Host Family Program/Housing

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Host Family Program

San Diego Force needs your help and support!

This is a great opportunity!

We need families that would like to host a San Diego Force Baseball player for the summer,
usually May 25 to August 1.

We are actively seeking a place for our players to stay while playing in San Diego on one of the top summer college baseball team. Many of the players come from other parts of the country and have never been to our beautiful city and meet our friendly and kind residents.

Do you have a room, want to earn extra income - $150 to $400 per month?
A host family is expected to provide a comfortable, clean room that the player can live in, have a place for his belongings, and use of bathroom facilities. The players are required to live under your house rules and to be responsible and respectful of you and your family.

Most players work or go to summer school and play baseball.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, please contact the office to discuss the details and how the program works.

Office 619-723-0671

Host Family Program Application

The application is located on the Main Menu panel under "Online Forms".

Force Players or Families - have an extra room?

Players -
Do you, your parents or other family members have an extra bedroom that might be available for another Force Player for the summer?

Do you know of other students that might have a room available for a reasonable cost? Please contact the office at 619-723-0671.


Players - it is important to make arrangements with us, family, friends or other means for housing.

Our Host Family Program will cost $400-$800 per month to live with a family. Please contact us direct for Host Family arrangements.

The following are housing opportunities in the San Diego area,
please contact them direct for availability, cost and other details.

ITH Hostels

1286 University Ave

San Diego, CA 92123



Suites on Paseo

5595 Linda Paseo

San Diego, Ca 92115


Across the Street from San Diego State
 Check Craigslist  - housing and sublets near SDSU - lots of summer vacancies for students
California Suites Hotel
5415 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Deigo, CA 92117
The Missions at Rio Vista
2242 Gill Village Way
San Diego, CA 92108
PC Housing
7084 Friars Road
San Diego, CA 92108

Del Rio Apartments
2288 Fenton Parkway
San Diego, CA 92108
Sterling Collwood Apartments
4929 Collwood Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115
Old Town Place
2377 Jefferson St
San Diego, CA 92110


Oakwood Apartments

Have several locations in San Diego

1440 Hotel Circle

San Diego, Ca 92108

5395 Napa St

San Diego, Ca921105777

Mission Center Rd

San Diego, Ca 92108

Number for all properties



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