cleveland State) whom combined for 2/3 innings.

The Force never held a lead but rallied in the 7th to tie the game at 6 against the Inland Valley Pirates. With the bases loaded for 1B Don Roethler (Southwest Baptist) he would come in the clutch crushing a 2-run double all the way to the warning track at Amerige Park scoring SS Drake Pierson (Angelina) and 2B Greg Bennett (Iowa Western). DH Aaron Barkley (Mississippi Valley) would then hit an RBI groundout scoring CF Ryan Williams. The game would be scoreless until the Bottom of the 13th Inning in which with the bases loaded and one out, CF Ryan Williams would catch a flyout and throw home to get the tagging runner out at the plate. C Trevor Johnson would apply the tag on what some would think would be an inning-ending double play, but the umpire ruled the runner safe giving the Inland Valley Pirates the walk-off win. The Force tried to argue the call but were met with the response they were not hoping for as the Force lost 6-7.

Drake Pierson returned to the lineup Thursday night with a bang. The Shortstop from Angelina College went 3-6 with a double and two runs scored. Drake Pierson has flashed leather exclusively at Shortstop and has paired it with a nice offensive season so far batting .258 with a .344 On Base Percentage.

Shimashita was dazzling in relief, giving 4 shutout innings to a team that has been exhausting its pitching. The right-handed graduate and captain for the Madison High School Baseball Team received All-CIF 1st team honors during his senior year. Shimashita will be playing for the San Jose State Baseball team during the regular season.

Avery Wood has been a lethal weapon out of the bullpen for the Force striking out the side in almost every outing. The High School graduate from Sacramento committed to Central Washington and has racked up an impressive 23 K's in only 9 2/3 innings.

The Force look to win some important conference games against the Inland Valley Bucs and the Palm Springs Power in back to back double headers over the weekend. 


By Milad Ghaemi

San Diego, Calif.

The San Diego Force picked up an important conference win, defeating the SCCBL Riverside Bulldogs 12-4. RHP Jacob Thigpen (Rockhurst) took the ball for the Force and was sharp, tossing six innings and giving up three runs. Justin Coleman (Cleveland State) and Tanner Cable (Bellhaven) relieved Thigpen and held the lead for the Force.

Leadoff hitter Junior Coleman (Riverside) continues to find ways to get on base for the Force. Coleman, known for his speed and on-base ability, accumulated a total of 4 walks. Junior has an On Base Percentage of .459 along with 14 hits, 13 walks, and 12 stolen bases (leading the SCCBL in walks and stolen bases).

Don Roethler (Southwest Baptist) continued his torrid start to the season going 2-4 with 3 RBI's. Roethler is a leader in the SCCBL in Home Runs and RBI's.

Greg Bennett (Western Iowa) went 2-5 with 3 RBI's and a walk. Bennett has also shown stellar defense in the infield playing both 2B and SS for the Force. Bennett is also a leader in the SCCBL for RBI's. 3B Trey Martin (Cleveland State) returned to his usual form going 2-5 with 1 RBI scoring 3 of the Force's 12 runs. OF/DH Andy Van Antwerp (Biola) proved to be a key X-Factor for the Force's offense going 2-2 with 2 walks and also scoring 3 runs. 

The Force have won all 3 games against the Riverside Bulldogs to help their league standings in the SCCBL

The San Diego Force are using Pointstreak this year to keep track of team/individual statistics as well as all SoCal Collegiate Baseball League news. Below is a link to Pointstreak to help you stay up to date with all things happening with the Force.





Avery Tuck 2017 Force Outfielder was drafted in the 17th round of the 2018 draft by Detroit Tigers. Avery went to New Mexico Junior College this year and hit 386, 69 hits, 19 doubles, 4 triples and 11 home runs.



The Force and Invaders spring training has ended after 10 days of intense training. This year over 75 players tried out to make the 2 teams, with another 25 plus players still playing in championships  or in school that hasn't shown up.

This year as last year the Force and Invaders have added International players from several countries rounding out the International flair of baseball.

Jason Fowler the Force new manager is expecting  alot out of his staff and players this year and looks forward to starting the season. Force season opener is Saturday with a double hitter. The Invaders open there season on Saturday against the Rattlers in a league game.


Sunday the 20th starts another baseball season for the FORCE ORGANIZATION. Tryouts began which opens the start of the season and continues with 10 days of spring training. Opening day is June 2nd at Madison High School the Force home field.



The San Diego Force Organization wish to thank all of our sponsors for the 2018 season. Your help and support helps make us CHAMPIONS.

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WE ARE READY for the 2018 SEASON.


OPEN tryouts for the Force and Invaders will be held Sunday May 20th and May 27th at Madison High School Baseball Complex.

Registration starts at 8:00 AM and tryouts start at 9 AM. All players are welcome to tryout from the ages of 18 to 26 years old.

Spring Training starts May 21st thru June 1st.

See if you have what it takes to play for the Force Organization one of the top in the country. Were the team that moves players to the PRO'S.

Nick Schultz San Diego Padre

Congratulations to Nick Schultz former Force Outfielder playing for the San Diego Padres Triple A's team the El Paso Chihuahuas. We wish you a great season. 



The Force has been recruiting players for the 2018 season from all over the country and International. All players 18 to 26 years old are welcome to be apart of the Force Organization. Go to the Force website and complete the player questionnaire.

Play for one of the best organizations in summer baseball.


The Force and Invaders start spring training May 21st at our new outdoor baseball training facility. The new facility includes field, batting cages, multiple bull pens, and plenty of parking with other amenities being coming soon. We are one of the few teams that have their own facility at our disposal anytime.

Open tryouts will be held Sunday, May 20th and Sunday, May 27th. All players are welcome. Be part of the Force.

SPRING TRAINING May 21st, don't miss it.

2018 Force Positions and Internships

The Force has the following positions and interships available for the 2018 season.

For information, please contact the Force.

GM Assistant
Team trainer
Ticket Sales
Team Photographer
Assistant Team Trainer
PA Announcer
Assistant Grounds Keeper
Coordinator for Fund Raising Events





The Force Organization would like to THANK all of our SPONSORS for there generous donations and help this season.

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Without your help and support we wouldn't be as successful of an organization, provide the quality of baseball to fans and the training and support to our players. Thank you.



Congratulations to Travis Taijeron making his MLB debut Sunday August 26, 2017 for the METS.  Travis played for the Force for 3 years as a catcher and outfielder where he honed his skills. Travis was known for his power, speed and arm. He played at Cal Poly Pomona and was drafted in the 18th round of the 2011 draft and quickly moved up thru the Mets organization. Travis played for the  Las Vegas 51's, the Mets AAA affiliated team, where he hit 69 home runs. Moving Travis up to the Mets is long overdo. 


The Garyt Rail Cats, a member of the American Association Baseball League, sent Tanner Pinkston to the Schaumburg Boomers in the Frontier League.  Pinkston reported for duty and has been used as a 1B as well as a DH.  In his first 8 games, he has hit opposing pitchers at a .407 batting average.  The Boomers clinched the Division and will be playing for the League Championship, and Pinkston will be a member of that club.  Good luck Tanner, we are pulling for you.


Tanner Pinkston, first baseman with the Force, signed a contract with the Gary Rail Cats, in the American Association.  Pinkston was a constant leader for the force both offensively and defensively during the 2017 campaign.  Tanner hit .403 during the league getting 50 Hits;  8 Doubles;  10 Home Runs;  and drove in 30 runs.

During the NBC World Series in Wichita, Pinkston continued his hot hitting going 6-16 for a .375 average.  Hitting Coach for the Force, CJ Thieleke, was the driving force behind getting Pinkston signed.  Thieleke was a coach in Gary early in his career.  


Dalton Shalberg, a late arrival for the Force, earned himself All American Honors at the NBC World Series.  Shalbert, 6' 5" 200 pounds, pitched for the New Mexico State Team this past spring.  Shalberg's performance against the Colorado Sox will go down in history in the NBC World Series.  Dalton went 10 innings....gave up one lone hit...gave up no runs...walked 2 and struck out 10 in a masterpiece on the mound.  Congrats to Dalton, what an outstanding performance.  


Recruiting for the 2018 season has begun for the Force and the Invaders. Players can complete the player questionnaire on line and submit it to scouting. Players will be notified immediately.  We are recruiting for all positions for the 2018 season. Host families available. This is your opportunity to play for one of the best teams on the West Coast and play in beautiful San Diego. 


The Force signed some familiar faces earlier this month that have helped the Force win games in pervious seasons. Hard throwing  RHP TJ Looney and RHP Connor McLaughlin will be part of the Force staff that teams will have to deal with. The duo will make a series impact to help the Force win games.


Solid Pitching and timely hitting proved to be the winning combination for a 6-1 victory over the Southern California Bombers in a playoff game played at La Sierra University on Wednesday.  Leading the way on the mound was Dalton Shalberg, Garrett Yocum and Matt Bergandi.  Shalberg was stellar in going six (6) shutout innings, with Yocum giving up the lone run in his two innings, but pitched very well in the playoff game and Matt Bergandi shut the door in the ninth with a solid inning.  Shalberg gave up only three (3) hits in his six (6) innings of work.

On the offensive side, Dan Hetzel and Tanner Pinkston each him mammoth home runs while Blake Baumgartner had two (2) doubles and Carl Schwettman had three (3) hits for the winning Force club.  The Force banged out eleven (11) hits while striking out seven (7) times. 

The Force continues its climb for the League Championship with a single game against the Palm Springs Power, who have definitely shown they are the "Power" of the league.  Game time is 4:30 at James Madison High School in San Diego.


Those fans who decided to attend the Force/Bombers game on Tuesday had to feel very well entertained.  This game changed leads many times in the nine innings played, and the Force took the lead in the bottom of the 8th inning and prevailed 4-3.  This was the first game of the playoffs and the second will be played tomorrow (7/19) at La Sierra University at 1:00pm. Game 3 is slated for tomorrow at 4:00pm if necessary.

The Bombers jumped ahead 1-0 in the first inning; then, after two Force Coaches were ejected from the field, Eric Poirier and Chris Moody....Byron Smith hit a 2 run Home Run to put the Force ahead 2-1 in the 3rd inning.  The Bombers went ahead 3-2 going into the 8th inning.  A couple of chances vanished due to some very solid pitching....but Trevor Abrams lined a shot over the 2nd baseman's head to drive in 2 runs and put the Force ahead 4-3 for good.

Skyler Silvester and Mark Carmack (W) held the Bombers in the latter innings and Carmack struck out 4 and earned the victory.


The San Diego Force played its final game before the league playoffs, and defeated the Dovetail Bats by a score of 12-8.  The Force used six (6) pitchers in the game in an effort to give the staff some innings prior to the league playoffs.  

Leading the way for the Force was Tanner Pinkston, who was 2-3 with two (2) home runs and four (4) RBI's.  Also with multiple hits in the game for the Force were Joshua Sidley with 3 and Carl Schwettman with 2.  Don Roethler and Carl Schwettman also drove in two (2) runs each in the victory. 

The Force pitching staff ran into a very solid offensive club giving up eight (8) runs on nine (9) hits.  Solid performances were given by Skyler Silvester and Mark Carmack who threw one shutout inning and two respectively.  

The Force will be working out on Monday in an effort to get a relaxing practice in prior to the playoffs, which will be played on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm.


The San Diego Force defeated the Bulldogs in the final league game for both teams by a score of 7-1.  Leading the way for the Force was Dylan Gordon, who threw six (6) innings and gave up no earned runs.  Garrett Yocum finished the game by going three (3) innings and gave up no runs in his outing.  Each pitcher gave up four (4) hits but scattered them throughout the game.  It was a very good game by these two pitchers for the final game.

The Force was able to make a complete "makeover" in the fifth (5th) inning so everyone got the chance to play.  The only member of the Force to get two or more hits was Haruto Nakano who got two (2).  Carl Schwettman scored two (2) runs while getting his first triple of the season.  The big blast of the night came off the bat of Trevor Abrams who hit a mammoth  three (3) home run in the 2nd inning scoring bringing home Byron Smith and Dan Hetzel.  Don Roethler also contributed with a lead off home run to right field in the bottom of the 3rd inning.

The Force entertain the Dovetail Bats on Sunday at 1:00 pm at Madison High School.  Playoffs will start on Tuesday and at the time, there is no definite schedule for the playoffs.


The San Diego Force and the OC Surf scored a lot of runs, got a lot of hits and ultimately it was the bullpen that won the game for the Force.  The final score was 11-7 in favor of the Force.  However, the Surf jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the 2nd inning with a grand slam.  The Force came back with six (6) in the bottom of the 2nd, led by a 3 Run Home Run by Don Roethler.  However, that lead did not last as the Surf came back with 3 in the top of the 3rd, going ahead by a score of 7-6.  

Offensively, the Force was led by Haruto Nakano and Newcomer Anthony Warneke with three (3) hits each and two (2) by Roethler.  The big blow was a three run scoring double by Tyler Plantier in the sixth inning which put the Force ahead 10-7.  

On the mound, Mark Carmack led the way and got the win by throwing 4 innings and shutting the Surf out with 2 hits.  He walked none and struck out 7.  It was a very solid performance, one which the Force has been in need of for days.  And in doing so, he only threw 59 pitches in his four innings, 75% which were strikes. 

Closing the game was Bryce Gibson, who threw the final two (2) innings and also shut out the Surf on one hit.  Six scoreless innings out of the bullpen plus scoring eleven runs was the formula for success on Wednesday.

On Friday, the Force finishes the Southern California Collegiate schedule with a single game against the Bulldogs at Madison at 5:00.  On the mound for the Force will be Dylan Gordon.  


Tyler Plantier continued his hitting rampage going 2-4 with 2 RBI's, which were the only two the Force was able to generate against Jacob Castillo, pitcher for the Bucs.  The Force defeated the Bucs 2-1 in a very closely played game.  Plantier hit a 2 run homer in the 6th inning, which was all the Force needed in a real nail biter.  Newcomer, Dalton Shalberg threw 5 solid innings for his first outing of the season and shutting down the Bucs.  The bullpen of Brett Elgin, Matt Bergandi and Taiyo Konishi held the Bucs at bay for the win.  Konishi came into the game in the ninth inning and got his first save for the season enticing the hitter to fly out to left field and end the game.

Hitting stars were Yori Martinez (2-4);  Plantier (2-4);  Trevor Abrams (2-3) and returning Vet Derek Nakasato (2-4) for the Force.  

The Force returns home to play the OC Surf at 5:00 pm at Madison HS.  


In game one of a doubleheader at Cal Poly Tuesday night, Brad Moreno and Tyler Plantier put on some heroic performances to defeat the Bucs by a score of 4-3 in ten innings.  The Force has been in need of a complete game all season, and last night, their "prayers" were answered.  Moreno went ten (10) innings in his complete game...and threw 150 pitches in his outing.  He gave up a 2 run homer in the 8th to lose the lead 3-2 but shut the Bucs out the rest of the way for the victory.

That tremendous job notwithstanding, Tyler Plantier had one of those nights every young man dreams about.  Most young men dream about being at bat, with the bases loaded and two outs...and the crowd roars as he delivers.  What Plantier did last night was go 5-5 with a double, home run, 9 total bases and 3 RBI's.  What a great performance.  

With all the heroics of Moreno and Plantier, it was the "hustle" Jori Martinez that really made the difference.  In the top of the 9th and two outs, Carl Schwettman hit a high pop up near the home plate area with Martinez on 2nd...the ball fell between two fielders and Martinez scored the tying run...had he been in a normal ball player trot, the game would have ended.  

Plantier (5-5);  Tanner Pinkston (3-5) and  Yori Martinez (3-5) provided the majority of the Force offense with 11 of the 13 hits for the night.  

It was a great game to be involved in and to watch.  




The San Diego Force was dealt a harsh blow on Sunday when it learned that Mark McGinnity was going to return home.  Mark was one of the stalwarts in the 2016 season, which ended for him in the July Fourth Tournament.  On a very hard slide at third base, Mark made the tag and the runner went into his wrist which caused a severe break.  Mark had surgery in late 2016 and was well on his way to a successful rehab.

Mark suffered a tweak in his groin and it became a bothersome injury for the current season.  After medical advice, the Doctors felt it was best if Mark did not play anymore this season.  He will be missed because of his reliable "vacumn like glove at third base";  his potent bat in key situations;  but most importantly his positive attitude which permeated throughout the dugout.  Good Luck Mark and thanks for all you have done for the Force.  


The Palm Springs Power demonstrated why they are sitting on top of the Southern California Collegiate League.  They swept the Force by scores of 7-2 and 11-10...and both games were decided in the last two innings.  In the opener, newcomer Skyler Sylvester threw a very solid seven (7) innings holding the Power to three (3) runs on six (6) hits.  He left the game with the Power leading 3-2 and he definitely gave the Force the opportunity to win the game.  The Power pushed across four (4) runs in the last two innings which made the score 7-2.  The Force went on top 2-0 in the first inning but was unable to do much more in the last eight (8) innings.  Offensively, Zack Felix went 3-4 while Dan Hetzel was 2-4 and that was the majority of the offense.  

In the second game, the Force was looking at splitting the doubleheader with a lead going into the ninth inning of 10-7.  Late inning heroics, and the apparent attitude of the Power that they would be successful just was too much for the Force.  Once again, the starting pitcher, George Navadel did a very good job keeping the Force in the ball game against the very strong Power.  Offensively, the Force outhit the Power 13 hits to 8;  however, it is runs that count.  Dan Hetzel continued to lead the way with a 3-5 game and Tyler Plantier, Blake Baumgartner and Carl Schwettman each contributed two hits each.  

The Force continues its schedule on Tuesday, traveling to Cal Poly with a doubleheader with the Bucs.  


Team West weathered a late rally to defeat Team East 9-8 in the 2017 SCCBL All-Star Game.

After a quick warm-up for both teams, the All-Star Game began, and Team East got off to a quick start.  Mota smashed a two-run triple in the bottom of the first to give East a 2-0 lead that they would hold until the fourth inning.  West struck back with four runs of their own, two of them off a single by the Force’s Avery Tuck.  West would put up another run in the fifth, but some creative baserunning from the POWER’s Hayden Schilling would manufacture a run for Team East in the fifth as well to bring the score to 5-3.

The score would remain that way until the bottom of the eighth when the POWER’s Skyler Hunter would lead off the inning by reaching on catcher’s interference, stealing second and third, and eventually scoring on a single by the Bulldog’s Alex Rodriguez.  Rodriguez would get to second on a wild pitch, third on a passed ball, and score on a sacrifice fly from fellow Bulldog Pierson Loska to tie the game at 5-5 heading into the ninth.

West answered back in decisive fashion.  Buccaneer Christian Lyman led off the ninth with a single, stole second, and scored on a double from Sentinel Matt Colomes.  Buccaneer Aaron McCann would also single, moving Colomes to third for the Force’s Connor Martin.  On a 1-1 pitch, Martin crushed a home run to right field to give Team West a 9-5 lead.

Haruto Nakano of the Force came on to pitch the bottom of the 9th and ended the game on a strikeout to give Team West a 9-8 victory. Congratulations to all the players selected to the 2017 SCCBL All-Star Game.


The Force will square off against the Palm Springs Power on Sunday (7/9) at Madison High School in the final 2 games of the season series between the top two teams in the league. Game times are 1:00pm and 4:00pm.


The 2017 Force ALLSTARS have been selected.

1) Tanner Pinkston 1st base
2) Avery Tuck OF
3) Carl Schwettman OF 
4) Byron Smith C
5) Brad Moreno RHP
6) Haruto Nakano UTL
7) Matt Bergandi RHP
8) Connor Martin DH
9) Logan Cordeiro IF
10) Don Roethler UTL

11) Brandon Bentson LHP


The Allstar game will be play Saturday July 8th, at Palm Springs Stadium. Game time 7:30 PM

Tanner Pinkston will represent the Force in the HR Derby.


In a very important league game for the Force, the team traveled to Soboba Sports Complex in San Jacinto to play the always strong Bombers.  It was a very good venue and everything about the surroundings was surreal and calm.  Well, that is not what happened between the white lines.

In the opening game, the first batter, Carl Schwettman drive the ball over the CF fence to get the ball rolling for the Force.  To start with, two Force Pitchers did an outstanding job in 95 degree heat to shut down a very potent Bombers club.  Thomas Rowan scattered four (4) hits and gave up two (2) earned runs in his five (5) innings of work.  Brandon Bentson, a member of the League All Star Team, closed out the game with four (4) strong innings.  Ultimately the Force won the game going away with a 11-4 decision.

Offensively, Schwettman led the way with three (3) hits and 2 RBI's;  Dan Hetzel with 2 RBI;s and Jake Smith with 2 RBI's.  Multiple hit games went to Tanner Pinkston, Brady Groesbeck and Don Roethler with two (2) each.  It was a great way to start the day.

In the nightcap, the Bombers exploded in one inning and won a tightly contested game by a score of 6-5.  The outcome ruined an otherwise outstanding eight (8) inning performance by Kyle Bedsole.  He pitched all eight (8) innings in sweltering heat, giving up 7 hits;  six (6) runs and only fouyr (4) earned runs.  He walked only one (1) hitter and struck out six (6).  One would think that was good enough to win...well, the Force put together a very strong offense gathering fourteen (14) hits but only able to score five (5) runs.  Multiple hit games were obtained by Haruto Nakano (3);  Logan Cordeiro (2);  Yori Martinez (2);  Trevor Abrams (2) and Max Taulbee (2).  Defensively, the Force made some  mistakes which led to a big inning for the Bombers and ultimately the 6-5 defeat.  In the last three innings the Force put the pressure on the Bombers, however, Force hitters were unable to put the ball in play when needed.  

Sunday, the Force faces the very strong and League Leaders in the Palm Spring Power at Madison.  The last time these two teams met, the Power dominated the Force by scores of 14-1 and 20-2.  


The San Diego Force defeated the California Jays Black by a score of 7-2 in the Championship game at Grossmont College.  The star of the game had to be RHP Matt Bergandi who threw seven (7) magnificent innings for the champions.  This was the first game that Matt had been called upon to go more than three (3) innings and giving up only two (2) runs was what the Force needed.  Scoreless innings were pitched by Bryce Gibson and Kyle Bedsole.

 Offensive stars for the Force were Jaron Balman with a HR and 3 RBI's;  Tanner Pinkston 2-4;  Logan Cordeiro 2-4;  and stolen bases by Brady Groesbeck, Logan Cordeiro and a very important Sac Fly from Carl Schwettman.

 It was a long day for the Force and its fans, however, winning the championship was very special since the entire roster took a role in the victories.  

Next on tap is a double header against the always strong California Bombers on Thursday at Jay Littleton Field.  


The San Diego Force defeated the Sharks from San Diego in a very odd but successful game.  This was the first game of the semi-finals and the win took them to the Championship game.  Although the Force only was able to get three (3) hits off of Justin Burkey, the team was the beneficiary of 12 walks and 2 errors.  It was quite evident that Burkey, who threw 138 pitches in the contest, was getting tired.  That is an alarming number of pitches for a pitcher to be throwing in seven (7) innings and this overuse is not good for young arms.  

However, the Force was happy to walk away from the game with a 7-5 win, thanks to three (3) RBI's from Jake Smith.  The Force struck out 9 times during the contest but the calm on the Force bench was indicative that a win was in the cards.  The star pitcher for the Force was Dylan Gordon, who went 5 innings giving up 1 earned run and striking out 6.  

There were really no offensive stars in the game for the Force, however, it was great to win the game and move to the Championship game that was played at Grossmont College.  


The San Diego Force and the California Jays played a very exciting game of baseball in the final game of pool play.  By a tie, the Force was named the #1 seed in the 4th of July Tournament.  Starting pitcher Haruto Nakano went 4.2 innings and only gave up 3 hits while allowing 1 earned run.  Brandon Bentson threw 2.2 innings of strong relief to keep the game tied.  

Tanner Pinkston, who literally flew into LAX and drove down to play with the Force was definitely a Force in the game.  Pinkston hit a mammoth home run and got a single to drive in three runs.  Multiple hit games went to Avery Tuck, Jaron Balman, Blake Baumgartner and of course Pinkston.  

The Force plays in the Winner's Bracket on Tuesday at noon at Grossmont College.


Reliable veteran Brad Moreno threw seven (7) shutout innings today and defeated the Highlanders by a score of 8-2.  For five (5) innings it was anyone's guess who would take charge of this game.  It so happened that the Force had a 1-0 lead for the first six innings and then put up a 7 spot in the 7th to end the scoring for the Force.  

The Force did not get its first hit until the fourth inning and that was a bunt single by Yori Martinez.  He later scored the first run and that score held up for three more innings.  

The Force returns to Pool Play on Monday, when they take on the California Jays at 4 pm at Grossmont College.



The San Diego Force used nine (9) hits and strong pitching from Taiyo Konishi and defeated the CCCBL's Hawks by a score of 11-2 on Saturday Morning.  Leading the way on the mound was newcomer from Japan, Taiyo Konishi who pitched five (5) shutout innings giving up only 1 hit while striking out 4.  His pitching performance gave the Force the breathing room it needed to score in four of the first five innings.

Leading the way in the HR department were newcomers Dan Hetzel and Travis Abrams.  Replacement for Tanner Pinkston at first base, Donny Roethler gathered three (3) hits and Conner Martin drove in three (3) runs as did Hetzel.  Great weather in San Diego, players loved playing game in the morning.  Next game in the Tournament is at 5:00 pm tomorrow night at Mesa CC Field.  

June 30, 2017

The San Diego Force opened the Fourth of July Tournament with a resounding 11-1 Victory over a young and aggressive Dovetail Bats club.  Kyle Bedsole, RHP from the Force, pitched 7 innings in the game shortened by the "run differential rule".  He gave up 6 hits, struck out 4 while giving 3 free passes.  It was definitely one of the better pitching performances this season.  

The leading offensive players were Carl Schwettman and Byron Smith who each hit mammoth home runs in the game.  Schwettman also delivered a double and single in 4 trips to the plate while Byron collected a base hit to go along with his home run.  Others getting 2 hits were Avery Tuck and Trevor Abrams in leading the Force to victory.

Game number two will be played at 10:30 am at Mesa CC.  


The San Diego Force enjoyed home field advantage Thursday night by defeating the Orange County Surf by a score of 8-3.  Thomas Rowan pitched seven (7) strong innings thus setting the stage for the victory.  The only blemish in those seven (7) innings was a home run in the fifth.  Rowan went about his business getting the Surf in order for the first four (4) innings.  This was Thomas' second outing for the Force and he only had to throw 84 pitches in the victory. 

Leading the way offensively was catcher Byron Smith with 3 hits in 4 at bats and scored 2 runs.  The bottom of the batting order for the Force went 7-11 and scored seven (7) of the eight (8) runs in the game.  Haruto Nakano went 2-4 and scored 2 runs and Conner Martin went 2-3 and scored three (3) runs. 

On Friday, the Force plays the Dovetail Bats at 4:30 at Grossmont College in the opening of the July Fourth Tournament.


The first pitch in the doubleheader was thrown at 1:00 PM and the last pitch of the doubleheader was thrown at 6:40 pm.  It's a long time between pitches to end up in the same place we were in before the game started.  The Force was victorious in the first by a score of 14-4 and lost the second game in a late inning thriller by a score of 10-8.  Leading the way in the first game was pitcher Thomas Rowen who went four strong innings in his first game with the Force.  Finishing up for the Force was Taiyo Kenoshi and Kyle Gracey who went three innings and two innings respectively. Blake Baumgartner led the way offensively for the Force, driving home six (6) runs and scoring once himself during his 3-5 day at the plate (3-run home run, a double, a single and a walk). 

In the second game, the Force staked starter Dylan Gordon to a 3-0 lead after one inning before the bottom fell out.  The Sentinels scored five (5) in the second and the Force responded with three (3) in the third.  After many lead changes, the Force went ahead in the bottom of the eighth by a score of 9-8.  No sooner had the first pitch been thrown in the ninth inning, the Sentinels mounted a rally of their own, and ended in a 10-8 victory for the visitors.  


The San Diego Force used some solid pitching and some late inning heroics to defeat the Sentinels in a league game.  The same two clubs play each other in a double header on Sunday at Madison High School.  

Kyle Bedsole got news that he was starting the game 30 minutes before it was scheduled to start.  He pitched five (5) strong innings and got a little tired in the 6th.  Brad Moreno came in the later innings and threw shutout baseball for 2 2/3 innings.

On the offensive side, the game was won on a walk off base hit by Blake Baumgartner driving in Isaiah Peters and Jake Smith.  Smith went 2-3 in the game but two Force members came off the bench to keep rallies going....Conner Martin hit a 2-out double  in the 7th and Veteran Devin Carter had a pinch hit double which drove in the tying run, which set the stage for Baumgartner's heroics.  

The Force is off on Saturday and will play the Sentinels a doubleheader on Sunday.


The San Diego Force traveled to Pasadena for a Wednesday night battle with the Arroyo Seco Saints.  It was a see-saw battle with the Force....and the end result was a 10-8 Force victory.  Brad Moreno started on the mound for the Force and gave up one hit, which was a Home Run in the second inning.  Troy Lieberman followed Moreno, and two errors opened the door for a four run fourth inning for the Saints.  Brett Elgin, winning pitcher, threw two scoreless innings in providing the pitching needed to claim the victory.  With this win, the Force has a 12 Win 4 Loss and 1 Tie record.  

Hitting stars for the Force were Haruto Nakano who was 3-5 with two RBI's;  while Yori Martinez was 2-4 with a walk and 2 RBI's.  The biggest blow was a mammoth home run by Tanner Pinkston which traveled well over 375 feet at Jackie Robinson Park.  Pinkston was 3-4 with a Hit by pitcher and a  Base on Balls.

Next game for the Force is Friday at 5 pm versus the Sentinels.


The San Diego Force defeated the Dovetail Bats by a score of 3-2 in a closely contested game at James Madison HS.  Three Force pitchers went three innings each for the victory.  Tylier Campbell, Brandon Bentson and Matt Bergandi combined for eleven (11) strikeouts and nine (9) hits to seal the victory.  

Two outstanding plays from Outfielders Carl Schwettman and Sam Terry  threw out potential runs at home plate to end innings.  

Offensively, the Force was led by Carl Schwettman who went 2-4 with a triple and a single.  Driving in runs for the Force were Wyatt Logan, Jake Smith and newcomer Blake Baumgartner, who drove in the winning run with 2 outs in the 7th inning. 

Tomorrow the Force was scheduled to play a game at James Madison, but will spend the afternoon practicing before traveling to Pasadena to play the Non-League Saints.  


The Force had 2 players taken in the 2017 MLB draft.  RHP Tyler Ahearn drafted by Boston Red Sox and CJ Saylor drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. Congratulations.


The San Diego Force split a doubleheader with the Southern California bombers in game played at San Diego College's Morley Field on Saturday.  In the first game, the Force scored five (5) runs in the first two innings and then allowed the Bombers to chip away at the lead, scoring one (1) in the third inning;  two (2) in the fourth and two (2) in the seventh.  In the bottom of the ninth, with the score tied, the Force loaded the bases with no outs, and it appeared that the Force would find a way to win the opening game.  Sam Terry walked, Derek Nakasato got a base hit and Carl Schwettman walked loading the bases.  After a shallow fly ball to CF that did not allow the runner to tag up and a strikeout, it looked gloomy for the Force.  On the first pitch, Yori Martinez hit a shot between second and first base for a walkoff single, giving the Force a 6-5 win. Newcomer Dylan Gordon threw five strong innings giving up three (3) earned runs in his five inning stint.  Bryce Gibson and Matt Bergandi continued their strong pitching performances by shutting out the Bombers over the last two innings.  The Force was the recipient of six bases on balls, two hit batsmen in the game.  A newcomer behind the plate, Byron Smith was the offensive leader with a double and single in his five at bats, driving in 3 runs. The usual strong offensive lineup struck out thirteen (13) times in the opening game.

The Bombers came roaring back in the second game  with a resounding 10-5 victory.  Schuyler Hill got the nod for the Force and gave up five (5) runs in five innings.  It was not a good night for the pitching staff, except that Parker Aspegreen and Haruto Nakano shut out the Bombers in the last two innings.  Offensively the Force was led by Logan Cordeiro and Carl Schwettman who each had two (2) hits, however the rest of the order only garnished four (4) hits.

The Force continues its schedule with a game on Monday at James Madison High School at 5:00 against the Dovetail Bats Baseball Club.  The Force's record is 10-4-1 to date.



The San Diego Force used solid pitching, timely pitching and solid defense to defeat the So-Cal Bombers by a score of 8-3.  The game was played at San Diego City College's Morley Field, which was in excellent shape for the club.  The Force plays a doubleheader on Saturday at 11:00 am and the second game will follow in 30 minutes.  

It looked like the teams were going to score in every inning, with the Bombers scoring one (1) run in the first and second innings, while the Force scored two (2) in the first and one (1) in the second.  Then Brad Moreno went to work and held the very strong Bomber offense scoreless for the next five (5) innings while the Force put runners across home in the fifth and sixth innings.  Moreno threw 111 pitches in eight (8) innings for a very strong win.  Bryce Gibson pitched a scoreless ninth inning.Tanner Pinkston (3-5 with 3 RBI's) and Isaiah Peters (3-3 and a Hit By Pitcher) 

Offensive stalwarts were Tanner Pinkston (3-5 with 3 RBI's)...Isaiah Peters (3-3) and Brady Groesbeck (2-4).  Others driving in runs were Avery Tuck (Sac Fly) and Carl Schwettman (Sac Fly).  Derek Nakasato who was a very strong player in Palm Springs, continued his hot hitting going 2-4 with a Base on balls.  Defensive standout was Harturo Nakano who stopped two Bomber rallies with outstanding defensive plays at third base.

The Force and Bombers continue their three game series tomorrow morning at 11:00 followed by a second game which will start 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first game.  

As a sidebar, Coach Eric Poirier  will be unable to  attend the second game due to the fact that he is getting married Saturday Afternoon.  The entire San Diego Force Organization...Players, Coaches, Front Office, Owner and Fans want to wish Eric and Kathy a very happy life together.  


The San Diego Force traveled to Palm Springs and defeated the previously undefeated Palm Springs Power by a score of 10-6.  Leading the way on the mound was newcomer Tylier Campbell who went 5.2 innings against a very strong Power offense.  He allowed 11 hits but only gave up five (5) runs in his initial contest with the Force.  Brett Elgin and Brandon Bentson finished the game in routine fashion.  

Leading the way for the offense was Avery Tuck, who went 3-4 with a 2 run homer in the third inning.  Also contributing was a very solid performance by Derek Nakasato, who went 4-5, scored 3 runs and drove in another 3.  A well executed squeeze play in the 8th inning gave the Force the lead that would not be relinquished.  

The Force return to action against the California Bombers at Morley Field in San Diego on Friday at 5pm and a doubleheader Saturday at 11am and 3pm.


The San Diego Force and the Arroyo Sentinels split a DH on Sunday in Pasadena.  The first game won by the Sentinels by a score of 6-4 saw a little bit of good baseball as well as some costly errors on both sides.  Troy Lieberman's very good outing was ruined by a lack of offense as he went five (5) innings giving up three (3) earned runs while allowing seven (7) hits and striking out seven (7) Sentinel batters.  

Offensively, the Force was led by the consistent hitting of Connor Martin who had a Sac Fly and a 2 run Dinger in the 8th inning to bring the Force within striking distance.  However, they could not muster up any type of rally in the ninth, and the Force's record fell to 6-3-1 in the young season. 

In the second game, Schuyler Hill threw seven (7) very strong innings for the 6-2 Force victory.  Hill pitched very well giving up two walks and struck out eight (8) hitters.  Closing out the victory were Taiyo Kenoshi and Matt Bergandi who have been real workhorses for the Force.  Bergandi got his third save in the young season.  

Offensively, Isaiah Peters had 2 singles and a double with 2 RBI's and scored a run.  Haruto Nakano had a single, a sac bunt and an RBI during his first start for the Force.  With the victory, the Force's record is 7-3-1 with a two day break before playing the Power in Palm Springs on Wednesday night.  


The San Diego Force swept the Inland Valley Bucs on Saturday by scores of 4-3 and 1-3.  

In the first game, Taylor Ahearn pitched five (5) shutout innings before giving up two (2) runs in the sixth.  One of the runs was earned.  Bryce Gibson and Matt Bergandi held on to the lead with Bergandi posting his 3rd save in the young season.  Hitting stars for the Force were Tanner Pinkston with a two (2) run HR in the fourth (4th) to get the force on board.  Logan Cordeiro had two singles while Wyatt Logan had a double for the Force.  Brady Groesbeck had a run scoring double which provided the winning edge for the Force.  Mason Gavre had a solo home run in the 5th while Derek Nakasato drove in Groesbek with a single to end the scoring.  

In the second game, the Force batted around in two innings....the fourth and the seventh, putting five runs on the scoreboard in each of those innings.  Carl Schwettman led the way with three (3) singles and scored 2 runs and had 1 RBI, while Tanner Pinkston had a single and scored twice.  Logan Cordeiro continued his hot hitting with single and triple scoring twice and drove in one run.  Connor Martin, who has been on a hot streak, had two doubles and a Home Run with four (4) RBI's and scored twice.  

Leading the way on the mound was Brad Moreno who threw seven (7) strong innings.  Brad gave up only one (1) earned run while striking out eight (8) Bucs.  Bryce Gibson and Taiyo Konishi finished the game to give the Force the winning margin.  



A ride to San Diego from Pomona can be relatively quick...or excessively slow.  Last night the drive home was very slow following a heart breaking loss to the Inland Valley Bucs, who were sporting an 0-4-1 record prior to last night's game.  Through seven (7) innings, the Force held a 3-1 lead with much credit going to Brandon Bentson, veteran LHP who gave up one in the first and then shut the Bucs out for six (6) straight innings.  Although the Force was in the lead, it had only gotten three (3) hits through those seven innings, and the only members of the Force to garnish hits were Avery Tuck with a single and double and Carl Schwettman's bunt single.  The Bucs pitchers attacked the strike zone with the Force only striking out four (4) times, however, Mark McGinnity reached first base on one on a past ball.  Thirteen (13) of the outs were on ground balls.  Several balls were hit well by the Force, but as luck would have it, they were directed right to Bucs players.

The bright spot for the Force, if there can be one in a loss, was the pitching of Brandon Bentson.  The LHP from San Marcos, usually held for duties in the last three innings was a "rush start" for the Force.  After giving up one run in the first, he mowed the Bucs down for six innings and got them 1-2-3 in four (4) of the last six innings.  It was a very strong performance for Bentson and kept the Force in the game during his time on the mound. 

The Force went 1-2-3 in three (3) of the first five (5) innings which got to be very frustrating, however, once in a while in baseball, you have to tip your cap to the opposing pitcher.  In the sixth inning, the Force batted around but was only able to score three (3) runs with two (2) hits.  With the bases loaded and a 3-1 score, the Force was unable to get a run across thus leaving a golden opportunity to be wasted. 

In the ninth with the score tied, the Bucs were able to plate the winning run on a botched relay, and the long drive begun. 


The Force resumes is schedule against the San Francisco Seals today at Madison HS at 5:00



The San Diego Force traveled to Corona for a doubleheader with the Bulldogs, a new team in the Southern California Collegiate League.  It was a very positive trip with the Force ending up on the right side of both games.  In game #1, Troy Lieberman threw five (5) innings and gave the bullpen a much needed rest.  He gave up 4 runs and struck out 2 in the 11-4 Force victory.  The offense was led by Derek Nakasato (3-5, 2 RBI) and Wyatt Logan (3-6) and Avery Tuck (3-6) along with Tanner Pinkston (2-4, 2 RBI), Carl Schwettman (2-3, 2 RBI), Mason Gavre (2-5).  The long ball played an important role in the outcome with Tanner Pinkston and Wyatt Logan going deep for the Force.  It was a great team win and a good way to start the day.

In game 2, Newcomer Brock Eissman, threw a great game in leading the way for the Force.  He went eight (8) strong innings with the 8th inning being the toughest.  Brock struck out nine (9) Bulldogs who are a very strong hitting team.  He gave up a HR in the 8th and a second run to put an end to their scoring.  The Force scored first with a run scoring single by Haruto Takigichu in the third inning.  That score standed until the 8th when the Bulldogs went ahead 2-1. Alex Sawelson started the Force off with a base hit, his third of the game.  Pinch hitter Tanner Pinkston followed with a single which put two runners on base.  Mark McGinnity came through with a 2 run single and the Force took the lead 3-2.  Isaiah Peters and Yori Martinez led the way in the ninth with Mason Gavre ending the scoring with a sacrifice fly in the ninth giving the Force a 5-2 win.  Players with multiple hits were Yori Martinez (2-5), Alex Sawelson (3-4), and newcomer Nick Mora (2-3).  Mora, a City College catcher did a very good job behind the plate working with Eissman in keeping the Bulldogs offense down, while throwing out a runner trying to steal.

The Force is off to a 4-1 start with a 3-1 record in the league.  Today, Wednesday, the Force travels to Pamona for a 6:-- game in the league. 




Brad Moreno RHP vs West Coast Clippers 5 IP, R1, 5K


Taylor Ahearn deserved a better fate in the League Opener at Madison High School on Saturday.  He pitched five strong innings giving up only one earned run and four hits during his five inning stint.  On multiple occasions, the Force had runners on third with less than two outs and was not able to get the runner across home plate.  In the Opening Game, pinch hitter Connor Martin hit a mammoth triple off the CF fence and scored the tying run.  It appeared that the Force were going to pull another game out of the fire with late inning heroics.  Derek Nakasato hit a line drive that the pitcher was able to deflect with his glove and threw him out at first for the third out.  Once again, the Force were led by Carl Schwettman with another multiple hit game. 

It appeared that it was going to be a long day for the Force, giving up five runs in the first before coming to bat.  However, the Force continued to chip away at the lead and ultimately took over the lead in a 10-8 exciting ball game that finished with the sun setting.  Pitching standout in the second game was Darrell Yocum who pitched three scoreless innings in relief and kept the Bulldog hitters at bay during the middle innings.  The Force mee the Bulldogs in a doubleheader on Tuesday in Riverside. 

Force Wins Season Opener Against Clippers

The San Diego Force opened the season with a very solid performance defeating the Clippers from Palomar 4-2.  Returning veteran Brad Moreno pitched six very strong innings giving up one earned run and limiting the Clippers to three hits.  This game marked the first appearance of Taiyo Konishi, who is a member of the Force via Japan on the mound.  Wyatt Logan was the offensive standout along with Carl Schwettman who garnished multiple hits in the contest. 

It was a chance for members of the Force to play at Palomar College, one of the finest and most impressive baseball complexes in the United States.  This facility would rank right near the top of most Minor League parks. 




The Force coming off an excellent 2016 season - winning the SCCBL League Championship and placing 3rd in the NBC World Series, are looking to improve in the 2017 season.  The Force sent 9 players to Professional Baseball from the 2016 team.  The Force is preparing for the conference league teams with each team improving this year.  The SCCBL has 6 teams this year with a 25 game league schedule.


The Force has been in Spring Training for the past 10 days and has had a larger number of players attend early in the season.   The quality of players arriving early has been a plus and the talent level greatly improved from last year.  Over the next few weeks additional players will be arriving, giving even more depth to the Force roster.


For many years the Force has had a 70 percent returning players each year.  Over the last several years returning players have gone down dramatically as players move on.  The 2017 season brings back 15 players with familiar faces like Outfielders - Derek Nakasato, Carl Schwettmann,  Infielders  -Mark McGinnity, Brady Groesbeck, Alex Sawlson, and Pitchers - Brad Moreno, Brett Elgin, Brandon Bentson and Matt Bergandi.  All players have been training vigorously the past few weeks.  The Force has gained an alarming amount of buzz internationally with new players from Japan, Cuba, France, China and Dominican Republic, and numerous States scattered throughout the USA.


With systems running smoothly and the players ready to go, we leap into the 2017 season, competitive and confident in repeating last year's magic.  Once the new 2017 San Diego Force steps onto Madison Stadium field with the "F" on their head, and a " FORCE" on their chest, they will realize how much those uniforms mean in the legacy they hold. 


Prepare for the FORCE - " WE ARE BACK"!




June 3, 2017

Please click on the following link to view game photos:




TRYOUTS, TRYOUTS. Its time to Play Baseball

OPEN TRYOUTS Sunday May 21st and 28th. 8:15 AM registration, tryouts start at 9:00 AM.

All Players are WELCOMED. 17 to 26 years old.


4833 Doliva Dr., San Diego, CA 92117


San Rafael Pacifics in the Pacific Association Professional Baseball League has signed Nick Zaharian. Nick played for the Force in 2016 playing Left field. Nick hit 350, with 43 hits, 38 RBI's,  28 runs and 5 hrs. Nick was one of the key players that help the Force win the SCCBL league Championship and Placing 3rd in the World Series. His hitting was key to many of the runs the Force scored.



The Force Organization is always looking to improve and to build a competitive sports franchise. In 2015 a farm team for the Force was started to provide younger  college baseball players 18-22 years old the opportunity to receive a lot of playtime, AB's, work on fundamentals, improve their skills and knowledge of the game without a lot of pressure on them to perform at a high level  immediately. The team also provide a pipeline of players ready to play at the next level for the Force thru out the season.

In 2016 the "Invaders" the farm team won the "SDCCL", San Diego Coastal Collegiate League Championship the teams first year in the league. The Invaders is a farm team for the Force as the Lake Elsinore Storm is to the San Diego Padres.

The Invaders look to be competitive again this year, During the off season long time assistant General Manager Pat Allen of the Force was chosen to be the General Manager of the Invaders, New Manager Marq Taylor was signed and a talent coaching has been assembled that has many years of experience in baseball to guide the Invaders.

Along with the Invaders, the Force will develop a youth travel ball program that will help develop players at younger ages and bring them thru the Force system to one day play for the Force.


January 24, 2017

Ron Biga, Manager of the Windy City Thunderbolts has announced the signing of Devin Carter for the 2017 season.  Devin was a member of the 2016 Force Team that won the Southern California Collegiate League and ultimately came in 3rd at the NBC World Series in Wichita.

Devin hit a robust .383, going 31-81 with 7 doubles;  2 triples and 2 Home Runs with 26 RBI's.  Devin played center field for the Force and had several assists with his strong arm.  On the base paths, he stole 12 bases and constantly put the pressure on opposing pitchers.  He will be given an opportunity to win a job with the Thunderbolts in Spring Training.  We wish him nothing but success and lots of base hits.  

DeRoche Signs With Sioux City Explorers

January 19, 2017

The Sioux City Explorers, a team in the American Association, has announced the signing of Joe DeRoche Duffin, a member of the 2016 San Diego Force.  Joe has been invited to Spring Training as a signed player and will be given every opportunity to earn his spot on the Explorer's roster.  They are planning on using him as a Designated Hitter and First Baseman.

Joe had a very busy year in 2016, being named the Player of the Year in the American Athletic Conference;  being named to the American Baseball Coach's 2nd Team All Region;  and making the First Team All Conference Team.  In his Senior year, Joe had 17 Home Runs, 55 Runs batted In in 62 starts.  With the Force, he hit .351 in 23 games while hitting 6 HR's and 7 2B and 23 RBI's.  He also won the Southern California Collegiate Conference Home Run Derby held in Palm Springs, California during the All Star Break.  Finally, at the NBC World Series held in Wichita, Joe hit .294 with 3 HR's and 9 RBI's in 5 games and came in 2nd in the Home Run Derby.

All members of the San Diego Force organization wish Joe the best of luck as he enters the next step of his playing career.  


Marq Taylor has been signed to be the new Manager for the Invaders. Marq brings years of baseball experience  to the Force Organization. Marq has coached high school and college baseball, Managed the Military Allstar Baseball Team and been instrumental in developing many baseball players over the years.

Marq's managerial skills will prove to be successful in communicating and developing players.


The San Diego Force placed 3rd in the 82nd 2016 NBC World Series. Congratulations to the Players, Coaches and Staff.




If you want to play for one of the best baseball teams in the country, play with the San Diego Force.





35-10 2016 SEASON

40-8 2015 SEASON

7 Division Championships

3 League Championships

 9 World Series Appearances

 847 winning percentage

 325 plus games won since 2008

 Average 38 wins per season

 125 plus players signed to Professional baseball

 Numerous awards and recommendations

 Accomplished in 9years.



The Force is on the move again building a new baseball practice facility that will be ready for the 2017 season. The facility will include a practice field, batting cage, 6 bull pens, offices, dressing rooms and parking.

The Force Organization will use the facility for practice during season and in the off season the facility will be used for camps, training, travel ball teams and other outdoor activates.

The management of the Force continues to improve the organization and to make it into one of the premier baseball programs in the Country.



National Baseball Congress, Wichita Kansas has announced the 83rd World Series dates,  July 22nd- August 6th, 2017.  The San Diego Force looks forward to attending its 10th consecutive World Series.


Follow the Force this year on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and our website.



It seems each year the Force has players that are the best in the World Series. This year is no exceptions. The Force has 3 players at the top of the Stats leader board.

Hitting Average

Derek Nakasato   667

Home Runs

Joseph DeRoche-Duffin   3


Jason Yano    0.00

Congratulations to the players. We also had several other players that did very well in each of the Stats.


The Force once again had to wait for the start of their quarter final game until 12:30 am, but the wait did no good as they were defeated by the Foresters from Santa Barbara by a score of 7-6 in 12 innings.  The Force jumped out to a 4-0 lead after 3 innings and then were unable to generate base runners nor runs until the 12th inning.  The Force went up 6-4 but the Foresters, a very solid baseball team, overturned our joy with three (3) runs in the bottom of the 12th for the victory.  To add insult to injury, Force batters struck out fifteen (15) times in the game which was very uncommon for the club. 

Statistics will be entered on our database early this coming week as the team is in the midst of making arrangements to travel back to their respective homes.  On behalf of the Force Family, we want to thank everyone for their loyalty, interest and support over the course of this season and the NBC World Series.  It was a great run, we are so proud of the team and the very professional coaching staff, Chris Moody, Bench Coach;  Eric Poirier, Hitting Coach;  Brian Harrison and Shawn Joy, Pitching Coaches.  They invest their time and energy every day for the development of the players, and brought a very positive influence on the baseball team.  Safe Travel to everyone. 


The San Diego Force gave up the lead early in the game with six unearned runs in the first three innings and then fought back in a 12-8 victory.  The National Junior College All Stars was a solid club who took advantage of errors and free passes.   However the Force started its comeback with a line drive bases clearing double off the bat of Joe Deroche-Duffin and closed the gap to 6-3.  Deroche-Duffin hit a mammoth shot over the center field wall and the Force never looked back.  Jason Yano threw six solid innings and never got away from his normal pitching routine, regardless of the breaks he encountered.  Solid relief by Connor McGlaughlin, TJ Looney and Coleman Huntley III closed the door on the All Stars.  The Force continues with a game tonight at 9:30 against the Santa Barbara Foresters. 


The San Diego Force lost their third and final game in pool play on Wednesday.  They were defeated by the defending champion Seattle Studs by a score of 5-4.  The Force jumped out to a 4-0 lead early in the game and then the Studs picked away at the lead finally tying the score in the 6th inning.  The Studs scored 3 runs in the 6th inning without getting a base hit.  The Force was unable to generate any offense in the last five innings. 

On Thursday, the Force will play the National Junior College All Americans at 9:30 pm in the playoffs.  The Winner goes on and the Loser goes home.  This will be a very good challenge for the Force as the Junior College club is hand picked from all Junior Colleges throughout the country.  Go Force.


The San Diego Force moved one step closer to the playoffs in the NBC World Series in Wichita, Kansas this afternoon, defeating the Diamond Dawgs 4-1.  Nick Vautrin went a very strong 7.2 innings giving up only one run and 6 hits.  CJ Looney and Cameron Huntley closed the door for the final 4 outs in saving the victory for the Force.  Sam Thorne provided important insurance runs in the top of the ninth driving in two additional runs.  The Force collected eight (8) hits with Thorne and Carl Schwettman coming through with two each. 


Joe Deroche-Duffin was the winner of the Home Run Derby for the 2016 SCCBL ALL-Star Game. He will also represent the Force in the Home Run Derby at the World Series August 6th.


The San Diego Force continued its winning ways defeating the California Kings by a score of 7-6.  The Force jumped off to a 5-1 lead at the end of six innings but gave up a five (5) spot due to 3 walks and 3 basehits.  Fortunately the Force came back in the bottom of the 7th with  2 runs and Brandon Bentson stopped the Kings the rest of the way.  Leading the Force with 3 RBI''s was Brandon Baeckel while Carl Schwettman and Alex Sawelson gathered three hits each in the victory. 




After a 5-3 victory at home, the Force traveled to Palm Springs, where most teams have a difficult time winning.  The Force came out "smoking" and scored 2 in the second inning;  2 in the fourth inning;  3 in the fifth inning....giving them a 7-0 lead going into the bottom of the fifth.  Devin Carter and Jake Smith drove in runs in the second inning;  and Carter drove two more in with a monster home run shot to left center field;  then Nick Zaharion and Anthony Wiggins drove in a run each in the fifth inning before Carter drove in his fourth run finishing the scoring in the 5th.  Bobby Orozco pitched 6 six strong innings against a very potent Power offense striking out 5 and giving up only 5 hits .  William Chen-Hu, Brandon Bentson, TJ Looney and Cameron Huntley finished off the Power with 3 scoreless innings of relief. 

Congratulations to every member of the San Diego Force.  Special thanks to my coaching staff, Brian Harrison, Chris Moody and Eric Poirer who gave countless hours of their time in making sure the club got the skills training needed and the playing time deserved.  Thanks to all the fans who made the trip to Palm Springs and you made it clear that you were rooting for the Force.  Thanks for a great ending to League Play...but not the season.  Next is Wichita. 


The two Titians of the SCCBL went to war for the 2016 Championship.  After sweeping the So Cal Bombers in the playoffs, the FORCE swept thePalm Springs Power in two games, 5-3 and 8-3. The pitching from Jason Yano in the first game and Bobby Orozco in the second game proved to be too much for the Power. 

Jason Yano, in the first game, after settling in after the first inning, retired 14 Power players in a row, 2 runs, 6 SO.  In the second game, Bobby Orozco pitched a tremendous game that kept the Power off balance and pitched six and a third innings, giving up 3 runs, 7hits, 5 SO. The relief pitchers continued to keep the Power in check. The FORCE bull pen has been strong all year.

The FORCE had a combined 23 hits in the two games. FORCE hit 3 home runs, Nick Zaharian 1, and Devin Carter 2.  In game two, Carter was a triple away in hitting the cycle.  If Carter would have hit the cycle, it would have been the second one for the FORCE franchise in 9 years.


Force Wins Game 1 in Southern California Collegiate League Finals

The San Diego Force won the first game in the League's Final Playoffs this afternoon by a score of 5-3.  Outstanding pitching by Jason Yano (7 innings;  2 Runs;  3 hits and 6 K's) and timely hitting by Nick Zaharion, Devin Carter and Carl Schwettman led the offense.  Zaharion and Carter hit Home Runs for the Force.  Game #2 will be played in Palm Springs on Saturday night.


Clash of the two Titians start Friday for the 2016 SCCL Championship. San Diego Force and the Palm Springs Power two of the premier baseball teams on the West Coast. The Championship will be the best 2 out of 3 games.


Joe Deroche-Duffin Wins Homerun Derby

In a tightly fought contest in the Home Run Derby contest which preceded the All Star Game, Joe Deroche-Duffin was crowned the King of the Derby for 2016.  Joe tied Justin Gomez in the first round with 4 each.  As a right handed hitter, Joe had to hit into a very strong wind, while the left handed hitters had the wind in their favor.  Joe overcame both the wind and the partial Power fans.  In the Final Round, Gomez hit 3 and Joe hit his 4th for the win.  The entire Force Organization congratulates Joe on this accomplishment.  His teammates who were on the All Star Team gave him a resounding celebration.  Nice job Joe.


Congratulations  to the 2016 Force Allstars. They will be playing in the Allstar game held July 16th at Palm Springs Stadium.  Home run derby starts at 6:00 PM, game time 7:25 PM.


Joe Deroche-Duffin


Bobby Orozco, RHP

Nick Vautrin, RHP

Brandon Moreno, RHP

Brandon Bentson, RHp

Coleman Huntley, RHP


Nick Zaharion, OF

Alex Sawelson, IF

Carl Schwettman. OF

Derek Nakasato, OF

Brandon Baeckel, IF

Joe Thorne, C

Austin Owen, C




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Most Summer College teams are just that, Summer Teams. The Force organization and its Staff operate year round to make the Force Organization one of the premiere not only in California but the country.  We are advocates for Players helping them into college, obtaining scholarships for players and signing players to play pro baseball.

2016 will be no exception; The Force started signing players to pro baseball in January. If you want to have an Organization that will be an advocate for you and have your best interest in mind, play for the Force.

 The Force is looking for College players including Seniors and Graduated Seniors to play for us this summer. 

Force Capture SCCBL Regular Season Title

In their first year in the Southern California Collegiate Baseball League  the San Diego Force earned a regular season championship.  The Force finished league play with a 14-4-2 record, finishing just ahead of the Palm Springs Power who finished with a 14-6 record.  Both ties on the record were games called due to darkness.

The Championship capped off a great regular season for the Force which won't end til Sunday when they take on the ATH Grizzlies in their last regular season game before heading to Wichita to play in the NBC World Series.  The Force currently have a 36-6-2 record going into Sunday and hope to expand on that win total at Madison High School.  First pitch will be at 1:00.






The Force would like to thank Home Depot and Dunn-Edwards for being sponsors. Without sponsors like these if would be difficult to be as successful as we are. Our sponsors understand what it takes to help work with teams like ours to provide us the neassary support.

We wish to thank all of our sponsors.




Force Win National Baseball Congress Award

The National Baseball Congress has announced that the San Diego Force have been named the 2014 Sportsmanship Award winners. The award was given to the Force at the end of the 80th Annual NBC World Series. The Force video done on their trip to the Hospital Burn Unit was aired on the big screen during the Championship Game.


The San Diego Force's choice for custom baseball hats

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Game One is Done
Who Will Get Their Ninth? - SCCBL Championship Series Preview
2019 SCCBL All-Star Game
Walking-off with the W
West Coast, Best Coast- All-Star Game Selections
Force Take Series with Stros, 2-1
Force Split Double Header with SoCal Stros
One Run Away
A Shutout and the Go-ahead
"Celebrate Good Times"
A Game of Missed Opportunities
A Day for Doubles
Force Lose Weekend Series to Cal Jays, 1-2
Hey Mickey, Look Out!
Force Drop Two Against Rivals
Force Find the Long Ball
Two Broken Bats and a Tough Loss on the Road
Force Split Double Header at Cal Poly Pomona
Force Down Legends
Remember the Name
Force get revenge on Invaders
Hey Houston Astros, We Had Him in a Catcher’s Mask First!
Force Split Series with Stros
Force Fall in Season Opener
Force Opening Day 2019!!!
Force Take Game !
Force Advance
Follow the Force at Pointstreak!
DeRoche Signs With Sioux City Explorers
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2012 Championship Ring
2011 Championship Ring
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