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The San Diego Force, a collegiate summer baseball team is recruiting players for the summer season. If you are a player wanting to play on a top, competitive collegiate team for the summer, please contact us direct, we have a limited number of roster spaces available.

The Force organization has two competitive teams. The Invaders is for younger players that need playing time and Ab's.

The San Diego Force provides an experienced and qualified coaching staff, backed by a professional corporate organization, an organization that has the player's best interest in mind. We work with both player and coaches to provide the player the necessary development skills to assist them for the next upcoming baseball season.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. 18 - 26 years old
2. Applied for college, currently enrolled, attending college, or just completed college
3. Live in Southern California, team host families or have living accommodations from May 28 thru August 10th in Southern California.
4. Not injured or rehabilitating from an injury
5. Players must be able to attend the NBC World Series scheduled from August 1 - 15 in Wichita, Kansas and be able to pay the World Series fee of $775.00

6. Players are required to be at all games

Player fees/Costs: To play on the San Diego Force team, the summer league fees are $675 for pitchers/$775 for position players, due and payable once you are confirmed as a roster player. The fees are payable within 5 days of confirmation or your roster spot will be filled by another player. World Series fee is due July 1st.

Force Fees: Pitchers               $675.00

                 Position players    $ 775.00

                 World Series fees  $ 775.00


Refunds: Once you are rostered for the team and the fee is paid, the fees are non-refundable if you quit, resign, are injured or you have a family or personal reason. No Exceptions! If the team releases you within the first two weeks of the season, or by June 15th, the team will refund the player fees.
Players will be required to work or attend school around the baseball game schedule, which means BASEBALL COMES FIRST! Work, summer school, Doctors appointments must be scheduled before 1:00pm.

If the team qualifies for the NBC World Series, each player will be responsible for his own travel arrangements to and from Wichita, Kansas, non-team meals and all personal expenses not covered in the World Series fee (Additional expenses may apply, depending on yearly team sponsorships). The approximate cost is $600- $800, this depends on how much the team receives in donations and sponsorships.  Fees are due July 1st.


The Force plays with an open roster thru out the season. The roster thru out the season will have different players on the roster at anytime during the season. This allows the Force to replace players who are signed to play proball, to other leagues and teams, injured players, players that are released, players that are unable to play the entire season, players that are on assignment. The Force will ad and sign players to the roster anytime.

The Force may not play with the same players for tournaments, playoffs, championships or World Series.

On the side menu select "Athlete Questionnaire". Players please complete and return to us via fax or email. The office fax number is 619-862-2300; the office phone number is 619-723-0671.

Please feel free to call us to discuss our program.

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