Lancer Classic 2020 Cancelled due to COVID19

It is with great sadness that the Town of Lewiston is announcing that the 2020 Lancer Classic Baseball Tournament has now been cancelled.
Without any designation from the State of New York of Youth Sports as an essential business and guidelines for opening safety, we cannot assume that Youth Sports will be listed one any phase of opening this year. Lewiston has gone through hundreds of suggestions and ideas to make our tournament safe, but each one relies solely on the State of New York approving these measures. Currently, the State has been announcing details and specifics for each phase of reopening a day or two before the phase begins.
All coaches confirmed and paid in the tournament will be receiving an email on Monday, June 1 with information and a form to fill out to submit for a FULL AND SWIFT REFUND.
In addition, any team that was confirmed and paid in full (all but one team), will be offered a chance to register early for the 2021 Lancer Tournament, effectively guaranteeing your team a spot in the 2021 tournament.
Our wish is for all players, coaches, families and friends stay healthy and continue to grow in the game that we all love. For the first time in 19 years, we will not be able to witness the growth of the game of baseball in WNY.
Yours in Baseball
Mike D
Lancer Classic Tournament Director since 2001

Lancer Classic 2020 Bat Restrictions

October 11, 2017

New Bat Restrictions in place for the 2019 Lancer Classic

Division                         Primary Requirement            Also Acceptable 

8U Machine Pitch        USA Baseball Stamp               ANY Wood
9U Player Pitch            
USA Baseball Stamp              ANY Wood
10U 60'                          
USA Baseball Stamp            ANY Wood
11U 70'                          
USA Baseball Stamp            ANY Wood
12U 70'                          
USA Baseball Stamp           Wood, BBCOR Approved

Welcome to Pletcher Road Park! Home of the Lancer Classic!

Lancer Classic Roster Form & Insurance

There are two requirements for all teams entered into the Lancer Classic that must be submitted before you can begin play.

1. Lancer Classic Roster Form complete with Parent Signatures

2. Insurance Policy with Lancer Classic, 1375 Ridge Road, Lewiston, NY listed as additionally insured.

You will be asked for these items at check in before your first game. If you do not have them, you will not be able to start.


We also ask that you bring extra copies of these forms, even if you submitted them by email, with you to the park.

Coaches should also have copies of Birth Certificates on them at all times.  These are not checked unless a protest is made against a player.  If you fail to produce a birth certificate, the player in question becomes ineligible.  Passports or other government documents, as well as Babe Ruth or USSSA issued verification cards, are also accepted.