Affiliated Teams

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Affiliated Teams

The San Diego Force organization works closely with Independent, Professional baseball teams in the Frontier, American Association, North American,  Pecos Leagues,  and Pacific Baseball League.

These relationships help eligible Force players the opportunity to sign with one of the teams. The Force has an ongoing relationship with several teams that benefit both the Force and the teams. Teams that have roster availability for pitchers or position players, often contact the Force front office. The Force also keeps teams updated on current eligible players and how they are doing both on and off the field.

It is the goal of the Force to provide players the finest organization to play for, to have players sign to Independent and Major League baseball organizations.

The Force makes every effort to have players signed. We take an active, not a passive role in helping players get to the next level.

Neither the Force organization nor the personnel receives any compensation for signing players to play Professional Baseball. The Force has the player’s best interest in mind. Our reward is seeing a player have the opportunity to play professional baseball

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