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About San Diego Force Baseball





San Diego Force Baseball is a competitive collegiate summer baseball team based in San Diego. The team is comprised of college age athletes from San Diego, across the USA and Canada.

The San Diego Force was formed to provide players a higher competitive level of baseball for players looking to play with the best players and to improve their skills. To provide professional, knowledgeable and fundamental coaching staff. To provide players with a professional organization that understands how to develop successful players and championship teams.

The Force organization is a year round baseball organization with full time office staff, scouts and coaches. The Force front office works year round scouting players, speaking with coaches, community, and sponsors. It is the Force's objective to build a success organization year after year.

The staff takes great pride helping players achieve their goals playing college and professional baseball. The staff works hard to have eligible and qualified players sign to play professional baseball. It's our knowledge, dedication and determination that set us apart.

The goal of the San Diego Force is to improve the player’s fundamental baseball skills, and maximizing playing time. We will help develop maturity, build team leaders and provide a competitive playing experience. As a result, the players will improve their skills, performance levels, and knowledge of the game. Upon returning to school, the players will have increased their playing ability to help their schools be competitive and win games.

San Diego Force Baseball travels primarily throughout Southern California, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles County for games. The schedule ranges from 40 to 60 games per season based on scheduled games and tournaments played. Home games are played at Madison High School, located in San Diego, California.

The Force travels to Wichita Kansas each year at the end of July to play in the NBC World Series.

The Force plays with an open roster thru out the season.  The roster thru out the season will have different players on the roster at anytime during the season. This allows the Force to replace players who are signed to play proball, to other leagues and teams, injured players, players that are released, players that are unable to play the entire season, players that
are on  assignment. The Force will ad and sign players to the roster at anytime.

The Force may not play with the same players for tournaments, playoffs, championships or World Series.


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