Cost to play for the Force, fees, refunds

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What does it cost to play for the Force, fees and refund policy?

To play on the Force Team each year:

Player fees:

Pitchers $675

Position players $775


World Series fees $775 - due July 1st

In addition, players will be responsible for their housing, meals, entertainment and transportation while in San Diego. Host families usually charge up to $500 per month for living accommodations. Some host families provide meals, transportation and use of laundry facilities.

 Refunds: The Force has limited roster spots available to provide quality, professionalism and integrity to the success of the team for the players. The registration and payment guarantees the player a roster spot on the Force team.   The team has financial commitments that are paid on behalf of the players to all of its vendors, suppliers, hoteliers and other commitments to help assure the success of the team.

The Individual, company, or third party regardless of who makes, submits, or pays the payment/paying for the player fees agree that there are absolutely no refunds. All fees paid are earned. No refunds will issued for any reason. The Force will not acknowledge refund requests, authorize, grant or issue refunds of any kind in cash or monetary value, regardless of the player's  personnel feelings of their own performance, quitting, signing up for another league, injury, weather, acts of god, Federal, State, or local government actions, third party evaluations, or the player's personal opinion or claims against  the Force. The payment is specifically for the opportunity to ne rostered,  attend and participate on the Force.  The payment does not promise, commit, guarantee, or represent the player playing time.


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