About Force Youth Travel Teams

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Parents and players,  the time is here to play for the San Diego Force Travel Teams.  If you are or believe you are an accomplished high school player or an 9-year-old All-Star looking for a competitive travel team, don’t settle for any other travel teams ,  Force  Baseball  should be your first choice for baseball Travel/club programs.

About Force Baseball Travel Teams

The San Diego Force is a premiere baseball organization not only in Southern California but in USA.  The Force has a proven and very successful organization from the front office personnel, coaches, staff and players. The Force has a proven winning record year after year that provides high-quality instruction from top baseball professionals and coaches. 

The Force are strong ADVOCATES of helping players to achieve success on and off the field. To help player excel at all levels and age groups of players. Over the History of the Force the staff and coaches work due-diligently to get players into and signed by colleges, obtain scholarships and to move and sign them to play PROFESSIONAL baseball.

The Force has signed over a hundred players from the Force to play professional baseball that may have not had the opportunity without having the Force Organization behind them. These players were not all draft picks. Most of these players were not five tool players, but players that had the ability to work hard and prove they could play at the College and Professional level and help their teams win. It is easy to get a top players signed, but what about the non 5 tool players.  The Force can and knows how to do it.

It is now time for the Force to develop, build and to produce the same positive, Quality fundamentals and championship teams in Youth Travel. The Force will instill the correct skills, fundamentals, knowledge and the understanding in younger players as we do with high school, college and professional players.

The Force organization understanding and have the ability to develop players and build championship teams.

Force Baseball fields teams for league age 18U, 16U, 14U 12U, 13U, 12U, 10U. Force baseball is for the players that want to succeed and truly learn the game of baseball.  It is for the competitive athlete who strives to take his game to the “Next Level” and achieving the player’s goals. 

 Force Baseball Club is a year around organization that field’s teams year around.  Teams participating in highly competitive spring, summer, and Fall/Winter leagues.  Force Baseball also participates in tournaments throughout the year.

The Force organization has year around scouts, trainers, equipment staff and field supervisor that help make the Force organization operate smoothly.


To help make every player successful on the field and to provide each player the opportunity to succeed at each level of play, to provide the necessary training and correct fundamentals to insure the players advancement, knowledge and understanding of the game.

To help the player excel in travel/club ball, high School, college and Professional baseball.

Coaching Makes the Difference

A teaching coach that truly understand the game of baseball and who can build winning teams and successful players understands this first!

The most important thing about coaching is teaching and getting your team to believe and understand they have to play as a team. They win and lose as a team. Not one player wins or loses a game. They must trust and rely on each other as teammates.

The success of the Force organization has and always will be to have teams play as one. Players then will strive and excel and wanting to focus on improving their fundamental skills to their highest level for their team, which provides that player the ability to excel and to stand out as an individual.

 Good quality Coaching makes the difference in how fast or how far your players and teams improves. Force coaches are truly ADVACATES of improving the technical skills of players starting with the younger players thru Professional players.  The Force only has coaches that have high school, college and professional level experience. We do not have DAD coaches to manage the team. We believe that there are good Dad coaches, but we believe it is better to have coaches that have coached, managed and played at higher levels of baseball. 

Coaching is being a teacher that provides the players in simple understanding language the technical and fundamentals of how to learn and have the player implement what he has learned correctly.

 The Force expects and demands our players to excel and succeed in taking their game to the NEXT LEVEL, if it’s making their high school or college team and every players dream playing PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL.

                                      PLAYING FOR THE FORCE IS A COMMITMENT TO BE SUCCESSFUL.



Like any professional training that you receive, the chances are you have to pay to obtain the best services available to succeed. There is a cost associate to play for the Force; we are not the least expensive and by far not the most expensive.

The professional organization, the knowledge, the coaches and us being an ADVOCATE for players is well worth what you pay to have you player to be part of the Force.

The cost of other teams can range from as little as $500 to as much as $8,000 per year, not including travel expenses for hotels, food, gas, umpires  and other  cost.  Take in consideration the total cost and then look at the value of the coaching, experience, training and to watch and see your player grow into a true ball player.

You want to provide your son the best possible training so he has the opportunity to be successful and to excel. You have to find an organization that truly has the best interest out for the players and are ADVOCATERS to help them succeed, open doors, provide opportunity to advance at every level.

                             The Force is that organization.


One time team fee of $500.00

Monthly player’s fees of $150.00 per player for each age group.


Two jerseys






Game balls

Practice balls

Team Bats

Practice and training equipment


Training facility

Practice field


Support staff

One- two practices per week and games on the weekends

Players able to purchase personal gear at our cost

Access to the Force Team Vans

 Time commitment

The commitment to have your son improve and to succeed at playing baseball is a big commitment and requires total dedication to the team.  Your son will only have time to play for the Force exclusively. The player contract will stipulate that he will only be able to play for the Force.

Consider the commitment of time that will be required, both yours and your sons. Travel teams require total parent participation. A parent “not involved” or not participating in some way on the team is usually unacceptable. 

Ask yourself and your family whether you can handle the constant challenges, travel, dropping and picking up your son from practices and games, the constant weekend travel, late weekday nights and the extra demands on your time and your family.

If you are considering playing on a travel team  be prepared to make a time commitment equal to or more demanding than that required by a serious part-time job.



Force Voodoo 18U
Force Chill 16U
Force Galaxy 14U

Force Sonics 13U
Force Stingers 12U
Force Thunder 10U
Force Wizards 9U
















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