Sal Maglie Stadium

1200 Hyde Park Blvd., Niagara Falls, NY 14301

Your only trip outside of Lewiston is well worth it.

Sal Maglie Stadium is named for the famous Dodgers Pitcher who earned the nickname "The Barber" for his ability to pitch so close inside it would give hitters a close shave.

Sal Maglie Stadium was completely demolished in 1999 as part of the reconstruction of Niagara Falls High School. The reconstruction has turned the stadium into the premiere stadium of Western New York outside of Coca Cola Field, where the AAA Buffalo Bisons play.

A true stadium, elevated bleachers stretch the length of the third base line and just past the first base coaches box.

320' down the lines and 400' to dead center.

Sal Maglie Stadium includes Bullpens and sunken professional dugouts. The stadium is three miles from Niagra University, and six miles from Washuta Park.

Niagara Wheatfield High School (JV)

2292 Saunders Settlement Road Sanborn, NY

Diretly East of the NW Varsity Field, same dimensions and maintenance.

Niagara Wheatfield High School (Varsity)

2292 Saunders Settlement Road Sanborn, NY

Built Brand New in 2008.

310' down the lines, 400' to center. Outstanding Drainage under Marco Clay.

Field features Stadium Style elevated seating behind home plate and a full concession stand just 100 feet away. Concrete, professional dugouts.

This field will not show up on Google Earth or Maps, since it is brand new.

Lewiston Town Park at Pletcher Road - Green Diamond

501 Pletcher Road, Lewiston, NY 14092

Newly re-constructed in 2008, Top of the line drainage and infield dirt, all professionally maintained, allows for a quick recovery from rain or weather. 205' Fencing, professional scoreboard, and convertible at 60' (Little League 10U, 9U, 8U) and 70' (11U, 12U)

Washuta Park, 4666 Model City Road

January 30, 2014

Washuta Park is the central Location for all 90' Tournaments.
-Named for Steve Washuta, the late founder of the Modern Corp. and local philanthropist in the Lewiston Area.
-Washuta Park is the home for Lewiston-Porter High School Baseball, as well as an alternate home for Division 1A Niagara University, NJCAA Div III SUNY Niagara, all Lewiston Baseball House and Travel, and many area High Schooll and Travel Teams.
- The infield dirt is eight inches of Marco Clay, with a mix between Washington Ball Mix, Infield Mix, and Compact Mound Clay at the high stress areas. Mesh then covers four inches of rock, leading into drainage lines.
- Infield Grass is custom seeded and fertilized by Lakeside Sod and Sports management, mowed daily with professional mowers and stripers, giving the field a striped or checkerboard pattern.
- 24 Field Length Drain Tiles under playing field.
- Pitching Mound and Batters Box Area are supported with high resistance JOX Box anti-dig foundations. NO HOLES!
- Field is lit by 88 individual Hi-Def lights on 55' poles by Musco Lighting.
- Digital LED Scoreboard by Varsity Scoreboards stands in Center Field, 30' X 16', viewable from all areas of the field.
- Field Dimensions: 60' Backstop (Professional Distance), 307 to left field pole, 345' Left Power Alley, 375' Dead Center, 350' Right Power Alley, 305' Right Field.
- Field protected on North and West Sides of Field with dense tree lining, offers wind protection.
- Double Bullpens in Left and Right Fields, cleat resistant wood based, sport turf covered, fenced and protected. (New in 09)

Niagara University Bobo Field

5795 Lewiston Road, Lewiston, NY 14092

Home of the Division 1A Niagara University Purple Eagles.

Field features professional style dugouts, dual double bullpens, and a professional look and care.

Field dimensions are 320' to the corners, 420' to deep center.

Lewiston Town Park at Pletcher Road - Red Diamond

501 Pletcher Road, Lewiston, NY 14092 / 4361 Lower River Road, Lewiston, NY 14092

This field has been completely reconstructed for the 2011 season!

In 2010, this field presented a challenge to teams due to the placement of the afternoon sun and the "cut out" style base paths.

In 2011, we have completely renovated and reconstructed the Red Diamond. The fields position has been turned 90 degrees, guaranteeing that the sun never comes into play. This new placement also allows the left field line spectator section to be in the shade of the existing trees.

The field now has convertible 60' / 70' Marco Clay Base paths with high quality drainage ensuring easy maintenece in the event of rain.

Most notable in the new construction is the unique and exciting outfield fences. Tired of seeing fly balls that should be lazy outs clear 205' fences? So were we. Lewiston and the Lancer Classic is putting doubles and triples (as well as a cutoff man!) back into play in 2011. Batters are going to be challenged by the RED MONSTER in deep center field. In addition to the 270' distance, batters can expect to see fences over 16' high in dead center.

By incorporating a few of the old features and fencing of the old "Pletcher Red Diamond", we have created a unique and challenging outfield fence structure with variable heights and distances that will challenge hitters and fielders alike.

Pictures will be posted as soon as the snow melts!